The law offices of roger stelk


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The law offices of roger stelk

  1. 1. The Law Offices Of Roger Stelk
  2. 2. Roger W. Stelk Experienced Family Law Attorney Arlington Heights, Illinois For over 20 years, Roger W. Stelk helped individuals with family law, divorce, child custody and real estate issues throughout Northern Illinois. Call (847) 506-7330 for a free initial consultation.
  3. 3. Divorce & Family Law AttorneyThe Law Offices of Roger Stelk has provided expert legalsolutions in the Practice areas of family law, divorce,guardianships, a paternity suit, buying a home, or settlinga will. Call at (847) 506-7330 for a free initial consultationwith a lawyer.
  4. 4. Divorce AttorneyRoger W. Stelk is an experienced Divorce Attorney.He is serving Arlington Heights, Illinois over 20years by means of handling Divorce, LegalSeparation, Alimony Mount Prospect and SpousalMaintenance cases.
  5. 5. Debt Division Divorce AttorneyContact Debt Division Divorce Attorney at (847) 506-7330, if you are facing divorce and want to protectyour Debts on jointly held Bank Loans, CreditCards, Car Loans, Mortgage or a Company.
  6. 6. Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer Roger Stelk is a Child Custody & Visitation Attorney in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He has 20 years of experience in child custody and divorce cases.
  7. 7. Child Support AttorneyArlington Heights Child Support Attorney represents all kindof child support cases including modifications in childsupport, determination of the required child supportlevel, enforcement of child support orders, collection ofback child support, paternity as it relates to child support
  8. 8. Personal Property Division AttorneyArlington Heights, IL Personal Property DivisionAttorney follows the equitable distribution rule anddivides the property and the debts in a fair manner,however not necessarily in equal portions.
  9. 9. High Asset Divorce AttorneyHigh Asset Divorce Attorney represent the cases ofdivision of marital assets including division of investmentfunds, qualified domestic relations orders, assets tied intoclosely held businesses, marital property and a largeinheritance, equity earned on a real estate investmentsetc...
  10. 10. Post-Judgment Modification AttorneyWhen a significant changes occur like; Income ofspouse, a divorced spouse can remarry, the financialand living needs of children, you can seek amodification in support, custody, or visitation fromthe Court with the help of Post-JudgmentModification Attorney.
  11. 11. Parental Relocations AttorneyWhen a custodial parent move outside Illinois, a post-divorce modification must be requested and approved bythe court with the help of Parental Relocations AttorneyIllinois.
  12. 12. Prenuptial Agreement AttorneyArlington Heights Prenuptial Agreement Attorney hasexperience in prenuptial agreement and asset protectionapproaches for clients entering into marriage. A prenuptialagreement is advisable when one or both of the partiesHave substantial assets or Have children from an earliermarriage.
  13. 13. Paternity LawyerContact Paternity attorney in Arlington Heights, IL ifyou are interested in establishing paternity for thepurposes of asserting your parental rights orcollecting child support.
  14. 14. Probate Guardianship AttorneyProbate administration process stands for a decedent’sproperty. In which if the person has a will; propertywill be distributed according to the decedent’s wishes.
  15. 15. Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) AttorneyArlington Heights Spousal Maintenance Lawyer helpsclients in getting their financial support after maritalseparation or divorce, involving very long-termmarriages or those in which one spouse lacks theability to support herself or himself.
  16. 16. Residential Real Estate AttorneyThe Law Offices of Roger Stelk also facilitate residentialreal estate transactions. Call our Experienced RealEstate Attorney Arlington Heights at (847) 506-7330 toarrange for a free consultation about your residentialreal estate transaction.
  17. 17. Contact US The Law Offices Of Roger Stelk 1500 W. Shure Drive, Suite 245 Arlington Heights, Illinois ,60004 Phone: (847) 506-7330 Fax: (847) 506-7331