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  1. 1. Samples of Reports and Screens From Past Projects Roger King Jr.
  2. 2. North Carolina Department of Agriculture State of NC, Dept of Agriculture, NC Agronomic Division, Raleigh NC Apr, 2013 - Feb, 2016 .Net Programmer, VB • Maintained, modified and improved the Agronomics Lab Information System using a combination of VB.NET, ASP.NET, Jquery, CSS, HTML and SQL. • Utilized Visual Studio 2008, MS .Net 3.5, VB.Net to design and modify Data Entry Screens (UI), Business Layer functions and other needed programming. • Used C# for original designs and testing in lots of cases, then converted the code to VB Designed and modified Windows Forms and Data Sources for use in capturing data from Lab Instruments and Robots. • Designed and modified ASP.Net forms for Management functions and Administrative Data Entry. • Used Telerick Controls on many of the forms • Send updates to the business layer using AJAX calls. • Designed and modified ASP.Net Forms that are accessed by public users. • Designed complicated MS SQL 2008 Queries, Scripts, Triggers and User Defined Functions to satisfy business needs. • Developed SQL Reporting Services Reports (SSRS) and Crystal Reports for users of the system which included internal and public users. • Designed Google Analytics Reports for management. • Modified and designed modules that transmitted Customer and Invoice information to the DOT SAP System. • Modified and Designed modules that received Customer, Invoice updates from DOT SAP System. • Self Study : AngularJS, AngularJS API, MVC 5.0 , BootStrap, .Net 4.5, HTML5
  3. 3. Soil Sample Entry Form This is one sample of some of the forms that were designed or modified. Much work was done on this project but I am not able to access the progect now to provide samples.
  4. 4. North Carolina Division of Community Assistance State of NC, Division of Community Assistance, Raleigh, NC, .Net Programmer, C# Jan, 2002 – Apr, 2013 • Re-designed, implemented and supported a system that tracked HUD Block Grants (WPF Grants Infosystem) • Designed WPF/XAML User Screens (UI) for Windows Presentation Foundation Grants Info System • Worked with SQL Server 2008 utilizing it for data storage • Designed Financial Statements, Status Reports as require by Management, Federal Government and North Carolina State Government • Used C# Programming Language and Visual Studio 2005 • Worked with Management to design Reports as required by Grantees and Federal Organizations • Redesigned and maintained a system that tracked Federal Block Grants to North Carolina Communities. • Designed Various Financial and Tracking Reports as required by Management. • Designed MS .Net Reports ( RDLC ReportViewer ) for these Reports. • Coordinated requirements for User Screens with Users and Management during the design phase • Designed User Screens and trained users. • Converted the system from MS Access to Windows Presentation (WPF) Forms by the end of 2011. • Designed WPF User Controls. • Designed Queries, Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions that operated on the MS SQL 2008 Server. • Self Study : HTML5, Eclipse, Android Mobile Apps
  5. 5. WPF Main Entry Screen This sample screen and others were produced for User Introduction and training. They can be seen on YouTube at the following URL rking347 The tabs represent the Sections with the exception of Corresp, Events and LocGov
  6. 6. Finance Report Selection Menu
  7. 7. Grant Financial Statement
  8. 8. North Carolina Hurricane Floyd Temporary Housing Project State of NC, Temporary Housing Office, Raleigh, NC, Oct, 1999 – Jan, 2002 Access Programmer • Analyzed requirements for tracking vital stats for the Hurricane Floyd Project. • Developed a MS Access System for tracking stats for the project • Designed Reports for Management that measured the Results and Completeness of the project • Trained users • Designed queries and automated functions needed for daily operation of the project • Advised Management on data gathering and processing matters for the project. • Served as Fiscal Officer for the project •
  9. 9. Samples of the MS Access Reports that were developed for the tracking of the project.