Roger	  Harris,	  Principal	                                                                          	                   ...
Content	  marke(ng	  exper(se	  •  Professional	  crea(ve	  services	      –    Educa(on	  resource	  development	  and	  ...
Created	  and	  edited	  educa(onal	  	                  materials	  for	  leading	  providers	  EDUCATIONAL	  MATERIALS	  
Educa(onal	  materials	  services	  •  Science	  wri(ng	  and	  communica(ons	  •  Science-­‐based	  pedagogic	  materials...
Lesson	  plan	  examples	  Client:	  	  	  	  The	  Nature	  Conservancy	  Project:	  	  Nature	  Works	  Everywhere	  Bri...
Lesson	  plans	  for	  The	  Nature	  Conservancy	  
Interac(ve	  lesson	  plan	  and	  widget	                              Client:	  	  	  	  US	  Navy/Discovery	  Educa(on	...
Interac(ve	  widget	  for	  the	  US	  Navy	  
Interac(ve	  lessons	                  Client:	  	  	  	  Discovery	  Educa(on	                  Project:	  	  Techbook	  ...
Interac(ve	  lesson	  for	  Discovery	  
Teacher	  and	  Student	  Guides	  
Lesson	  plans	  for	  Discovery/Intel	  •  Measuring	  the	  Capacity	  of	  a	  Robo(c	  Arm	  •  Calcula(ng	  Degrees	 ...
Educa(onal	  resources	  client	  list	  CLIENTS	  INCLUDE:	  •  Carnegie	  Mellon	  University	  	  •  Discovery	  Educa(...
Website	  	                        copywri(ng	  	                         and	  design	  WEBSITE	  COPY	  
Website	  wri(ng	  services	  •  Sparkling	  prose	  on	  a	  wide	  range	  of	  topics	  •  Branding,	  taglines,	  elev...
Example	  copy	  wri(ng	  for	  websites	  Start-­‐up	                     Pres(gious	                        Duke	  Unive...
Logo	  &	  tagline	                                          Copy	                                        wriben	  for	   ...
Tagline	                Sample	  copy	                 wriben	  for	                Natural	  Areas	                 Assoc...
List	  of	  websites	  •    Jungle	  Photos	  •    SavingSpecies	  •    New	  School	  Montessori	  Center	  •    Peace	  ...
Excerpt	  from	  blog	     post	  From	  Dream	  partnership	  between	  SavingSpecies	  and	  a	  New	  York	  movie	  pr...
Blog	  posts:	  examples	  •  5	  Awesome	  Biodiversity	  Infographics	  (January	  4,	  2012)	  •...
Concise,	  ar(culate	  press	  releases	  	                    picked	  up	  by	  top	  news	  outlets	  PRESS	  RELEASES	  
Press	  release	  services	  •  Create	  press	  release	  copy	  •  Conform	  to	  requirements	  of	  online	  press	   ...
Press	  releases:	  examples	  Title	                                                            Client	                  ...
Press	  release	  coverage	  •  Press	  release	  report	  for:	     SavingSpecies	  Enters	  New	     Partnership	  With	...
Edited	  and	  wriben	  numerous	  original	  	                     ar(cles	  on	  a	  wide	  range	  of	  topics	  ARTICL...
Ar(cle	  wri(ng	  services	  •    Engaging	  ar(cles	  for	  print	  or	  online	  •    Idea	  genera(on	  and	  brainstor...
Selected	  example	  print	  ar(cles	  •    Oien, C., R. J. Harris, et al. (2008) Electronic Outreach in the Genomic Age: ...
Excerpt	     from	   American	  	  Harris	  R.	  (2006)	  Can’t	  log	  the	  forest	  for	  the	  trees?	  Am...
Excerpt	  from:	  	  Harris	  R.	  (2004)	  From	  Wild	  Harvest	  to	  Aquaculture:	  The	  Missing	  Link?	  Aquanews	 ...
Travel	  guide	  	                  books	  for	  the	  	              Amazon	  rainforest	  BOOKS	  
Books	  and	  publishing	  services	  •    Manuscript	  edi(ng	  and	  proofing	  •    Pitch	  lebers	  to	  publishers	  a...
The	  Amazon,	  The	  Bradt	  Travel	  Guide	                                                                         Amaz...
Amazon	  Highlights	      Published	  November	  2011	        “A	  gem	  of	  a	  travel	  guide,	  this	  book	  is	  a	 ...
Excerpt	               from	              Amazon	             Highlights	  	  From	  Your	  tour:	  10	  top	  Amazon	  ex...
Product	  and	  book	  reviews	  that	                 inform	  and	  engage	  the	  reader	  REVIEWS	  
Product	  and	  book	  review	  services	  •  Authen(c	  useful	  reviews	  with	  relevant	  details	  •  Reviews	  for	 ...
