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VIRTUAL PRIVATE LAN SERVICERogers Business Solutions’Virtual Private LAN Servicedelivers a secure, highly reliable,bridged...
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Business Solutions - Virtual Private LAN Service


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Business Solutions - Virtual Private LAN Service

  1. 1. VIRTUAL PRIVATE LAN SERVICERogers Business Solutions’Virtual Private LAN Servicedelivers a secure, highly reliable,bridged LAN connectivity solutionfor Canadian businesses. OurVPLS service brings the simplicityof Ethernet LAN into the WAN.Within the VPLS portfolio we offerthree distinct solutions tailored toour customer’s needs.1) VPLS2) VPLS Plus3) VPLS PremiumGET STARTEDNOW!RogersBusinessSolutions.comRBSinfo@RogersBusinessSolutions.com1-866-431-4642 ONE CONNECTION. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.™
  2. 2. BUSINESS FEATURES & BENEFITS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FIBRE-BASEDAny-to-Any Connectivity ACCESS:Bridged Ethernet solutions eliminate single points of failure intraditional hub-and-spoke designs and enable efficient traffic Standard Access Speeds: flows between sites. 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps Customer Premise Equipment: Highly Scalable & Flexible Multi-Service Access Multi-service SwitchRBS invests in a customer site by deploying an intelligent access Customer Facing Port Types: switch with multiple network ports and a 1000 Mbps fibre optic 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-TXuplink to our network. This allows you to increase bandwidth and 4 x 1000BASE (SFP)enable new services on demand without the need for any newhardware. National Core Network SLA Metrics VPLS SLA Metrics VPLS VPLS Plus VPLS PremiumGeographical Reach Availability > 99.999% Latency (one way per 500 km) None < 18 ms < 12 msRogers owns and operates a national network with over 25,000 Access SLA Metrics Packet Loss None < 0.1% < 0.01% Fibre-Based Access Availability > 99.9% Jitter None < 5 ms < 2 mskm of fibre routes. RBS can provide network access in thousands Maximum Transmission 1522 bytes 1604 bytes 4400 bytes Fibre-Based Access Mean < 4 hrsof fibre-ready buildings. RBS can also provide connectivity to US Time to Restore (MTTR) Unit (MTU)and International sites through our extensive partner networks.Service and SupportRogers Business Solutions supports its customers and networks WHY CHOOSE ROGERS?with responsive and knowledgeable account teams, customer When you partner with Rogers Business Solutions, you benefit from on-going collaborationcare and network professionals. The Rogers Customer Support with our team of experts who leverage our nation-wide fibre network delivering a flexibleTeam is available to assist you 24/7/365. scalable product suite to meet your evolving business needs.MEF Certification ROGERS NETWORK AND THE POWER OF FIBRE • Our fibre optic network is fully supported 24/7/365 by a team of engineering experts in ourThe Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has certified Rogers Ethernet state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre.Services as MEF 9 and MEF 14 compliant, hallmarks for carrierswho deliver advanced Ethernet services. As a customer of RBS you • Our own multipath digital fibre network backbone ensures reliability and allows us tocan be assured that the services you purchase today align provide faster quoting and flexible solutions to scale your services quickly and to respond towith industry standards and will continue to support your your needs better.evolving needs in the future. CONTACT US TO GET STARTED NOW • • 1-866-431-4642VIRTUAL PRIVATE LAN SERVICE