2013	  Por)olio	  
Website	  design	  and	  branding	  projects	  	                                    by	  Harris	  Social	  Media	  BLOGS	 ...
Montessori	  School	  
The	  Pimm	  Group	  
Mangum	  Partners	  
Triangle	  Science	  FesBval	  
Harris	  Social	  Media	  
Social	  media	  presence	  on	  a	  variety	  of	  websites	  SOCIAL	  MEDIA	  
Social	  Media	  Presence	  TwiFer	                            Facebook	                                  Others:	  	     ...
A	  Leading	  Presence	  on	  LinkedIn	                           www.linkedin.com/in/rogerharris	  
Early	  Adopter	  Joined	  Facebook	  and	  TwiFer	  in	  mid-­‐2007,	  long	  before	  these	  became	  accepted	  corpor...
Builds	  CommuniBes	  Roger	  Harris	  created	  and	  manages	  the	  Biodiversity	  Professionals	  LinkedIn	  group,	  ...
$100K	  Campaign	  for	  Lenovo	  &	  Microsoc	     Flickr:	  575	  Members	                                     Facebook:...
Created	  and	  edit	  Wikipedia	  pages	                        to	  strict	  editorial	  standards	  WIKIPEDIA	  
Wikipedia	  Profiles	  &	  ArBcles	  William	  Eggers,	  Global	  Director,	  DeloiFe	     Stuart	  Pimm,	  Doris	  Duke	  ...
Roger	  Harris	  is	  author	  of	  the	  top	  travel	  guide	  books	  	                                                ...
The	  Amazon,	  The	  Bradt	  Travel	  Guide	                                                                         Amaz...
Amazon	  Highlights	                                                    Published	  November	  2011	  “Bradt	  Guides	  ar...
Roger	  Harris	  has	  wriFen	  science	  arBcles	  for	  non-­‐experts	  	                                               ...
American	  Scien8st	  17	  original	  arBcles	  on	  science-­‐related	  topics	  
Jungle	  Photos	  Web	  design	  and	  dozens	  of	  original	  arBcles	  on	  	  natural	  history	  topics	  since	  Nov...
Print	  arBcles	  Harris R. (2005) Notes on a forest floor. The Grapevine (University of York AlumniMagazine) Spring/Summer...
Roger	  Harris	  has	  edited	  and	  wriFen	  original	  copy	                                          on	  numerous	  s...
Content	  CreaBon	  Skills	  •  WriBng	  sparkling	  prose:	  copy	  for	  branding,	     taglines	  and	  original	  arBc...
Content	  EdiBng	  and	  Development	  •    Carnegie	  Mellon	  University	  	  •    Discovery	  EducaBon	  •    Houghton	...
Comments	  from	  people	  who	  have	  	  worked	  with	  Roger	  Harris	  TESTIMONIALS	  
“Roger	  is	  smart	  as	  a	  whip	  and	  deeply	  knowledgeable	  about	  today’s	  wild	  social	  media	  environment...
“Roger	  brought	  great	  social	  markeBng	  insights	  to	  every	  project	  that	  we	  worked	  on	  together.	  Wit...
Social	  Media	  ConsulBng	  Client	  List	  Large	  companies	                       Small	  to	  medium	  organizaEons	 ...
Our	  Philosophy	  •    Absolute	  dedicaBon	  to	  excellence	  •    Provide	  outstanding	  value	  •    Highest	  stand...
Contact	  Roger	  Harris,	  Principal	  Harris	  Social	  Media	  LLC	  Raleigh,	  North	  Carolina	  	  W	  919	  662	  1...
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Harris Social Media LLC Portfolio 2013


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Harris Social Media services include:

• Business, Communications and Social Media Strategy
- research for social media, online presence and competitive analysis, providing clients with approaches that keep them a step ahead of competitors
- social media crisis planning and management
- devising and executing winning marketing campaigns
- survey design and analysis

• Branding and Copywriting
- unique tailored content for websites, display ads, social media presence, email, video story boards, and print publications
- advertising, business and educational websites, and content marketing
- marketing and branding assets, e.g., tag line, ad slogans, vision and mission statements, core values and elevator speech
- graphic and logo design

• Online Presence Consulting and Execution
- custom approaches to enhance clients' online presence, including social media optimization and creating websites that get traffic and achieve business goals
- social media training for businesses from C-suite to employees

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies and small to medium businesses. Please Follow us on LinkedIn (Harris Social Media) or follow me on Twitter @rharris to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

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Harris Social Media LLC Portfolio 2013

