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Mains - Qonnoisseur 2012 MELA Quiz


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Mains of Qonnoisseur, MELA quiz as part of Mindspark 2012 - COEP's technical festival. Date: 7th Oct '12
Questions by Rohan Danait with inputs from Amit Patil and Neelima Jha
Moderated by Mohit Karve
Results and report:

Mains - Qonnoisseur 2012 MELA Quiz

  1. 1. Qonnoisseur 2012 Mains
  2. 2. Rules• 42 questions Infinite Rebounds• 10 points for a correct answer, no negs• Written round at halfway mark• Round reversal at halfway mark• Long visual connect at the end• Scoring system for Written and LVC will be explained before the rounds
  3. 3. 1.The Uffington White Horseis a prehistoric hill figure,formed from deep trenchesfilled with crushed whitechalk. The figure is situatedon the upper slopes ofWhite Horse Hill in theEnglish civil parish ofUffington. The flag andbanner of which fictionalrealm is derived from thisprehistoric site?
  4. 4. Ans: Rohan(from the Lord of the Rings)
  5. 5. 2.The film involves Chicago gangsters who have business tobe dealt with. Snakes enters Johnnys office and questionshim about the money owed for getting the "stuff." Johnnysmugly replies that Acey no longer has any authority, andimplies that he is not about to give Snakes any money.Snakes shows discomfort when he finds out that Acey isupstairs taking a bath, and almost immediately Johnnytakes out his Tommy Gun and kills Snakes.Johnny, Snakes, Acey are the only characters in this film.Identify.
  6. 6. Ans: Angels with Filthy Souls(from the Home Alone series)
  7. 7. 3.The origins of this word date back to the late 19th/early 20thcentury. It means "an extraordinary or unusual thing, person,or event; an exceptional example or instance." In time theterm also came to refer to a large lollipop.The vocalist of alternative band Janes Addiction, Perry Farrell,conceived a festival as a farewell tour for his band, and in theprocess of naming it, came across this word in a The ThreeStooges film. He instantly liked it, and to pay homage to itsdouble meaning, he depicted a character in the festivalsoriginal logo holding one of the lollipops.Which festival?
  8. 8. Ans: Lollapalooza
  9. 9. 4.The image (next slide) is a 1486 Botticelli paintingwhich depicts the goddess Venus, having emerged fromthe sea as a fully grown woman, arriving at the sea-shore.What fictional character was inspired by this paintingand conveyed both a sense of raw mechanical powerand femininity?
  10. 10. Ans: GLaDOS, short for Genetic Lifeform andDisk Operating System, in the video gamesPortal and Portal 2.
  11. 11. 5.The supporting characters are called His Evil Associate,The Holy Man, The Princess, The Mongol Prince, TheMongol Slave, The Caliph, The Soothsayer and TheIndian Prince.Who is the titular character?
  12. 12. Ans: The Thief of Baghdad
  13. 13. 6.This authors first novel was self-published in 2007under his pseudonym, Shawn Haigins. The theologicalthriller takes heavy inspiration from Dan Browns TheDa Vinci Code. It was subsequently published byWestland in 2008 in India under his own name andwent on to become a bestseller. His next novel wasreleased in 2010 to critical acclaim, and UTV acquiredthe movie rights to the book.Identify the author.
  14. 14. Ans: Ashwin Sanghi
  15. 15. 7.These are part of the lyrics of Pink Floyds 1968 song "Let there bemore light". The last line refers to a song by another band released 1year before this one."Oh, my, something in my eye - eyeSomething in the sky - skyWaiting there for meThe outer hatch rolled slowly backThe service men were heard to sighFor there revealed in glowing robesWas ____ __ ___ ___"FIB/Identify the referenced song.
  16. 16. Ans: Lucy in the Sky
  17. 17. 8.In the 1994 film Forrest Gump, Jenny Curansings the song "Blowin in the Wind" for a showin a strip club. By what name is she introducedbefore the song?
