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Introduction to fortification


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a primary presentation which introduces what wheat flour fortification is

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Introduction to fortification

  2. 2. Contents What does the statistics say? The most common grain-‘Wheat’ Milling of wheat Effect of milling on nutritious contents of wheat What is Fortification? State’s Initiative and it’s effects
  3. 3. What does the statistics say? Malnutrition is more common in India than in Sub-Saharan Africa One in every 3 malnourished children in the world is in India About 50% of all childhood deaths are attributed to malnutrition Around 46% of all children below the age of 3 are under-developed Around 47% of all children are underweight Around 16% of child mortality is due to malnutrition Malnutrition in early childhood has serious impediment effect on sensory, cognitive, social and emotional development Around one-third of all adult women are underweight Malnourished women, especially during pregnancy, result in either the child being mentally or physically challenged or the child suffering death or both mother and child suffering death Around 74% of children under the age of 3, more than 90% of adolescent girls and 50% of women suffer with Anemia Malnutrition limits development and the capacity to learn
  4. 4. The most common grain – ‘Wheat’
  5. 5. Milling of wheat Wheat is milled to obtain one of the most staple diets for most of the Indians i.e. flour This milling process can be distinguished in three different sectors: • Flour milling • Whole Wheat Chakkis • Nookad chakki or Ghar Ghanti
  6. 6. Effect of milling on nutritious contents of wheat
  7. 7. What is Fortification? Food fortification is the process of improving the quality of necessary vitamins and minerals in our daily food intake. Because of the use of fortified food, we get the required minerals and vitamins along with other natural elements
  8. 8. State’s initiatives and its effect Keeping the statistics of the nation and the appalling levels of anaemia, night blindness and bone related diseases it was decided to initiate a fortification movement Flour would be fortified with iron and folic acid where as edible oil would be fortified with Vitamin A and D This idea was mooted in the Conference of Food Secretaries in September, 2005 at Bombay. Several meetings were held with oil and flour millers in the State for the purpose of convincing them for the use and advantages of fortification Since companies in India are manufacturing the premix for the purpose there no need to go to importers
  9. 9. States initiative and its effects All this has resulted in a successful fortification process for edible oil and flour all over the state Today all the millers, packers and refineries for edible oil are fortifying their product and all the millers of wheat are fortifying their product A study is being conducted in the sports authority of Gujarat where by a sample of 20 sports persons are selected and fortified flour is being supplied to them for three months. Their Hemoglobin level was tested before the consumption of fortified flour and then after three months it was tested again which showed a average rise of 2 points of hemoglobin in the sample units
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  11. 11. Reaching each and every person in the state  The state feels responsible for those who are at the grass root level  And so the state is introducing the premix in retail packaging so the people who prefer to get the grains milled by themselves can also fortify their flour and consume a nutritious diet to benefit from the movement