Review	  on	  TripAdvisor	  Review	  of	  Tapir	  Lodge,	  Ecuador,	  2012	  
Review	  in	  American	  	  Book	  review	  of	  One	  Planet	  :	  A	  Celebra.on	  of	  Biodiversity	  by	  ...
Review	  on	   Amazon	  Book	  review	  of	  The	  Amazon:	  Past,	  Present	  and	  Future	  by	  Alain	  Gheerbrant	  (2...
Our	  Philosophy	  •    Absolute	  dedica(on	  to	  excellence	  •    Provide	  outstanding	  value	  •    Highest	  stand...
Fees	  and	  pricing	  •    All	  projects	  priced	  before	  start	  •    All	  fees	  agreed	  in	  advance	  •    Cust...
Call	  or	  email	  to	  learn	  more	  Roger	  Harris,	  Principal	  Harris	  Social	  Media	  LLC	  Raleigh,	  North	  C...
Harris Social Media LLC Writing Samples Portfolio 2013
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Harris Social Media LLC Writing Samples Portfolio 2013


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Thank you for your interest in Harris Social Media copywriting services. This portfolio includes a selection of projects and writing samples to illustrate work by Harris Social Media. Our expertise includes:

• Professional creative services
- Education resource development and editing (e.g., lesson plans)
- Website copy writing (blog posts, branding, etc.)
- Press release writing and distribution
- Books and publishing
- Feature articles
- Product and book reviews
• Content marketing topic areas
- Science
- Technology
- Health
- Travel
- Education

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Harris Social Media LLC Writing Samples Portfolio 2013

  1. 1. Roger  Harris,  Principal     W  919  662  1618  ! M  919  449  6849  Copywri(ng  and  Edi(ng  Services     2013  Por)olio   &  Samples  
  2. 2. Content  marke(ng  exper(se  •  Professional  crea(ve  services   –  Educa(on  resource  development  and  edi(ng  (e.g.,  lesson  plans)   –  Website  copy  wri(ng  (blog  posts,  branding,  etc.)   –  Press  release  wri(ng  and  distribu(on   –  Books  and  publishing   –  Feature  ar(cles   –  Product  and  book  reviews  •  Content  marke(ng  topic  areas   –  Science   –  Technology   –  Health   –  Travel   –  Educa(on  
  3. 3. Created  and  edited  educa(onal     materials  for  leading  providers  EDUCATIONAL  MATERIALS  
  4. 4. Educa(onal  materials  services  •  Science  wri(ng  and  communica(ons  •  Science-­‐based  pedagogic  materials   –  Lesson  plans   –  Reading  passages   –  E-­‐books  (textbooks)   –  Widgets  and  interac(ves   –  Anima(ons   –  Video  story  boarding  
  5. 5. Lesson  plan  examples  Client:        The  Nature  Conservancy  Project:    Nature  Works  Everywhere  Brief:            Conceive  and  create  eight  engaging,  interac(ve  lesson  plans  around                  themes  that  illustrate  how  nature  serves  people  in  many  ways.  
  6. 6. Lesson  plans  for  The  Nature  Conservancy  
  7. 7. Interac(ve  lesson  plan  and  widget   Client:        US  Navy/Discovery  Educa(on   Project:    STEM  in  the  Classroom   Brief:            Create  a  lesson  plan  with  an                    accompanying  interac(ve                          widget  to  illustrate  the  physics                  of  diving.   Selected  as  Featured   Lesson  and  Interac(ve   for  website  front  page  
  8. 8. Interac(ve  widget  for  the  US  Navy  
  9. 9. Interac(ve  lessons   Client:        Discovery  Educa(on   Project:    Techbook  Explora(ons   Brief:            Create  interac(ve  lessons  on                    a  range  of  science  topics.  
  10. 10. Interac(ve  lesson  for  Discovery  
  11. 11. Teacher  and  Student  Guides  
  12. 12. Lesson  plans  for  Discovery/Intel  •  Measuring  the  Capacity  of  a  Robo(c  Arm  •  Calcula(ng  Degrees  of  Freedom  of  a  Robo(c  Arm  •  Introduc(on  to  the  Turing  Test  •  Measuring  the  Size  of  an  Oil  Molecule  •  Programming  in  BASIC  •  Principles  of  Encryp(on  •  Extrapola(on  as  a  Literary  Device  in  Science  Fic(on   Subjects  •  Organizing  Organisms:  Taxonomy  and  the  Roots  of  Modern   Biology  •  Temperature:  The  Evolu(on  of  an  Idea  •  What  is  the  Role  of  Math  in  Science  Fic(on?  
