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Independent homes in delhi


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Independent homes in delhi

  1. 1. Want to buy an independent home? Intro: There are several small things to be taken care of while checking out the independent homes in Delhi for a purchase; neighborhood is one of them… Independent homes in Delhi can be selected on a number of criteria: Always watch out for the locality. Remember, a posh neighborhood means your expenses will be quite high. If you have a limited budget you must look out for medium localities. Before checking out the options you should try and strike a conversation with the neighbors residing in the same area. The neighbors can give an inside view of the pros and cons of living in the area you wish to purchase a property in, they can reveal things to you which a property dealer will never reveal. You can get important information like the power and water supply, crime, the people around etc. Try asking the neighbors the duration they have been residing in that particular area, the problems they face, the location advantages if any and whether they have ever noticed any suspicious activities around the house. Pay special attention to whether the independent homes in Delhi you plan to pick your purchase from are multi-storied, single-storied or split level. Single-story independent homes have an easy access for the physically challenged people. Single-story homes are a boon for old age or for anyone suffering from knee pain. Also, single-story homes are a lot more convenient to be maintained and cleaned. There is also a negative side to owning a single-storied independent home; it can be a bit noisy with TV and music systems being played on the same floor. There are people having a notion about the safety when staying on the ground floor. Multi-storied independent homes in Delhi offer a greater living space. A significant reduction in the noise coming from entertainment channels like stereo and TV (which disturb the sleep) is possible by letting the music or TV be played on the ground floor and moving upstairs to take a nap or go to bed. Some disadvantages of living in a multi- storied independent home are the frequent trips from one floor to the other to carry your belongings to the bedrooms. A multi-storied home would incur an extra cost on electrical appliances like air-conditioners. Split-level homes are cheaper in comparison to other categories. When one half of the home is single storied while the other half is double storied it is called a split-level home. Such homes are comparatively cheaper especially with unfinished lower level. However, the split-level homes offer less of storage space. One may get exhausted in carrying things to different floors. The kitchens in split-level homes are likely to be less spacious. Watch out for the specifications offered by independent homes in Delhi. Check out whether your family will comfortably fit in a 2 BHK or 3 BHK house. It is always better
  2. 2. to have more than one bathroom. However, it is seen that independent homes having a single bathroom come for a lesser price. If you find a house that fits in your set criteria apart from the single bathroom then figure out if there is scope and space for building another one after you purchase the house. Many-a-times it is cheaper to add an extra bathroom after the purchase rather than buying a house already having two. Log on to to read more on residential areas, apartments and flats, unauthorized colonies and independent homes in Delhi.