  18. 18. Ans: Bobby Dylan
  19. 19. 9.As goes with his personality, this character, in a fit of anger,yelled out the word "pneumothorax" (a medical emergencycaused by the collapse of the lung within the chest). Oneweek after the scene appeared in the comic, the authorreceived a letter allegedly from a father whose boy was agreat fan of the comics and also a heavy tuberculosis suffererwho had experienced a collapsed lung. According to the letter,the boy was devastated that his favourite comic made fun ofhis own condition. The author wrote an apology and removedthe word from the comic. Afterwards, the letter wasdiscovered to be fake, written and planted by the authorsfriend and collaborator Jacques Van Melkebeke.Which character?
  20. 20. Ans: Captain Haddock
  21. 21. 10.Connect to a prog rock band.
  22. 22. Ans: Van der Graaf Generator
  23. 23. 11.Douglas Adams giving instructions for what?1. Phone NASA. Their phone number is (731) 483-3111. Explain that it is veryimportant that you get away as soon as possible. If they do not cooperate,phone any friend you may have in the White House - (202) 456-1414 - to havea word on your behalf with the guys at NASA.2. If you dont have any friends at the White House, phone the Kremlin (ask theoversees operator for 0107-095-295-9051). They dont have any friends thereeither (at least no one to speak of), but they do seem to have a little influence,so you may as well try.3. If that also fails, phone the Pope for guidance. His telephone number is 011-39-6-6982, and I gather his switchboard is infallible.4. If all these attempts fail, flag down a passing flying saucer and explain thatits vitally important that you get away before your phone bill arrives.
  24. 24. Ans: How to leave the Planet
  25. 25. 12.The painting to the left is a portrait of Pope Innocent X by Spanishpainter Diego Velázquez from 1650.The painting to the right called Study after Velázquezs Portrait of PopeInnocent X, shows a distorted version of the first painting in which thePope is shown screaming yet his voice is "silenced" by the enclosingdrapes and dark rich colors. The dark colors of the background lend agrotesque and nightmarish tone to the painting. The pleated curtainsof the backdrop are rendered transparent and appear to fall throughthe representation of the Popes face.Identify the artist of the 2nd painting who incidentally shares his namewith an Elizabethan philosopher and statesman.
  26. 26. Ans: Francis Bacon
  27. 27. 13.Runaway Jury is a John Grisham novel, in which ajuror on the inside and a woman on the outsidemanipulate a court trial involving a major tobaccocompany.The 2003 film based on the novel shows similarevents in a court trial involving a major gunmanufacturer, instead of the tobacco company.Why was this plot change necessary?
  28. 28. Ans: The Insider, a Russell Crowe & Al Pacinostarrer which also targeted tobacco companieswas released 4 years earlier.
  29. 29. 14.This street art, done in Naples by Banksy features a parody of a very wellknown sculpture in Rome. Banksy has replaced the angel in the originalsculpture with McDonalds fast food in her lap. Parody of what?
  30. 30. Ans: The Ecstasy of St. Theresa
  31. 31. 15.Sci-fi author K. W. Jeter, was trying to find a general term for works by Tim Powers (TheAnubis Gates, 1983); James Blaylock (Homunculus, 1986); and himself (Morlock Night,1979, and Infernal Devices, 1987)—all of which took place in a 19th-century (usuallyVictorian) setting. In a letter to sci-fi magazine Locus, in the April 1987 issue, Jeter wrote:Dear Locus,Enclosed is a copy of my 1979 novel Morlock Night; Id appreciate your being so good asto route it Faren Miller, as its a prime piece of evidence in the great debate as to who in"the Powers/Blaylock/Jeter fantasy triumvirate" was writing in the "gonzo-historicalmanner" first. Though of course, I did find her review in the March Locus to be quiteflattering. Personally, I think Victorian fantasies are going to be the next big thing, as longas we can come up with a fitting collective term for Powers, Blaylock and myself.Something based on the appropriate technology of the era; like __________, perhaps.—K.W. JeterFIB/Funda.
  32. 32. Ans: Steampunk
  33. 33. 16.Kevin Smith jokingly accused X of stealing the ending of oneof Xs famous science fiction films from Smiths comic book.X retorted, "Anyone who knows me knows I would never reada comic book. And I would especially never read anythingcreated by Kevin Smith."In response to "I would never read a comic book", Kevin Smithsaid "Which to me, explains Y.“X and Y?
