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Priz24 Magento case study webappmate


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Magento case study for shopping platform having generalized goods.It has the largest product range which is being delt with by WebAppMate for providing Magento solution.

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Priz24 Magento case study webappmate

  1. 1. C A S E S T U D Y WebAppMate OVERVIEW It's a shopping platform for generalized goods which has large number of products on the website. It has the largest product range which is being dealt with by WebAppMate for providing Magento solution. GETTING STARTED EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Key features: B2C Based German language being used Responsive design. One step checkout. Large number of products being listed on the website. Various Payment methods. Price comparison for household commodities. Calculation of image size dynamically. Configurable view of products per page. Key services: Magento setup, Theme installation Theme customization as per client requirement Responsive Magento theme development, E-commerce consulting Social login via Facebook, Google, twitter, live, amazon. Speed optimization. Website maintenance. 1 User-centered Design methodology was followed as at WebAppMate, main aim is always been to satisfy customer needs in most effective and efficient way. The project started with knowing the demands and needs of the customers which are further analyzed for further decision making regarding which platform to choose and other related decisions. These customer needs and demands are then designed and optimized through UI. And with the help of technical analysis and choosing integration pattern prototypes are being developed. These prototypes are then implemented to Magento engine on local hosts. After further testing and debugging with the help of analytical surveys and world class developers at hand, the website is being launched on the web. NEEDS Removal of all unwanted database and implementation of filtering system for new data Increased speed of website even when more products are being added Increased website security Implementation of social login Option of cross sale, auto related products, auto suggestion IMPLEMENTATION Magento version of website was designed Mobile version of website also designed. Removal of all unwanted database Setting up of Magento to connect with Magmi to import the data Migration of product and other database from Linux server to new Magento server Up gradation of Magento from version 1.6 to 1.9 Task in to do list like security patches update, design update, speed optimization Integrated Magmi automation module for CSV import Developed custom Magmi for this website by which client can upload any type of product like simple product, configurable product, bundled product and group product Setup of filtering system inside Magento to filter on imported data base. Integrated lot of extension for Speed, security, rewrite URL, social login, cross sale, auto related product, auto suggestion.
  2. 2. C A S E S T U D Y WebAppMate PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE PROJECT e Integration with Solr search extension with some modification Development of module for quantity management 2 At the analytical and graphic designing stages: • One user experience designer • Two System analytics (integration analysis and business process detailing). • One Graphic designer During deployment: • Two Magento frontend certified designers. • Two Dedicated Magento Certified Programmers (full time), • Two web administrators During tests: • One business analytic cum tester RESULTS New website design and easy access to customer for different products Reduction of waste database Increase reach to customer with new mobile version of website Increase in new customers as customers are now able to login through social login Better product and customer data analysis as data is now being filtered Better speed experience for user (even after so many products) Contact us by calling +91 96543 63446 or visit our website at Address: #406-407 Pearl Best Height 1, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, Delhi, 110034 Phone +91 96543 63446 • Office No. +91 11 45683669 © 2016-2017 WebAppMate. All rights reserved. WebAppMAte, The WebAppMate logo, Fishbowl Manufacturing, All the content in this case study are right reserved by WebAppMate.