Executing an it strategic plan for the corporate legal department


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Executing an it strategic plan for the corporate legal department

  1. 1. 8/9/2008Executing an IT Strategic Plan forthe Corporate Legal DepartmentTania DanielsDirector, Business Technology Partner, LegalThe Walt Disney CompanyInternational Legal Technology Association ConferenceAugust 2008 Corporate BTP Strategic Planning Mandate Business Technology Partner (BTP) Team Mandate – Drive the alignment of goals and objectives with effective strategic planning and prioritization of all technology investments and resources to produce desired business value-added results value- – Promote continuous improvement in the technology acumen of business leaders and business acumen of IT leaders through guidance and education – Ensure synergy, integration and leverage of technology solutions synergy across the businesses – Lead and facilitate the development and execution of IT strategy and technology planning with the business BTPs Tasked with Completing 5 Year Strategic Technology Roadmaps – Harmonized and rationalized for enterprise and corporate IT solutions • Business Process Architecture • Business Application Systems Portfolio Management • Harmonized and Integrated EIT and Corporate Application Landscape 2 Strategic Planning Format Spreadsheet and PowerPoint Presentation Templates Current Application Portfolio – RTB – Ongoing maintenance – 5 year retirement strategy for aging technologies New Investments – ITB – B i Business C Case • Description, Benefits/Justification, Impact of Not Doing Project – Financial • Project Capital and Expense Costs • 5 Year Ongoing Expenses Industry Specific Benchmarking Included as Appropriate Written Deliverables Completed as Required 3 1
  2. 2. 8/9/2008Strategic Planning Methodology Identification of Technology Needs – Individual Practice Team Sessions Held at Ongoing Points Throughout the Year – High-level Workflow Requirements Discussions High- • Legal Department-Wide Needs Department- • Practice Team Specific Needs – Gaps in Services/Solutions – Validated with Legal Executive Management Prioritization of Needs – Presentations and Discussions with Legal Executive Management and General Counsel – Opportunity to Harmonize the Goals of Legal Executive Management with Practice Team Requests 4Lessons LearnedImmediately Begin Discussion on Scope of CoveredTechnology Initiatives and Client Base – Unique to decentralized Law Departments – Critical for sufficient scoping time and financial analysis – Organizational structure has strong influence on support for those initiatives that span multiple business unitsFocus on Articulating Business Case in Business Terms – Financial details important, but support more readily available if business case is easily understoodIncorporate Business Architecture, Process Modeling andImprovement Tools along with Strategic Planning Process – Prevents application-centric strategic plan application- 5Lessons LearnedBenchmarking to comparable industry andcomparable-comparable-size Legal Departments criticalYou WILL spend more time than you think onstrategic p g planning gStrategic planning should become part ofongoing dialogue with clients about their dailytechnology needs 6 2