  34. 34. Ans: X: Tim Burton Y: Batman
  35. 35. 17.The building of this structure was begun by Giorgio Vasariin 1560 as the offices for the Florentine magistrates, andhence the name literally translates to "offices". Vasari, apainter as well as architect, emphasized the perspectivelength by the matching facades continuous roof cornices,and unbroken cornices between storeys and the threecontinuous steps on which the palace-fronts stand. Theniches in the piers that alternate with columns were filledwith sculptures of famous artists in the 19th century.What place?
  36. 36. Ans: Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  37. 37. 18.Lyrics of an Eminem song titled "Must Be the _____“"It must be the _____, its the marijuanaThats creepin up on me while Im so highMaybe its the Hindi that has gotten in meWhatevers gotten into me I dont mind"Fill in the blank.
  38. 38. Ans: Ganja
  39. 39. 19.Apart from his primary profession in which X had a notorious career,he was also a jazz musician and composer. He released a jazz albumtitled A Very Still Life in 1997 which features him on the flute andorgan playing his own works with "The Morpheus Quintet".He was also an oil painter. His work tended toward the grotesque; hesometimes painted with his own blood, and had created pictures suchas one "of a child eating the flesh off a decomposing corpse."The band Acid Bath used his painting "For He is Raised" as the coverart for their album Paegan Terrorism Tactics. In 2011, his paintingsbecame the centre of a legal entanglement between his sole heir and aMassachusetts museum.Identify X, who once famously said, "Dying is not a crime".
  40. 40. Ans: Jack Krevorkian aka Dr Death
  41. 41. 20.Connect.
  42. 42. Ans: Darth Vader, who was played by DavidProwse and voiced by James Earl Jones.
  43. 43. 21.Give funda.
  44. 44. Ans: Chip Art, microscopic artwork built intointegrated circuits
  45. 45. ScoresBecause, “Winning isnt everything; its theonly thing”
  46. 46. WRITTEN ROUND• 6 caricatures• +5, no negs• Bonus 5 for getting all right• All answers to be written down
  47. 47. W1
  48. 48. W2
  49. 49. W3
  50. 50. W4
  51. 51. W5
  52. 52. W6
  53. 53. Answers – Written Round1. Jeremy Clarkson2. Bob Dylan3. Bill Murray4. Ozzy Osbourne5. Jamie Oliver6. Ricky Gervais
  54. 54. REVERSAL
  55. 55. 22.Quentin Tarantino has always used the signature “car trunk shot”in his films as seen below. However, in Inglourious Basterds,what variation is brought about in this car trunk shot?
  56. 56. Ans: Marking the Swastik on the forehead ofHans Landa
  57. 57. 23.The song was originally written by the lead guitarist of the band andwas supposed to be a part of a concept album which turned out to beunsuccessful.It is sung from the point of view of the main villain of the conceptalbum, named Jumbo. The lyrics are a first-person lament from thevillain, who is always angry and full of angst because of all the pressureand temptation that surrounds him.A rap metal band (notoriously) covered the song in 2003, andemployed a voice synthesizer toy in the bridge of the song. As a result,critics universally panned it, one critic specifically calling it"boneheaded".Identify the song and the original band. (Half points)
  58. 58. Ans: Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
  59. 59. 24.Connect.
  60. 60. Ans: The 2 characters in Goodfellas are playedby Martin Scorsese’s parents
  61. 61. 25.X is an American film studio and distributor which focuses onproducing low-budget, usually direct-to-video productions.The studio has produced titles that capitalize on productionsby major studios; these titles have been dubbed"mockbusters" by the press.Some of their films include Transmorphers(fromTransformers), American Warships(from Battleship), The DayThe Earth Stopped(from The Day The Earth Stood Still),Abraham Lilcoln vs Zombies (from Abraham Lincoln: VampireHunter), etc.X?
  62. 62. Ans: The Asylum
  63. 63. 26.The influence of Eagles on this fictional band is unmistakable:The lead vocalists birthday is repeatedly shown to be on July 22nd, which isalso the birthday of Don Henley, the lead vocalist of Eagles.The guitarists name is Joseph, shortened to Joe and shared with the Eaglesguitarist Joe Walsh.In an incident, one of the band members responds to a break-up rumoursaying "Guess you were wrong. We were on a break, now we are back", whichwas influenced by the famous dialogue from the Eagles member Glenn Freyduring their Hell Freezes Over album, "For the record we never broke up, wejust had a 14 year vacation".Identify the band.
