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Mumbai property


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Mumbai property

  1. 1. Why is it the right time to own a property in Mumbai ? Intro: The prices for a residential, commercial and retail property in Mumbai are already touching the sky and receding prices are surely not in the offing Financial capital, a global platform, pouring MNCs, IT rage, Bollywood and promising career aspects…Do they suffice as reasons enough to own a property in Mumbai? Well, they definitely have a great impact on the developing economy of Mumbai interlinked with the lives of individuals. So, to an extent yes, they definitely are some of the prominent driving factors to own a property in Mumbai. However, the mounting rentals, congested accommodations, insecure environs, increased spending limits and downpour of home loans call for a greater reason why anyone residing in Mumbai must own a property. If on one hand Mumbai has limited physical boundaries, the growing population on the other hand exists in a boundary less manner expanding in an inappropriate ratio. The sooner an individual realizes his or her dream of owning a property in Mumbai, the better. The bombarding rate of increasing rentals and the increasing prices of properties in Mumbai are clear indicators of the times to come. The boom in the real estate market of Mumbai does not show any signs of receding prices, moreover, the prices for a residential, commercial and retail property in Mumbai are already touching the sky. The prices for a property in Mumbai are towering high just like the sky-scrapers of New York. Owning a property in Mumbai in the prime locations; be it residential or commercial, can drain all your finances unless you belong to the super-rich category. MNCs operating all across the globe see Mumbai as the preferred choice to operate from India, reason being Mumbai is the financial nerve centre of India. Some might say that renting is a better option as it rids you of the additional responsibilities that come with ownership, but the question is shrieking and shrugging the responsibilities cannot continue for a lifetime. There is no reason for people drawing hefty salaries to delay the purchase of a property in Mumbai. Think of it like this, unlimited demand and limited supply = inflation. There is no reason why people migrating to Mumbai will not do so in future. The economic developments will keep inviting many to the city. If your budget does not allow you to own a property in Mumbai, especially in the prime locations, you can always look forward to the suburban areas offering properties at reasonable prices. Mumbai ranked as the world’s seventh most expensive city to live in is experiencing a real estate extravaganza. Mumbai is not just the most expensive but also the richest Indian city. Hopeful of crossing new milestones, Mumbai is confidently moving ahead to scale new heights. Prices of a property in Mumbai depend on the location. Slowly and gradually as the gap between the supply and demand for a property in Mumbai widens, the real estate market seems to be sitting on the saturation point. Once the saturation reaches a point where all the properties, even those in the suburbs will have the sold out tag, many people will have to part ways from a long-cherished dream of owning a property in Mumbai. However, Andheri (West) still has a mix of residential, retail and commercial properties in the offing. The prices here are pocket-friendly ranging from moderate to expensive. There are several residential and commercial developments undertaken by real estate developers in Andheri. So, grab the offer before dreams fail to turn into a beautiful reality. If you are targeting posh areas to own a property in Mumbai, then apart from Andheri (West), Juhu, Bandra, Malabar Hill, Versova, Chembur, Yari Road, Nariman Point and Lokhandwala Complex are good options. Budget properties can be found at Seven and Four Bungalows, Manishanagar and Navi Mumbai suburbs. Get useful information on residential areas, transfer of property ownership and apartments in Mumbai. Visit