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Vaio catalogue-2011


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Vaio catalogue-2011

  1. 1. More Colour. More Style. July 2011
  2. 2. VAIO S 4-5VAIO. The PremiumVAIO C 6-7Brightening your LifeVAIO E 8-11Smart in StyleVAIO Y 12-13Always with you for Business or PleasureVAIO F 14-15Dive into 3DVAIO L 16Touch the New & Fun PossibilitiesVAIO J 17Friendly All - In - One PC With Touch Powered by 2nd Gen Intel® CoreTM Processor FamilySOFTWARES 20-25SPECIFICATIONS 26-33
  3. 3. Windows®.Life without Walls™. Sony recommends Windows 7. VAIO S S e r i e s VAIO. The Premium VAIO S Series is the perfectly balanced mobile PC that was crafted Perfectly Balanced Performance and High Mobility Simple but Luxurious Design VAIO S Series was crafted to be carried in comfort. Its full-flat to be carried. Its long battery life lets you get more done, while Quick design makes it so much easier to put it into your bag. It’s thin and The VAIO S Series is the perfect mobile PC with its long battery life Boot lets you start right away. Built for mobile use, it’s constructed light, so it’s easy to carry wherever you go. And it’s built with robust makes it ideal for business as well as on-campus use, without having AVAILABLE of robust materials. VAIO S Series — it’s a perfect expression of materials to meet and exceed the demands of mobile use. Not to COLORS to charge. Using the optional Extended Battery you can double the power in motion. Quick Boot in under 17 seconds lets you start mention, it simply looks great when you take it out and use it. battery life while maintaining the slim, full-flat form of VAIO S Series using VAIO S Series right away! Count on stellar performance even when attached. What’s more, the handy Performance Switch from the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor* and from the lets you choose SPEED mode for fastest performance or STAMINA Radeon™ HD 6630M GPU* with 1GB VRAM*. mode to let the battery last even longer. FINGER MODEL COLOUR MRP CPU OS DISPLAY GRAPHICS RAM STORAGE OPTICAL WIRELESS BATTERY WEIGHT PRINT OFFERS Optional Accessories DRIVE SENSOR for VAIO S Intel® HD Graphics 8 GB VPC- T-Copper Rs. SSD 5.5 1.61 13.3 DDR3 SA26GG/T Brown 129,900/- 3000 256GB hours* Kg (33.78) SDRAM Integrated (STAMINA wide Wireless MODE) (WXGA: LAN IEEE 2nd Gen (1 GB) / 1600x900) 802.11 BI-Matte Intel® Radeon™ VPC- Black Rs. (LED 6 GB HDD a/b/g n 1.68 VGP-PRS20 CoreTM backlight) HD 6630M SA25GG/ DDR3 Port Replicator T-Copper 79,990/- i7-2620M (SPEED 640GB Kg BI/T Genuine SDRAM Brown Processor, Windows® MODE) 2.70 GHz 7 Professional VPC (64-bit) B-Black Rs. SB18GG/ S-Silver 69,990/- MAIN FEATURES B/S 1 year DVD Free SuperMulti Yes International VGP-BPSC24 2nd Gen Drive Warranty Rechargeable Sheet Battery Intel® HD VPC Intel® CoreTM 4 GB B-Black Rs. Graphics 6 SB17GG/ i5-2520M DDR3 S-Silver 62,990/- 13.3 3000 hours* S/B Processor, (33.78) SDRAM Integrated 2.50 GHz (STAMINA wide Wireless MODE) HDD 1.72 (WXGA: LAN IEEE 2nd (512 MB) / 500GB Kg Backlit Keyboard 1366x768) 802.11 N Gen Intel® (LED Radeon™ VPC b/g n B-Black Rs. CoreTM backlight) HD 6470M E SB26FG/ S-Silver 56,990/- i5-2410M (SPEED B/S Genuine VGP-CKS4 W Processor, MODE) 2.30 GHz Windows® Carrying Case 7 2nd Home N Gen Intel® Premium VPC B-Black 2 GB Powered by 2nd Generation Rs. CoreTM E SB25FG/ L-Blue DDR3 Intel® CoreTM i7 Processor 47,990/- i3-2310M B/P/L P-Pink SDRAM Performance Switch instantly W Processor, selects STAMINA or SPEED mode 2.10 GHz *Estimated battery life (under JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method ver.1.0,measurement method (a)). Actual battery life may vary with different operating conditions and settings. Terms & Conditions VAIO S - Advantages 1. Only applicable in Delhi- NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Equipped with 2nd HDMI Output Speed & Stamina Quick web Chennai & Kolkata. Gen Intel® CoreTM Mode for ultimate AV 2. To avail the onsite warranty Entertainment Access i7# Processor please register the complaint Hexa-shell Design provides to Customer Care Center at # Only with SA2, SA26 1800-103-7799 (Toll Free) an attractive look and SB18 model. superior robustness.