  64. 64. Ans: Magik
  65. 65. is a charitable organization launched on 18th Jan 2007.It is about using the idea that any two people are connected to eachother through six or fewer relationships, as it is a small world, toaccomplish something good. Its termed as "social networking with asocial conscience".Through this web site, people can support their favorite charities bydonating or creating a social fundraiser — as well as check out thefavorite causes of other people, including celebrities. Theres also anoption of paying with Good Cards(gift cards for charity that can beredeemed as a donation). In its social cause, it is partnered by Networkfor Good, Pepsi Refresh Project and StayClassy among others.Who launched this website?
  66. 66. Ans: Kevin Bacon, being inspired by the SixDegrees of Kevin Bacon
  67. 67. 28.Painting titled "Absolut____", where ____ isthe artists last name.Identify artist.(Both blanks same)
  68. 68. Ans: Vikram Seth
  69. 69. 29.The Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System(JPATS), is an agency of the federal government of theUnited States charged with the transportation of personsin legal custody between prisons, detaining centers,courthouses, and other locations. It is the largest prisontransport network in the world. Though primarily used bythe Federal Bureau of Prisons or U.S. Immigration andCustoms Enforcement, JPATS also assists military andstate law enforcement.Which movie is named after the more common name forJPATS?
  70. 70. Ans: Con Air
  71. 71. 30.Lachrymology is the science or "the study" of crying. The only definitesource of this "science" are the members of the progressivemetal/rock band, X. They claim that that Lachrymology was actuallycoined by Ronald P. Vincent in his book "A Joyful Guide toLachrymology". However, there is no evidence that Ronald or his bookactually exist, and thus can be a hoax by X.The essential ideas behind Lachrymology are quite simple, the scienceteaches that a human cannot very well develop emotionally, mentally,or spiritually without the experience of pain.Identify X.
  72. 72. Ans: Tool
  73. 73. 31.The story goes that A was impressed with one of Bsfilms and thus enthused B to make a film based ona certain ideology advocated by A. This resulted in afilm which marked the official debut of B as adirector, in which he played a soldier as well asfarmer. The film became a huge hit, and made B anauthority on screen patriotism, a trait which hewould carry on into making his further films too.Identify A, B, film.
  74. 74. Ans: A: Lal Bahadur ShastriB: Manoj KumarFilm is Upkaar.
  75. 75. 32.X says, "People come up to me in airports andtheyre asking for my autograph not because Imthe drummer for ______. They really think Im Y,and Im nice to these people. [I say] No, Imnot. But theyre like, I loved you in Old School.Youre so funny."Identify X and Y.
  76. 76. Ans: X: Chad Smith and Y: Will Ferrell
  77. 77. 33.The New Order of this dictatorial regime wasarranged on the model of the human body. TheChancellor was the Head; the television stationBTN was the mouth; visual and audiosurveillance were the Eye and the Ear; InspectorFinch was part of The Nose, the police force, andthe secret police were the Hand.What were the secret police called?
  78. 78. Ans: The Fingermen (in V for Vendetta)
  79. 79. 34."Who the #$&% Is X?" is adocumentary about a womannamed Teri Horton, a 73-year-old former long-haul truckdriver from California, whopurchased a painting from athrift shop for $5, only later tofind out that it may be a Xpainting; she had no clue atthe time who X was, hencethe name of the film.Identify X.
  80. 80. Ans: Jackson Pollock
  81. 81. 35.This word as applied in the music world initially referredto a strong odor. It has its semantic roots in the Kikongoword "lu-fuki", which means "bad body odor". Jazzmenuse this word and lu-fuki to praise persons for theintegrity of their art, for having worked out to achievetheir aims. Hence the word can mean earthiness, a returnto fundamentals. African-American jazz musiciansoriginally applied the term to music with a slow, mellowgroove.What word, which is now considered a genre in Westernmusic?
  82. 82. Ans: Funk
  83. 83. 36.X worked for six months on One-Eyed Jacks (1961),for which he rewrote the script earlier written bythe then unknown Sam Peckinpah. But X quit asdirector, explaining, "When I left Ys picture, it stilldidnt have a finished script. It had just becomeobvious to me that Y wanted to direct the movie."To this day, One-Eyed Jacks remains Ys only film asdirector.Identify X and Y.