  1. 1. 2013  Por)olio  
  2. 2. Website  design  and  branding  projects     by  Harris  Social  Media  BLOGS  &  WEBSITES  
  3. 3. Montessori  School  
  4. 4. The  Pimm  Group  
  5. 5. Mangum  Partners  
  6. 6. Triangle  Science  FesBval  
  7. 7. SavingSpecies  
  8. 8. Harris  Social  Media  
  9. 9. Social  media  presence  on  a  variety  of  websites  SOCIAL  MEDIA  
  10. 10. Social  Media  Presence  TwiFer   Facebook   Others:     •   Delicious   •   Meetup     •   Digg   •   Pinterest   •   Flickr   •   Plurk   •   Foursquare   •   Posterous   •   GetSaBsfacBon   •   SlideShare   •   Google+   •   Tumblr   •   MySpace   •   YouTube   •   Naymz   •   Wikipedia      Linkedin  
  11. 11. A  Leading  Presence  on  LinkedIn   www.linkedin.com/in/rogerharris  
  12. 12. Early  Adopter  Joined  Facebook  and  TwiFer  in  mid-­‐2007,  long  before  these  became  accepted  corporate  communicaBons  channels.    
  13. 13. Builds  CommuniBes  Roger  Harris  created  and  manages  the  Biodiversity  Professionals  LinkedIn  group,  taking  less  than  two  years  to  create  the  largest  biodiversity-­‐related  group  on  LinkedIn  (6,000+  members  in  early  2013).    
  14. 14. $100K  Campaign  for  Lenovo  &  Microsoc   Flickr:  575  Members   Facebook:  1,300  Likes   Achieved  150%  of  goals  in  2  weeks  TwiFer:  720  Followers  
  15. 15. Created  and  edit  Wikipedia  pages   to  strict  editorial  standards  WIKIPEDIA  
  16. 16. Wikipedia  Profiles  &  ArBcles  William  Eggers,  Global  Director,  DeloiFe   Stuart  Pimm,  Doris  Duke  Professor  of  Research  &  ExecuBve  Director,  DeloiFe   ConservaBon  Biology,  Duke  University  Public  Leadership  InsBtute       More  than  250  Wikipedia   contribuBons  since  2009    
  17. 17. Roger  Harris  is  author  of  the  top  travel  guide  books     for  the  Amazon  rainforest  BOOK  
  18. 18. The  Amazon,  The  Bradt  Travel  Guide   Amazon.com  1st  ediBon,  1998   2nd  ediBon,  2003   3rd  ediBon,  2007   “…  a  book  that  is  of  equally  high  intellectual  and  pracBcal  value.”   Observer  newspaper  review  
  19. 19. Amazon  Highlights   Published  November  2011  “Bradt  Guides  are  expertly   “A  gem  of  a  travel  guide,  wriFen  and  longer  on  local   this  book  is  a  must  for  all  detail  than  any  others.”   travellers  to  the  region.”   -­‐  Michael  Palin   -­‐  Ed  Stafford,  explorer   and  subject  of  Discovery   Channel’s  Walking  the   Amazon  
  20. 20. Roger  Harris  has  wriFen  science  arBcles  for  non-­‐experts     on  a  wide  range  of  topics  ARTICLES  
  21. 21. American  Scien8st  17  original  arBcles  on  science-­‐related  topics  
  22. 22. Jungle  Photos  Web  design  and  dozens  of  original  arBcles  on    natural  history  topics  since  November  2000  
  23. 23. Print  arBcles  Harris R. (2005) Notes on a forest floor. The Grapevine (University of York AlumniMagazine) Spring/Summer 10–11.!!Harris R., I. Courter, and H. Egna, Editors (2004) Twenty-First Annual Technical Report.Aquaculture CRSP, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.!!Harris R. (2004) From Wild Harvest to Aquaculture: The Missing Link? Aquanews 19(2): 1–4.!!Harris R. (2003) Metropolis to wilderness: The many faces of Brazil. Interval World,Summer 2003: 28–30.!!Harris, R. (2000) Drinking Dragon’s Blood. The Cary News, September 27.  Numerous  original  arBcles  on  topics  from  travel  to  science  and  beyond…  
  24. 24. Roger  Harris  has  edited  and  wriFen  original  copy   on  numerous  science  topics  EDITING  &  COPYWRITING  
  25. 25. Content  CreaBon  Skills  •  WriBng  sparkling  prose:  copy  for  branding,   taglines  and  original  arBcles  and  editorial  •  High  level  of  science-­‐based  content  •  Science-­‐based  pedagogic  materials   –  Lesson  plans   –  E-­‐books   –  Widgets  and  interacBves   –  AnimaBons   –  Video  story  boarding  
  26. 26. Content  EdiBng  and  Development  •  Carnegie  Mellon  University    •  Discovery  EducaBon  •  Houghton  Mifflin  •  Florida  Virtual  School  •  Nature  EducaBon    •  Intel  •  The  Nature  Conservancy  •  EarthEcho  •  Texas  EducaBon  Agency  •  US  Navy  •  3M  
  27. 27. Comments  from  people  who  have    worked  with  Roger  Harris  TESTIMONIALS  
