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Case Study: The Weather Network


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Case Study: The Weather Network

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: THE WEATHER NETWORKCOMPANYPelmorex Media Inc.,Parent Company ofThe Weather Networkand MétéoMédiaINDUSTRYMediaLOCATIONSOakville ONMontréal PQ BACKGROUND The Weather Network and MétéoMédia are dedicated to providing viewers withSIZE up-to-date meteorological information around the clock, every day of the year.375 + Their global forecasts are available across several media platforms, providing Canadians with the weather information they need to plan their day and beyond. Through their Commercial Services division, The Weather Network andPRODUCT SOLUTION MétéoMédia also deliver weather monitoring solutions to a variety of markets and industries such as transportation, energy, municipalities and media.Fibre Internet for Business CHALLENGE The Weather Network aims to be “the best weather and weather-related content and information provider in Canada.” As one of Canada’s largest websites in terms of traffic generated, they require a systems backbone that allows them to fulfill their commitment of round-the-clock availability. Originally, the project requirements called for redundant data connectivity, with both a primary loop and a redundant loop feeding into the Oakville facility from diverse geographic locations. In addition, the timeframes for implementing the solution were tight. The Weather Network was moving from their current Mississauga facility to a new one in Oakville over the course of a weekend. Their mandate was to remain fully operational for the end user, with no business interruptions as a result of the move.ONE CONNECTION. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.™
  2. 2. SOLUTIONRogers Business Solutions (formerly Blink Communications)partnered with The Weather Network to provide asolution that is both scalable and reliable. By assessingThe Weather Network’s requirements, Rogers BusinessSolutions (RBS) developed an understanding of the missioncritical business activities.It became clear that not only did The Weather Networkrequire both a primary and redundant loop to mitigatea catastrophe on one of the links, but they also neededto be able to scale their bandwidth as website trafficfluctuated, much like the weather itself. Inclementweather meant that more people would visit the sitefor the most up-to-date information, and outboundtraffic could climb up to 800 Mbps. The ability to scale They listened to our requirementsbandwidth to meet capacity needs was an integral partof the solution. which were very challenging, and they committed themselves to deliver.To handle the internet traffic, RBS implemented a dual link Mounir Semghouni, Director IT Networksfibre business internet diverse route solution. The primary linkprovides The Weather Network with 400 Mbps Internetto support their push technology for weather reportsand their website, as well as mobile applications. They alsohave the ability to switch one of the links from passive to EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONSactive mode, allowing them to meet accelerating capacity Rogers Business Solutions took the time to understand Therequirements on demand. The Weather Network’s traffic Weather Network’s challenges, and were able to connectcontinues to increase since the installation of the fibre their new location one month before the assigned deadline.connection, and the option to increase overall bandwidth We even helped them move to their facilities in one weekend,requirements allows for completely seamless growth to and systems remained fully operational for their consumers.occur at any time, providing both reliability and a highlevel of peace of mind to The Weather Network. “We have The success of this project and their satisfaction witha very good relationship,” says Mounir Semghouni, Director our partnership prompted Pelmorex to renew theirIT Networks, “and if we need more bandwidth it will be service agreement with RBS for another five years atprovisioned in a very short time.” both their Oakville (The Weather Network) and Montréal (MétéoMédia) locations. As Mounir Semghouni, Director IT Networks puts it, “Why would we move to another company? They are meeting all of our expectations and helping us to grow. I am personally very happy to work with the BUSINESS BENEFITS Rogers Business Solutions team because they listen to us and they make it happen. We see a difference between • Assessed the client’s project requirements RBS and our other service providers. We can rely on RBS.” to understand the mission critical business activities. ABOUT RBS • Eliminated business interruptions by developing Rogers Business Solutions (RBS) employs leading-edge a robust infrastructure solution capable of technology to provide voice, data, IP and Ethernet handling extreme situations. solutions to small, medium and large enterprises across • Developed network connectivity that is flexible, a vast spectrum of sectors and industries as well as future-ready and scalable up to 10 Gbps, to domestic and international carriers. RBS operates its resulting in an unparalleled customer experience own robust facilities-based, transcontinental fibre optic for website users. network and is committed to providing flexible, scalable and reliable products and services to meet your evolving business