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SYF Overview to Captured HQ


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Overview of SYF for discussion with CapturedHQ in Hammersmith.

Published in: Healthcare
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SYF Overview to Captured HQ

  1. 1. Our Work To reach as many children with special needs as possible throughout the UK and worldwide with our therapeutic yoga programme Mission VisionTo reach Children all over the  World A l l   C h i l d r e n   a r e   P e r f e c t A l l   C h i l d r e n   a r e   S p e c i a l A l l   C h i l d r e n   a r e   W e l c o m e
  2. 2. Yoga works on all levels What is Therapeutic Yoga? Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual Allows for interventions particularly when challenged Add subheading Yoga is a 5,000 year old practice of mind body and spirit
  3. 3. Families & ChildrenImpact Reduces anxiety Immune function Ability to self regulate Ultimate effect - to realise their potential Huge benefit to family Sleep Breathing Balance Self awareness
  4. 4. We bring children and practitioners together We train, support & mentor practitioners We are a charity startup We currently work with over 1,000 children a week Our aim is to work with 10,000 next year SYF - what we're doing
  5. 5. SYF Practitioner Practitioner MeetingsLicensing CPD's Mentoring Journal & feedback Community Experience Training Lifecycle Growth
  6. 6. Critical Path Train, mentor and support SYF Certified Practitioners One practitioner can support approx. 140 children a week Sessions are weekly 10,000 children = 80 to 100 SYF CP's More
  7. 7. Can you help? lets discuss...... Tw & Inst - @syfyoga | |
  8. 8. Thank-you! Artwork by Dylan