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My writing portfolio.

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  1. 1. Portfolio Roisin Hobson
  2. 2. About Me I am a 22 year-old English and Creative Writing Graduate living in Warwickshire, UK. I currently have a full time job as a Sales Coordinator for HSBC Equipment Finance (UK). I run an ever-growing blog called Always in the Write, which is rising in popularity and gaining a fanbase of other writers, bloggers and bibliophiles. I am passionate about literature, writing, dogs and dessert. In my blog writing I mostly write informally and personally, with bursts of comedy and imagery to complement this. I aim to relate to my readers, and believe that successful blog writing has a level of heart and humour that people enjoy and can see themselves in. I got into freelancing as a way to gain writing experience; I would love to write as a full time career but unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to get into without professional writing experience. While I know that I can write eloquently and on a range of subjects, I don’t have the bylines to prove it - yet.
  3. 3. Blog “Always in the Write is a book and personal blog, with a focus on book reviews, personal posts and the odd creative piece. On Always in the Write you will find discussions on politics, literature, writing and naturally some geekery.” I started Always in the Write in May 2016 as a way to use my degree and express myself as I prepared to graduate and move into the ‘real world’. I pride myself on producing content to the best of my ability on a regular basis, and this is paying off as I gain followers as well as friends in the blogging community with whom to share ideas and content. Please see the next few slides for samples of my work on the blog.
  4. 4. Is Gender Important? For the full piece please visit: gender-important/ “I recently had a discussion with a few friends of mine on the relevance of gender in prose. One of said friends is writing a novella in which the main character's gender isn't specified; the other is an astrophysicist with very little knowledge of creative writing. To me, gender isn't important (in literature or the real world, but we'll stick to literature for the time being) - so long as a character interests me, I have very little need to know what gender they are. The astrophysicist however claims that for him, gender is part of how he as a reader familiarises himself with a character and the setting of the text.“
  5. 5. Purple Hibiscus Review Full Review: “What strikes me about this novel is its incredibly strong voices. Kambili, while submissive and oppressed by her father speaks eloquently – a reflection of both the character’s strict education and the writer’s own tone. She rarely actually says more than a few words, but her internal narrative is intelligent and mature. Of course this is in part Adichie’s personal writing style shining through, but fits Kambili well. Her Aunt Ifeoma is fiercely passionate and confident, laughing loudly and standing fearless in the face of both her brother and the prospect of losing her job. Her grandfather, Papa-Nnukwu is peaceful and respectful of his son’s faith, but strong in his own traditional indigenous beliefs while JaJa’s fiery temper increases as he becomes more disillusioned by his father’s behaviour.”
  6. 6. Ten Minutes – Creative Piece Full Piece: “Ten minutes left. The man sighed, putting his book down. He’d been checking the clock every thirty seconds anyway; whatever he’d actually read had already been forgotten. The ticking seemed to get louder and louder, a harsh reminder of how long he’d been waiting and how slowly time seemed to be moving.”
  7. 7. Guest Post – John’s Road to Volunteering I was asked to write a post about my experiences on popular volunteering blog, John’s Road to Volunteering, founded by John Sennet. As a big believer in voluntary work and someone who has worked for two charities I was more than happy to write a post for the blog. This can be found here: blogs-sharing-her-first-steps-to-volunteering/
  8. 8. Non-Blog Work As I mentioned in my ‘About Me’, my professional writing experience is largely limited to my own blog. Most of the following slides are not published or paid work, unless otherwise stated. In the interest of gaining experience I have taken live briefs from freelancing websites and worked on them, without submitting these to be published, before applying for more paid freelance work.
  9. 9. Georgina’s Mobile Foot Clinic I wrote most of the copy for a relative’s company website. She runs a mobile foot healthcare business. I wrote all content on the website, excluding the testimonials and treatments pages, based on briefs she provided. I regularly updated her on my progress in writing and editing the pieces and she wasn’t shy about giving feedback! This was a live brief and I was paid for this work. My work on this can be found at the below link:
  10. 10. Home Fragrance Company The following work is not published. I have not been paid for this work and it has not been submitted for consideration by the buyer. This is, however, a live brief, taken from a freelancing website. A luxury home fragrance company was looking for an ‘About Us’ page for their website. As this is something I have done before I felt comfortable in using this as a “practice brief”. The next slides show the brief the customer posted online, followed by my piece. I have blanked the company name from both my piece and the brief.
  11. 11. Home Fragrance Company - Brief
  12. 12. Home Fragrance Piece is a British based home fragrance company, focused on providing luxury products at an affordable price, as well as the best customer service possible. As consumers, we found that many luxury home fragrance brands had great products and good customer service, but lacked gift wrapping services. We live in a hectic society, and here at we understand that our customers need to save time wherever possible. This is why we offer a complimentary gift wrapping service for all of our products – your perfect gift can be beautifully wrapped for your loved one without you having to lift a finger. We currently have five scents in our range, available in both candle and diffuser forms. Our scents are widely varied, ranging from woody and spicy to fruity and citrusy. We aim to provide scents for all occasions, ensuring that you can achieve the perfect ambience whatever the setting.
  13. 13. Accountancy Firm Email The following work is not published. I have not been paid for this work and it has not been submitted for consideration by the buyer. This is, however, a live brief, taken from a freelancing website. The following client was looking for an email to be written to advertise their new accountancy firm. The brief was limited in detail however they were only looking for a short piece. The client does not disclose their company name, nor do they give any specific details to include in the text.
  14. 14. Accountancy Firm Email
  15. 15. Accountancy Firm Email Good Afternoon, My name is and I have recently started a new accounting practice. I am an experienced accountant with strong ties to the ACCA; I was previously a chair of the practitioners’ board and continue to have a strong relationship with the association. I offer a professional and personal service for all of my clients, and aim to offer the best services to suit their individual needs. As a result of this I have previously won Practitioner of the Year and was a runner-up this year. If you are looking for high quality, individualised accounting services please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to provide services to suit your every accounting need. I look forward to hearing from you.
  16. 16. This portfolio is by no means a finished product, and I intend to carry on growing my experience and polishing my writing abilities through freelancing and my own blog. If you have any enquiries or would like to request further samples of my work, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email: People Per Hour: coordinator-freelance-writer/1532803 Thank you for your time and consideration.