  84. 84. Ans: X: Stanley Kubrick and Y: Marlon Brando
  85. 85. 37.In the book, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by DouglasHofstadter there is a great deal said about canon, counterpoint andspecifically the fugues of Bach. A fugue is a technique of compositionin which the piece is based on a short, often very simple theme calledthe ‘subject’. The essence of the idea is that the subject is repeatedall over the fugue, introduced at different stages and in differentvoices.X read GEB because it combined the idea of playfulness inmathematics and playfulness in music & also for research andinspiration for writing the score for Y.Identify X & Y.
  86. 86. Ans: X: Hans Zimmer Y: Inception
  87. 87. 38.The band was named from a 1960s poem writtenby manager Sandy Pearlman. In Pearlmans poetry,the name was given a group of aliens who hadassembled to secretly guide Earths history. In a1976 interview published in a U.K. magazine,Pearlman told the story explaining the origin of thebands name was an anagram of Cully Stout Beer.Which band?
  88. 88. Ans: Blue Oyster Cult
  89. 89. 39.Arthut Schopenhauer read the Latin translation of thiscollection of philosophical texts and was so impressed by thephilosophy that he called them "the production of the highesthuman wisdom," and considered them to containsuperhuman conceptions. He said, "It is the most satisfyingand elevating reading (with the exception of the original text)which is possible in the world; it has been the solace of my lifeand will be the solace of my death." He also called it "thegreatest gift of our century", and predicted that thephilosophy and knowledge of these texts would become thecherished faith of the West.What philosophical work?
  90. 90. Ans: The Upanishads
  91. 91. 40.Keshav _________ was born on 17 September 1885 inPanvel. One of his ancestors was a kiladar of the Dhodapfort during the Maratha rule. Keshavs father adopted thelastname "Panvelkar" as per the tradition, but decided togive his son the surname "_____", which was apparentlytheir traditonal family name before their ancestorsmoved to Dhodap.An admirer of the India-born British writer X, Keshavlater anglicized the spelling of his surname to"_________". Identify X.
  92. 92. Ans: William Makepeace Thackeray
  93. 93. 41.In folklore, a X is a mischievous creature oftenpossessing gold and other riches. Stories about Xsoften revolve around the X being tricked out of itstreasure or else the X fooling the treasure seeker byunexpectedly making the treasure disappear. X canaid farmers with whom they are living, althoughthis is usually at the expense of the farmersneighbours from whom they steal.Id X and give funda in reference to movies.
  94. 94. Ans: Scrat, the squirrel in Ice Age
  95. 95. 42.The movie was a groundbreaking supernaturalsuspense thriller and one of the earliest knownfilms dealing with reincarnation. It became one ofthe biggest box office hits of 1949 in India, it is alsothe movie which launched both playback singerLata Mangeshkar and leading lady Madhubala intosuper-stardom and paved the way for Indian gothicfiction.Name the movie.
  96. 96. Ans: Mahal
  97. 97. ScoresBecause, “Winning isnt everything; its theonly thing”
  98. 98. LVC
  99. 99. Rules• Long visual connect of 7 slides• Each slide contains 2 images which connect independently to the overall theme• Teams must write down their answer• Each team gets one guess per slide• Marking scheme indicated before each slide
  100. 100. +60/-30
  101. 101. +50/-25
  102. 102. +40/-20
  103. 103. +30/-15
  104. 104. +20/-10
  105. 105. +10/-5
  106. 106. +5/-0
  107. 107. Final attempts . . .
  108. 108. And the answer is…
  110. 110. Films:1. The Fifth Element (Boron), The Dark Knight (Mark Knight’s nickname)2. Jesus, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead(Rosencrantz & Guildenstern from Hamlet)3. Romeo is Bleeding(song from Tom Waits’ album Blue Valentine), Air Force One4. Red Riding Hood, A Christmas Carol5. Hannibal (Hannibal Lecter), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Vlad III Dracula)6. Sid and Nancy (Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen), Henry & June (Henry Miller & his wife June)7. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  111. 111. LVC-End
  112. 112. THANK YOU