  4. 4. Windows®.Life without Walls™. Sony recommends Windows 7. VAIO C S e r i e s Brightening your Life Filled with features for maximum usability Material beauty enhanced by vivid colours Brightening your life with a vivid new design using light-emitting VAIO C Series is convenient and effortless. You get a choice of VAIO C Series uses a light-emitting material to create a new AVAILABLE material, and brilliant performance - that’s what VAIO C Series screen sizes, 1 (3.8 cm) or 1. (39.37 cm) to match your and unique look. The beauty of this light-emitting material, COLORS is all about. Its Hybrid Graphics System automatically optimises usage style. Features like Quick Boot to get the OS up and running combined with the visual impact of the vivid colours, will give graphics performance and saves power. VAIO C Series provides before you know it, Quick Web Access which lets you surf the Web you a sense of feeling energetic and happy. Models featuring features like Quick Boot which gets the OS up and running without running the OS, Isolation Keyboard for comfortable typing this material are available in vivid Orange, Green and Pink. before you know it. And it’s all wrapped up in striking vivid light- including backlighting, etc, all make VAIO C Series a choice that’s so emitting material that will make you feel energetic and happy. easy to own and enjoy. MODEL COLOUR MRP CPU OS DISPLAY GRAPHICS RAM STORAGE OPTICAL WIRELESS BATTERY WEIGHT OFFERS Optional Accessories DRIVE for VAIO C 2nd Gen 15.5 (39.37 Intel® CoreTM cm) wide (Full VPC Rs. HDD B-Black i7-2620M HD: 1920 x CB17FG/B 69,990/- 640GB Processor, 1080) (LED 2.70 GHz backlight) VGP-AC19V51 2.85 AC Adaptor Kg Intel® HD Integrated 2nd Gen Genuine 15.5 (39.37 Graphics 1 year 4GB DVD Wireless VPC B-Black Intel® CoreTM Windows® cm) wide (Full 3000 Free Rs. DDR3 Super Multi LAN IEEE 3.5 hrs* CB15FG/ D-Orange i5-2410M 7 Home HD: 1920 x (1 GB) / International 54,990/- SDRAM Drive 802.11 B/D/G G-Green Processor, Premium 1080) (LED Radeon™ Warranty b/g/n 2.30 GHz backlight) HD 6630M HDD VGP-BMS20 500GB Bluetooth Mouse MAIN FEATURES 14 2nd Gen R-Red (35.56 cm) VPC Intel® CoreTM B-Black Rs. wide (WXGA: 2.45 CA15FG/ i5-2410M P-Pink 55,990/- 1366x768) Kg R/B/P/W Processor, W-White LED 2.30 GHz backlight) *Estimated battery life (under JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method ver.1.0,measurement method (a)). Actual battery life may vary with different operating conditions and settings. VGP-CPC1 Backlit Keyboard Carry Pouch Powered by 2nd Generation Intel® CoreTM i7 Processor Light Emitting Material # VAIO C - Advantages Equipped with 2nd HDMI Output Beautiful Color Quick web Gen Intel® CoreTM Variation for ultimate AV Entertainment Access i7# Processor # Only with CB17 # Only with CB17 model. CB1 model.6 ASSIST, WEB VAIO Button 7
  5. 5. Windows®.Life without Walls™. Sony recommends Windows 7. VAIO E Series Smart in Style VAIO E Series balances simplicity with variety. With a wide selection Choice of Screen Sizes VAIO E Series offers a choice of screen sizes - 1 (3.6 cm) Looks great and makes sense too The surface of VAIO E Series features a truss pattern in which of processors, and colours, it fits right into a variety of usage scenes 1. (39.37 cm). You’ll feel comfortable using it in a variety of several small triangles construct one large hexagon, a noble design and styles. A unique truss pattern adds an attractive and unique look scenes, on the go, or at home. And no matter where you choose to that will match any user scenario. You have colours to select from AVAILABLE COLORS to either the colour, creating a light and airy, or a sophisticated and use it, you can rely on performance that’s ready to meet your needs depending on the model, with