  13. 13. Educa(onal  resources  client  list  CLIENTS  INCLUDE:  •  Carnegie  Mellon  University    •  Discovery  Educa(on  •  Houghton  Mifflin  •  Florida  Virtual  School  •  Nature  Educa(on    •  Intel  •  The  Nature  Conservancy  •  EarthEcho  •  Texas  Educa(on  Agency  •  US  Navy  •  3M  
  14. 14. Website     copywri(ng     and  design  WEBSITE  COPY  
  15. 15. Website  wri(ng  services  •  Sparkling  prose  on  a  wide  range  of  topics  •  Branding,  taglines,  elevator  speech  and   corporate  messaging  •  Original  ar(cles  for  blogs  and  editorial  •  Edi(ng  and  proof-­‐reading  website  copy  •  Op(mizing  content  for  SEO  and  social  signal  
  16. 16. Example  copy  wri(ng  for  websites  Start-­‐up   Pres(gious   Duke  University  conserva(on   private  schools   research  group  non-­‐profit  Front  page  copy,  taglines,  branding,  and  logo  and  web  page  design  
  17. 17. Logo  &  tagline   Copy   wriben  for   Peace   Montessori   School     From     By  Harris  Social  Media,  2013      
  18. 18. Tagline   Sample  copy   wriben  for   Natural  Areas   Associa.on     From     By  Harris  Social  Media,  2013      
  19. 19. List  of  websites  •  Jungle  Photos  •  SavingSpecies  •  New  School  Montessori  Center  •  Peace  Montessori  •  Mangum  Partners  •  The  Pimm  Group  •  Triangle  Science  Fes(val  •  Lible  Explorers  Montessori  •  Natural  Areas  Associa(on  
  20. 20. Excerpt  from  blog   post  From  Dream  partnership  between  SavingSpecies  and  a  New  York  movie  produc.on  company   Jan  29,  2013  
  21. 21. Blog  posts:  examples  •  5  Awesome  Biodiversity  Infographics  (January  4,  2012)  •  One  Easy  Way  to  Turbo-­‐Charge  Your  Social  Media  Influence   (April  11,  2012)  •  ASacks  On  Biodiversity:  An  Emerging  Trend  (September  23,   2011)  •  Top  35  biodiversity  videos  (September  15,  2011)  •  Does  the  word  biodiversity  hinder  public  awareness  and   what  can  we  do  about  it?  (November  17th,  2010)  •  Celebrate  our  rockstars  (November  15,  2010)   Triangle  Science  Fes(val  
  22. 22. Concise,  ar(culate  press  releases     picked  up  by  top  news  outlets  PRESS  RELEASES  
  23. 23. Press  release  services  •  Create  press  release  copy  •  Conform  to  requirements  of  online  press   release  services  •  Op(mize  press  release  copy  for  search  •  Distribute  press  releases  to  free  and  paid   services  for  maximum  exposure  
  24. 24. Press  releases:  examples  Title   Client   Date  SavingSpecies  Enters  Strategic  Partnership  With   SavingSpecies   Jan  30,  2013  New  York  Citys  Thousand  Names  Produc(ons  Fall  Fes(val  Brings  Together  Holly  Springs   New  School   Oct  04,  2012  School  and  Big  Cat  Wildlife  Sanctuary     Montessori  Center  E.O.  Wilson  Joins  Science  Board  of   SavingSpecies   Aug  16,  2012  SavingSpecies  Conserva(onist  Defends  Science,  Stewardship   SavingSpecies   Jun  21,  2012  and  the  Endangered  Species  Act  in  Congressional  Hearing    Third  North  Carolina  Maker  Faire  Highlights   NC  Maker  Faire   May  22,  2012  Local  Inventors,  Crea(vity,  Science,  Technology,  Art  and  Culture  
  25. 25. Press  release  coverage  •  Press  release  report  for:   SavingSpecies  Enters  New   Partnership  With  New  York  Citys   Thousand  Names  Produc.ons  •  Reached  more  than  270  major   news  outlets  through  •  hbp:// report/331102  
  26. 26. Edited  and  wriben  numerous  original     ar(cles  on  a  wide  range  of  topics  ARTICLES  
  27. 27. Ar(cle  wri(ng  services  •  Engaging  ar(cles  for  print  or  online  •  Idea  genera(on  and  brainstorming  •  SEO  keyword  and  social  signal  op(miza(on  •  Edi(ng  and  proof-­‐reading  