  28. 28. “Roger  is  smart  as  a  whip  and  deeply  knowledgeable  about  today’s  wild  social  media  environment.  He  arBculates  his  ideas  beauBfully  -­‐  and  quickly  -­‐  and  is  a  convincing  advocate  for  innovaBon  and  discipline  in  communicaBons  management.  He’s  also  a  great  writer.”    -­‐  James  Protzman,  Co-­‐Founder,  Capstrat,  Inc.  (09/19/2009)    “Roger  is  a  wonderful  source  of  insight  and  experience!”  -­‐  Jeannie  PaFon,  Vice  President,  Students,  Academics  and  Membership  at  American  InsBtute  of  CPAs  (2/20/09)      “Roger’s  a  sharp,  creaBve  guy,  an  early  adopter  who  has  years  of  experience  with  new  media.  In  addiBon  to  these  traits,  he  brings  a  solid  background  and  significant  experBse  in  field  and  laboratory  research,  and  in  experienBal,  informal  and  classroom  educaBon.”  -­‐  Chris  Brodie,  ScienBfic  Liaison  at  Smith  &  Nephew  (6/24/08)      “Roger  Harris  is  an  accomplished  professional  in  the  field  of  science  communicaBon.  Through  his  books,  websites,  speeches  and  other  works,  he  has  made  valuable  contribuBons  to  science  educaBon,  both  locally  and  naBonally.”  -­‐  Glenn  Murphy,  Author  of  children’s  science  books  (3/27/08)      “Roger  is  a  consummate  professional  with  a  wide  base  of  knowledge  who  always  brings  his  all  to  every  task.”  -­‐  Fenella  Saunders,  Associate  Editor  for  American  Scien8st  (3/21/08)        
  29. 29. “Roger  brought  great  social  markeBng  insights  to  every  project  that  we  worked  on  together.  Without  fail,  he  would  open  my  eyes  to  networking  avenues  I  had  never  even  considered.  He  is  as  smart  as  he  is  polite  and  was  always  someone  I  wanted  to  collaborate  with.”  -­‐  ScoF  Ballew,  Sr.  VP,  CreaBve  Director,  Capstrat,  Inc.  (9/19/2009)    “Roger  delivers  excellence!  …  In  addiBon  to  his  technical  experBse  in  web  design  and  development,  Roger  brings  many  leadership  characterisBcs  that  make  him  and  his  company  so  unique.  Roger  is  a  great  listener,  a  strong  communicator,  an  encourager,  and  a  man  of  integrity.  He  is  savvy  designer  with  a  great  sense  of  what  the  client  needs.  I  highly  recommend  Roger  and  Harris  Social  Media  for  any  business  venture.  Roger  is  a  trusted  collaborator  and  a  great  asset  to  our  business.”  -­‐  Deborah  K.  Mangum,  President  &  Principal  Consultant  at  Mangum  Partners,  LLC  (7/27/2010)    “I  worked  with  Roger  on  a  diverse  set  of  strategic  communicaBons  projects,  and  recommend  him  as  a  seasoned,  though)ul  and  tech-­‐savvy  team  member.  …  Roger  was  always  able  to  explain  the  benefits,  challenges  and  potenBal  of  social  media,  in  plain  English,  to  colleagues  and  clients  alike.  He  applied  his  knowledge  across  a  broad  spectrum  of  client  needs,  from  top-­‐Ber  pharmaceuBcal  companies  to  some  of  the  biggest  tech  companies  in  the  world.  Always,  Roger  brought  his  enthusiasm  and  championed  the  art  of  the  possible.”  -­‐  Anne  Sluck  Hainsworth,  Account  Supervisor,  Capstrat,  Inc.  (10/29/2009)  
  30. 30. Social  Media  ConsulBng  Client  List  Large  companies   Small  to  medium  organizaEons   •  American  Physician  ScienBsts  •  Duke  Energy   AssociaBon  •  Progress  Energy   •  New  School  Montessori  Center   •  LiFle  Explorer’s  Montessori  •  BBC   •  Bradt  Travel  PublicaBons   •  ExploraBons  •  GlaxoSmithKline   •  Mangum  Partners   •  American  Chronic  Pain  AssociaBon  •  DeloiFe   •  Arizona  Geological  Survey  •  Blue  Cross  Blue  Shield   •  Natural  Areas  AssociaBon   •  Peace  Montessori  School  •  Duke  University   •  ConnecBcut  Veterinary  Medical   AssociaBon  •  Microsoc  &  Lenovo  (joint   •  SavingSpecies   project)   •  EO  Wilson  Biodiversity  FoundaBon  
  31. 31. Our  Philosophy  •  Absolute  dedicaBon  to  excellence  •  Provide  outstanding  value  •  Highest  standards  of  wriBng,  style  and  design  •  On  Bme,  on  budget  
  32. 32. Contact  Roger  Harris,  Principal  Harris  Social  Media  LLC  Raleigh,  North  Carolina    W  919  662  1618    M  919  449  6849    roger@harrissocialmedia.com