White and Pink in glossy and Black in stately feel. You’ll enjoy using it everyday because it’s smart in style. for emailing, web surfing, and more. matte finish. Coordinate with colour accessories for your own style. VAIO E - Type 14 MODEL COLOUR MRP CPU OS DISPLAY GRAPHICS RAM STORAGE OPTICAL WIRELESS BATTERY WEIGHT OFFERS Optional Accessories DRIVE for VAIO E 2nd Gen N VPC B-Black Intel® CoreTM Genuine NVIDIA® L-Blue Rs. Windows® 7 GeForce® HDD E EG18FG/ i5-2410M P-Pink 42,990/- Home 410M GPU 500GB B/L/P/W Processor, W W-White Premium (512 MB) 2.30 GHz 4GB 14 (35.56 DDR3 cm) wide SDRAM Integrated TFT colour 1 year VGP-BMS20/W/B/GI/PI/D N Genuine DVD Wireless VPC display 6 Cell Free B-Black Rs. Windows® 7 (WXGA: Super Multi LAN IEEE Battery 2.3 KG International Bluetooth® Mouse E EG17FG Drive 802.11 W-White 35,990/- 2nd Gen Home 1366 x Warranty /B/W b/g/n W Intel® Premium 768) LED Intel® CoreTM backlight HDD HD Graphics i3-2310M 320GB 3000 N Processor, VPC Genuine 2GB B-Black Rs. 2.10 GHz E EG15EN/ Windows® 7 DDR3 W-White 29,990/- B/W Home Basic SDRAM W Backpack Premium MAIN FEATURES VAIO E - Type 15.5 OPTICAL MODEL COLOUR MRP CPU OS DISPLAY GRAPHICS RAM STORAGE WIRELESS BATTERY WEIGHT OFFERS DRIVE 2nd Gen N Genuine VPC B-Black Intel® CoreTM Rs. Windows® 7 HDD E EH18FG/ L-Blue i5-2410M 43,990/- Home 500GB Noble Design W B/L/W W-White Processor, Premium NVIDIA® 4GB VGP-AC19V32 2.30 GHz 15.5 GeForce® (39.37 DDR3 Integrated AC AdaptorV 410M GPU 1 year cm) wide SDRAM DVD Wireless (512 MB) 6 Cell Free N VPC (WXGA: Super Multi LAN IEEE 2.7 Kg B-Black Rs. Battery International E EH16EN/ 2nd Gen 1366 x Drive 802.11 W-White 36,990/- Warranty B/W Intel® 768) LED b/g/n W Genuine CoreTM backlight HDD Windows® 7 i3-2310M 320GB N Home Basic VPC Processor, Intel® 2GB Powered by 2nd Generation B-Black Rs. E EH15EN/ 2.10 GHz HD Graphics DDR3 Intel® CoreTM i Processor W-White 29,990/- Isolation Keyboard with handy B/W 3000 SDRAM W Numeric Keypad VAIO E - 14 (35.56 cm) 15.5 (39.37 cm) Advantages Equipped with 2nd Gen Intel® HDMI Output for ultimate Quick web Isolated Truss Pattern Texture CoreTM i Processor # AV Entertainment Access Keyboard ASSIST, WEB VAIO # Available Only with VPCEG18 EH18 model. Button8 9
  6. 6. Windows®.Life without Walls™. Sony recommends Windows 7. VAIO E Series Active Design, Vibrant Colours, Personal Choice VAIO E Series features a transparent design finish that gives a sense of depth, and gradient colour VIVID Colour PC VAIO E Series design balances personality and simplicity, for a look that fits your interior as well as patterns that add richness to the simple shape of the unit. A choice of glossy and matte finishes is your lifestyle, everyday. Glossy or matte, vivid or basic colours, the choice is yours. Wireless connection AVAILABLE available. It’s easy to enjoy VAIO E Series. Its full key-pitch isolation keyboard offers comfortable typing. means you can easily link to the Internet and accessories. Enjoy it all, in your own style. COLORS VAIO E - Type 14 OPTICAL MODEL COLOUR MRP CPU OS DISPLAY GRAPHICS RAM STORAGE WIRELESS BATTERY WEIGHT OFFERS DRIVE Optional Accessories for VAIO E Previous Genuine ATI Generation VPC B-Black Windows® 7 Mobility 4GB Rs. Intel® CoreTM EA46FG/ L-Blue Home Radeon HD DDR3 42,990/- i5-480M B/L/W W-White Premium 5470 Graphics SDRAM Processor, 2.66 GHz 64-bit (512 MB) 14 (35.56 VGP-BMS20/W/B/GI/PI/D cm) wide VPC Genuine 2GB Bluetooth® Mouse BI-Matte Rs. TFT colour Intel® Integrated EA4BGN/ Windows® 7 DDR3 1 year Black 40,990/- display HD Graphics DVD Wireless BI Professional SDRAM HDD 6 Cell 2.35 Free (WXGA: Super Multi LAN IEEE 320GB Battery Kg International 1366 x Drive 802.11 Previous Warranty Genuine 768) VAIO ATI b/g/n Generation B-Black Windows® 7 