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  1. 1. ROHIT PATIL DADASAHEB (M) +91 9036079318 Objective: Aspire to work in an organization where best use of my talent, knowledge, and hard work can be realized. Manual Testing Skills :  Strong knowledge in SDLC concepts  Extensive knowledge in Smoke testing, FT, IT and System Testing  Good knowledge in Acceptance Testing Ad-hoc, Compatibility Exploratory, Globalization and Regression Testing  Strong knowledge on STLC  Good knowledge on Test Plan  Good in writing Test Case and Test Scenario  Extensive knowledge on defect tracking tool like Bugzilla Selenium Testing Skills :  Good knowledge in Automation Tool like Selenium RC, IDE & WebDriver  Good knowledge on Firebug and FirePath  Good knowledge in Element Locator and WebDriver Methods  Good in Handling Elements in Selenium  Good in Writing WebDriver Test Cases  Very good knowledge on Cross Browser Testing  Good knowledge in TestNG Framework and Data Driven Testing  Expertise in creating scripts in Webdriver by using Java. Educational Qualification:
  2. 2. Technical skills: • Languages: MATLAB, Core Java, SQL(Oracle 10g,11g) • Tools: Selenium 1 & Selenium 2 • Operating System: Windows and Linux. PG Academic Project: • Project title: Constrained Least Square Minimization Approach for Recovery of Destroyed Image. Most image restoration techniques done on image priors, using the blind deconvolution and non-blind deconvolution. We are doing the non-blind deconvolution. We are using a constrained least square minimization for recovery of destroyed image. We use MATLAB code to recovery of the destroyed image UG Academic Project: • Project: Design and Implementation of High Resolution Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) Using Parallel Current Digital to Analog Converter (PiDAC). We return the code in verilog A and executed in cadence tool Achievements : • Participated in Cyber forensics and Ethical Hacking workshop which was held in our college. • Attended a Mind Blogger “Aptitude Test” in Bahubali college of engineering Recommended by E-CELL • Attended the Cyber forensics and Ethical Hacking Conference which was held in Bangalore. • A paper on the project work entitled “Design and Implementation of High Resolution Digital to Analog Converter” has been published in International Journal of Engineering and Science Research. Degree/Class College/School University Year of Passing Aggregate The oxford college of engineering, Bangalore VISHVESWARAYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY BELGAUM 2015 67.25% B.E(E&C) Bahubali college of engineering,Shravanabelogala VISHVESWARAYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY BELGAUM 2013 62.40%
  3. 3. • A project on “Design and Implementation of High Resolution Digital to Analog Converter” has been submitted for Cadence Design Contest 2013. • The work is exhibited in the project exhibition in a national level technical fest, FIESTA 13 held at Bahubali College of Engineering, Shravanabelagola on 8th May 2013. Personal Profile : Name : Rohit Patil Dadasaheb Date of Birth : 31th July 1991 Language Known : English, Kannad , Hindi Correspondence Address : Rohit Patil Dadasaheb #30, 2nd main, 2nd cross Coconut garden, Nagarbavi Bangalore-560072 I hereby declare that all the particulars stated in this curriculum vitae are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place: Bengaluru Date: Signature

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