Innovative Marketing Concepts


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Innovative Marketing Concepts

  1. 1. Innovation Marketing ROHIT ROHAN PGP 19 | MICA
  2. 2. Contents Neuromarketing Long tail marketing Sensory marketing Tipping point marketing ZMET
  3. 3. Neuromarketing
  4. 4. Neuromarketing Volkswagen commercial • Communicates with the old brain, through use of imagery • Stimulates senses with a familiar iconic soundtrack • Uses traditional semiotic cues as triggers • Acts on the neocortex by making the kid move objects
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  6. 6. Neuromarketing • Suggested use • Use of Neuromarketing via tie-ups with other brands/products • Brands can subtly market themselves via colours, patterns that are iconic to their brand on other brands • Examples – • Brands using insides of cars as surface for ads
  7. 7. Long Tail Marketing
  8. 8. Long Tail Marketing • Grand Shoes • Brand owned by a Swedish guy named Fredrik Hammarqvist • Sells only SIZE 13 and above branded shoes • Not many mass buyers, but then you don’t get shoes that size everywhere
  9. 9. Long Tail Marketing • Suggested use • Online portal for ordering regional specialities • Will arrange for year-round orders for certain transportation charge • Users can order food from distant parts – in Mumbai, you can have Hyderabadi Biryani within 6 hours from order • Tie-ups with airlines and transport/courier services and regional food providers + tie-up with Zomato
  10. 10. Sensory marketing
  11. 11. Sensory Marketing Smell • McCain Foods, UK • Six-sheet posters at the bus stops were fitted with 3D fibreglass jacket potatoes • On the press of a button, heated up and emitted the smell of an oven-cooked potato. • The posters also dispensed money-off vouchers to encourage consumers to try Ready Made Jackets
  12. 12. Sensory Marketing Smell • Suggested use • TV commercial • Shows people talk about the smell of a product and stimulated the user to imagine and recall the smell of product • The stimulation helps incite a trigger thought towards the purchase of the product • Example - Haldiram canned Gulab Jamuns
  13. 13. Tipping Point
  14. 14. Tipping Point Marketing • Hush Puppies • Hush Puppies were so outré that a few hippie types wore them as a kind of counter-culture statement. • That incited others who wanted to appear cool, and they, in turn, attracted yet more people who wanted to be fashionable. • Thus grew the phenomenon that catapulted Hush Puppies into a sensation.
  15. 15. Tipping Point Marketing • Suggested use • Use of social-media and eMail Marketing to talk about new products/launches in a series of stories • According to a study by GetResponse: • Average number of Facebook friends: 234 • Percentage of subscribers on your email list that have a Facebook account: 41.6% • Average number of Facebook shares: 23 • Your presumed mailing list size: 50,000 (business set-up) • Estimated number of shares from one newsletter: 115 (5 x 23) • Potential number of new customers reached: 20,958!* • *assuming that 75% of all friends notice the shared newsletter in their news stream
  16. 16. ZMET
  17. 17. ZMET • Oticon • A Danish manufacturer of hearing aids, applied ZMET to understand the negative connotations that people associated with hearing aids. • They felt, although many people used cost as a reason to postpone the purchase of a hearing aid, there were deeper factors at work. • Hearing aids were described as a symbol of being seen as old and flawed. Oticon responded by creating a hearing aid with a new, fashionable styling in an attempt to counter this stereotype.
  18. 18. ZMET • Suggested use • Anti-tobacco campaign • Ask people to cite things that scare and disgust them • Ask the emotions that these things bring out in them • Use those emotions to relate to tobacco • Create a sense of fear and loathing towards cigarettes, subconsciously
  19. 19. End of presentation