Display LED Mobility VPC Intel® P-Pink Rs. CoreTM Home backlight Radeon HD EA45FG/ W-White 36,990/- i3-380M Premium 5470 Graphics B/P/W/L L-Blue Processor, 64-bit (512 MB) 4GB 2.53 GHz DDR3 MAIN FEATURES Backpack Premium SDRAM Genuine VPC B-Black Rs. Windows® 7 Intel® EA43EG/ W-White 33,990/- Home Basic HD Graphics B/W 64-bit VAIO E - Type 15.5 Transparent Design Finish with MODEL COLOUR MRP CPU OS DISPLAY GRAPHICS RAM STORAGE OPTICAL WIRELESS BATTERY WEIGHT OFFERS VGP-AC19V32 Gradient Colour Patterns DRIVE AC AdaptorV Previous Generation Genuine VPC BI-Matte Rs. Intel® CoreTM Windows® 7 Intel® EB3AGG/ Black 52,990/- i5-560M Professional HD Graphics BI Processor, 64-bit 4GB 2.66 GHz 15.5 (39.37 DDR3 cm) wide SDRAM Integrated 1 year Genuine (WXGA: DVD Wireless Windows® HDD 6 Cell Free Isolation Keyboard with handy VPC L-Blue 1366 x Super Multi LAN IEEE 2.7 Kg Powered by Previous Generation Rs. 7 Home 320GB Battery International EB45FG/ B-Black 768) (VAIO Drive 802.11 Intel® CoreTM i Processor Numeric Keypad L/B/W W-White 37,990/- Previous Premium Warranty Display, LED ATI Mobility b/g/n Generation 64-bit Backlight) Radeon™ Intel® CoreTM HD 5470 i3-380M WI-Matte Genuine Graphics VPC Processor, 3GB White Rs. Windows® 7 (512 MB) EB44EN/ 2.53 GHz DDR3 BI-Matte 34,990/- Home Basic WI/BI 64-bit SDRAM Black VAIO E - 14 (35.56 cm) 15.5 (39.37 cm) Advantages Terms Conditions 1. Only applicable in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, ASSIST, WEB VAIO Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai Kolkata. Equipped with Previous 2. To avail the onsite warranty please register the Button Generation Intel® CoreTM i Beautiful Glossy HDMI Output for ultimate Quick web Isolated complaint to Customer Care Center at 1800- Vivid colour variations AV Entertainment Access Keyboard 103-7799 (Toll Free) Processor# *Available with VPC-EB3A EAB only.10 # Available Only with VPCEA6 model. 11
  7. 7. Windows®.Life without Walls™. Sony recommends Windows 7. VAIO Y S e r i e s Always with you for Business or Pleasure Designed for Style and Usability VAIO Y Series offers an effective combination of Previous Generation Intel® CoreTM i3 Processor VAIO Y Series was designed to be stylish and user-friendly. The lines of its profile come together in a AVAILABLE and high-resolution 11.6 (29. cm) screen, for fast and smooth operation. And its compact design “convergence line” for an attractive tapered look. The isolation keyboard with ideal key pitch is designed COLOR means you can take it with you, on the job or during your off time. Whether you use it professionally or to offer comfortable typing. And the interaction table contributes to reduced hand fatigue. Weighing personally is up to you, because either way it delivers satisfaction. only 1.6 kg, it is handy to carry around. From your desk or a meeting room, outdoors or back home, count on it to go with you. And with Wireless LAN and Bluetooth®, you’ll have connectivity to the internet from a variety of locations. MAIN FEATURES MODEL COLOUR MRP CPU OS DISPLAY GRAPHICS RAM STORAGE WIRELESS BATTERY WEIGHT OFFERS Optional Accessories for VAIO Y 11.6 Previous (29.5 cm) Integrated Generation Genuine 1 year Blend Cylinder design for a wide 2GB Wireless VPC Rs. Intel® CoreTM Windows® 7 Intel® Free B-Black (WXGA: DDR3 320GB LAN IEEE 4 hours 1.46 Kg sleek sharp look YA17GG/B 32,990/- i3-380UM Professional HD Graphics International 1366x768) SDRAM 802.11b/ Processor, (64-bit) Warranty VAIO g/n (1.33 GHz) Display) VGP-AC19V39 AC Adaptor VAIO Y - Advantages HDMI output for HDMI Output for AV Entertainment Cylinder Design Isolation Keyboard AV Entertainment VGP-BPL21 Large Battery Powered by Previous Generation Intel® CoreTM i3 Processor ASSIST Button for Quick Support12 13