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Landscaping case study bab al sham's resort


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Case study for Landscaping Architecture- Bab Al Sham's Resort and Spa, U.A.E., Its a vast Hospitality Project and is one of the prominent Resorts in U.A.E; Justifying the Local architecture and using smart elements of design for landscaping has made this project noteworthy.

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Landscaping case study bab al sham's resort

  1. 1. BAB AL SHAM’S RESORT AND SPA, Dubai United Arabs Emirates By Godwin Austen Johnson and Chartered Architects
  2. 2. Site Location Schematic Map to Access Resort Burj Al Arab Emirates Tower, Trade Centre Some prominent places to visit in U.A.E
  3. 3. About Bab Al Sham’s Resort and Spa • Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is an exclusive low-rise resort, a unique retreat in the desert surrounded by rolling dunes and natural desert landscape. The resort provides a unique and traditional desert experience that is true to the culture and heritage of Dubai and the UAE. Bab Al Shams was designed to resemble a fortified rural Arab village in the desert built in and around an oasis. Inside the walls, shaded courtyards, walkways and water features provide cool shelter and maintain the unique ambience and atmosphere. Typical persian architecture is followed while designing the resort.
  4. 4. Vehicular access Nature of Approach Highway Internal roads Desert pathways 1. 1.View of the project while driving towards parking Datum of the Resort merges with the corresponding Desert Landform
  5. 5. Plan of the Resort and Spa 1 . 1. 2. 2. 3. 3.
  6. 6. Vegetation and the Response to site context Trees which are used for designing the landscape are commonly palm trees such as dates. Use of these trees on both the sides of the pathway, in perspective becomes guidelines in itself There are lawns at the west, where horse and camel rides are done and since this lawns are close to desert these rides are further continued in desert too. E F E F The type of vegetation preferred by the architect was purely desert vegetation that camouflaged with the structures of sandstones
  7. 7. How the Spaces are designed?... The Architect played with levels to create a play of spaces and classified them as open or semi-open for function like café So that people use the spaces as per their convenience. As shown in the image besides the café at the terrace has full 360 degree view of corresponding site. G H G Architect wanted to make the place more happening and celebrate the desert environment which he brought about by the means of landscaping. I HI
  8. 8. Water Bodies used in project as landscape element SCHEMATIC SECTION OF THE INFINITY POOL Pools are oriented to the southern west part of the project from where we get a panoramic view of the desert and it acts like the infinity pools for which the concept of mirage was used. There are concrete columns which support pergolas to create semi-open space that to in between pool View of the pool ‘D’ D
  9. 9. Water Bodies used in project as landscape element Not only for the outdoor purpose, but the architect has also used the water features in the interiors of the complex and provided the artificial rain showers, there are strips of water bodies for internal ventilation of corridors Artificial rain showers Strip of water features on sides of corridor As shown in the schematic section below the architect has worked out the courtyard system to ventilate the spaces and use of water body in central court not only provided aesthetical quality but also made sure that a suitable temperature is maintained in the surrounding spaces through ventilation. SCHEMATIC SECTION OF THE COURTYARD The pots are used as a landscape element in major places either they are lightened up or they are totally filled by water etc
  10. 10. Why should one visit this resort?... This resort is counted as one of the best among the desert resorts because of the way the project is executed by the means of architecture as well as landscaping. The experience of the place takes us to old times that too brought about by using modern technology. A typical Desert Resort is being celebrated by the people arriving here.
  11. 11. Architect’s Practice Architect Godwin Austen Johnson with the chartered architects has executed many architectural and landscape projects in Dubai. This firm practices mostly Hospitality, Institutional and Corporate practices in Landscape Architecture. GAJ aims to set in motion a countrywide trend in the UAE to incorporate traditional Islamic themes into modern architecture in major aspects
  12. 12. Other projects done by Architect in Hospitality Landscape Architecture Arabian Court Project, Dubai Tozeur Resort, Dubai Architect has executed many projects in Dubai, and some famous resorts are designed by him and his firm in which there is a pattern of design specifically related to the site context. Particularly Architect is very careful about the use of landscape elements wherever he use in his project and attempts to make the space more happening one. His projects have been a classic examples of how architecture of structure should correspond to the surrounding landspace.