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Wearyourshine casestudy-webappmate


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Wearyourshine casestudy by webappmate. user with an experience to buy jewelry online with a feature to try at home.
Dynamic price calculator to calculate changed prices of products through a system tracking prices of metal in international market.Uni-Commerce integration

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Wearyourshine casestudy-webappmate

  1. 1. C A S E S T U D Y WebAppMate OVERVIEW GETTING STARTED EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Key features:  B2C based  Dynamic price calculator to calculate changed prices of products through a system tracking prices of metal in international market  Responsive design.  One step checkout.  Uni-Commerce integration.  Notification feature for exclusive launches and offers through E- mails.  Store locator  Metal and other information related blogs for customer education. Key services:  Magento setup,  Theme installation  Theme customization as per client requirement  Responsive Magento theme development,  Speed optimization.  User can customize the product according to his/her needs.  Exclusive customer catalog  User can purchase the product on email basis.  SMS delivery system on placing an order with status change. 1 We started with analysis of what is being demanded by the client which is then designed and optimized through UI .And with the help of technical analysis and choosing integration pattern prototypes are being developed. These prototypes are then implemented to Magento engine on local hosts. After further testing and debugging with the help of analytical surveys and world class developers at hand, the website is being launched on the web. NEEDS  Client needed a platform which is so dynamic so that it can change itself according to changing price of metals in the international market and side by side work with its dynamic customer database. For example: If jewelry contains 3 types of metals and prices of the metals vary on daily basis. The platform should be so dynamic that it should calculate the final price of the product with the change in metal price (by calculating the cost in accordance with the respective weights of the metals) so that customer should get products at best prices.  Client also wanted to launch the website simultaneously on web and mobile version.  Apart from web and mobile version of website, client needed a module through which a customer can order his products on email basis. t's an ecommerce website (for mobile and PC/Laptops) for jewelry domain which provides user with an experience to buy jewelry online with a feature to try at home. It provides user with different features like 10 days return and lifetime exchange. User can customize his/her product according to his/her needs and can also buy it through a simple E- mail.
  2. 2. C A S E S T U D Y WebAppMate PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE PROJECT e 2  At the analytical and graphic designing stages:  Two user experience designers  One System analytic (integration analysis and business process detailing).  One Graphic designer  During deployment:  One Magento frontend certified designer.  Three Dedicated Magento Certified Programmers (full time),  One programmer (part time), 1 web administrator (part time)  During tests:  One tester and business analytic (test scenarios and reports) MAGENTO IMPLEMENTATION We developed from scratch with following unique functionality:-  PSD To Magento  Dynamic price calculator(Price update on for all products’ with change in price of metal and diamond in international market)  Uni-Commerce integration.  Separate mobile site (  Exclusive customer catalog  Separate module form user can purchase the product on email basis.  Implemented one time password functionality in this website.  SMS delivery system on placing an order with status change.
  3. 3. C A S E S T U D Y WebAppMate Contact us by calling +91 96543 63446 or visit our website at Address: #406-407 Pearl Best Height 1, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, Delhi, 110034 Phone +91 96543 63446 • Office No. +91 11 45683669 © 2016-2017 WebAppMate. All rights reserved. WebAppMAte, The WebAppMate logo, Fishbowl Manufacturing, All the content in this case study are right reserved by WebAppMate. 3 Testing  Functional/acceptance – Both smoke and regression tests are being performed during development and after implementation.  Integration – Based on test scenarios, data synchronization is being performed and check the desired scope of efficiency of the system and risks associated with the system.  Security – Security test are being performed in two-phases. On one hand automated tests for the typical weaknesses were performed. On the other hand, the source codes of all the functionalities were reviewed.  Efficiency – The efficiency of the whole system was being checked via JMeter tool by checking all the crucial paths and points, so as to check the user goal realization and response time. The test cross checked the working of development team so that there should not be any bugs while handing over the system to the client. It should be able to serve the predicted traffic. Quality Assurance  Version control system – Bitbucket system is being used for controlling of version (version tagging, development plan)  Commits recording system – Gitbash system was being integrated so that all the dealings and communications with the clients are being performd in efficient and effective manner. And its editions are updated time to time.  Monitoring system – Accessibility of all parameters of the application is being monitored by the system named Incinga. Results  Increased customer gratification and increased sales.  Easy access to customer and product specifics analytics.  Cost saving due to reduced dependencies on the third party vendors.  Easy reach to every prospective customer.  Customer getting products at best prices.