  28. 28. Selected  example  print  ar(cles  •  Oien, C., R. J. Harris, et al. (2008) Electronic Outreach in the Genomic Age: A New Role for Genetic Counselors. Abstracts of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, 27th Annual Education Conference. Journal of Genetic Counseling 17(6): 573–651.!•  Harris, R. & P. C. Baveye (2008) Editorial – Water on the table: Sigma Xi’s Year of Water affords unique opportunities to share hydrological information. Journal of Hydrology 354: v­–vii.!•  Harris R. (2005) To Be Free, or Not To Be: What is the commercial value of biodiversity data? American Scientist 93(6): 505–506.!•  Harris R. (2005) Improve Your Image: Were planetary scientists scooped by amateur enthusiasts? American Scientist 93(3): 215–216.!•  Harris R. (2005) Notes on a forest floor. The Grapevine (University of York Alumni Magazine) Spring/Summer 10–11.!•  Harris R., I. Courter, and H. Egna, Editors (2004) Twenty-First Annual Technical Report. Aquaculture CRSP, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.!•  Harris R. (2004) From Wild Harvest to Aquaculture: The Missing Link? Aquanews 19 (2): 1–4.!•  Harris R. (2003) Metropolis to wilderness: The many faces of Brazil. Interval World, Summer 2003: 28–30.!•  Harris, R. (2000) Drinking Dragon’s Blood. The Cary News, September 27.   Original  print  ar(cles  on  science,  technology,  health,  travel,  and  educa(on  
  29. 29. Excerpt   from   American    Harris  R.  (2006)  Can’t  log  the  forest  for  the  trees?  American  94(2):  120-­‐121  
  30. 30. Excerpt  from:    Harris  R.  (2004)  From  Wild  Harvest  to  Aquaculture:  The  Missing  Link?  Aquanews  19  (2):  1–4.    
  31. 31. Travel  guide     books  for  the     Amazon  rainforest  BOOKS  
  32. 32. Books  and  publishing  services  •  Manuscript  edi(ng  and  proofing  •  Pitch  lebers  to  publishers  and  agents  •  Self-­‐published  book  layout  and  design  •  Book  marke(ng  and  publicity  •  Ghost  wri(ng  
  33. 33. The  Amazon,  The  Bradt  Travel  Guide  1st  edi(on,  1998   2nd  edi(on,  2003   3rd  edi(on,  2007   “…  a  book  that  is  of  equally  high  intellectual  and  prac(cal  value.”   Observer  newspaper  review  
  34. 34. Amazon  Highlights   Published  November  2011   “A  gem  of  a  travel  guide,  this  book  is  a  must  for  all   travellers  to  the  region…  Roger  Harris’s  wealth  of   knowledge  is  evident.”   —  Ed  Stafford,  explorer  and  subject  of     Discovery  Channel’s  Walking  the  Amazon   “Bradt  Guides  are  expertly  wriben  and  longer  on   local  detail  than  any  others.”   —  Michael  Palin   BBC  TV  presenter  
  35. 35. Excerpt   from   Amazon   Highlights    From  Your  tour:  10  top  Amazon  experiences,  p.  138.    By  Roger  Harris,  2011,  Bradt  Travel  Publica(ons/Globe  Pequot        
  36. 36. Product  and  book  reviews  that   inform  and  engage  the  reader  REVIEWS  
  37. 37. Product  and  book  review  services  •  Authen(c  useful  reviews  with  relevant  details  •  Reviews  for  businesses,  products  and  books  •  Appropriate  responses  to  nega(ve  reviews  
  38. 38. Review  on  TripAdvisor  Review  of  Tapir  Lodge,  Ecuador,  2012  
  39. 39. Review  in  American    Book  review  of  One  Planet  :  A  Celebra.on  of  Biodiversity  by  Nicholas  Hulot.  American  94(6):  567.  By  Roger  Harris,  2006  
  40. 40. Review  on   Amazon  Book  review  of  The  Amazon:  Past,  Present  and  Future  by  Alain  Gheerbrant  (2000)  
  41. 41. Our  Philosophy  •  Absolute  dedica(on  to  excellence  •  Provide  outstanding  value  •  Highest  standards  of  wri(ng,  style  and  design  •  On  (me,  on  budget   We  have  a  zero-­‐tolerance  policy  for  any  plagiarism  or   copyright  viola(on.  All  of  our  work  is  guaranteed  100%   original  and  our  sole  crea(ve  content.  
  42. 42. Fees  and  pricing  •  All  projects  priced  before  start  •  All  fees  agreed  in  advance  •  Customize  payments  to  meet  client’s  budget  •  Compe((ve  pricing  •  No  hidden  fees,  surcharges,  etc.  
  43. 43. Call  or  email  to  learn  more  Roger  Harris,  Principal  Harris  Social  Media  LLC  Raleigh,  North  Carolina    W  919  662  1618  M  919  449  6849