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Powerful presentations


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Powerful presentations

  1. 1. Powerful Presentations
  2. 2. My first sermon
  3. 3. Three factors for a great presentation:Logos- rational.Pathos- emotional.Ethos- personality.Kapterev, Alexei Presentation Secrets
  4. 4. Three C’sC.C.C.
  5. 5. 3 C’sChrist- heartClear- logicConection- personality.
  6. 6. Four Tips for PowerfulPresentationsPreach!
  7. 7. 1. StoriesPreach!
  8. 8. “Stories are factswith souls.”Kapterev, AlexeiPresentation Secrets
  9. 9. Not canned is better.
  10. 10. PersonalRealRecent
  11. 11. Mathew 13:34Jesus spoke all thesethings to the crowd inparables; he did notsay anything to themwithout using aparable.
  12. 12. Three benefits inusing a goodilustration:Easy to relate,remember, repeat.
  13. 13. Mud and WaxLike the human heart
  14. 14. 2. VisualPreach!
  15. 15. 1 image better than 1,000 words
  16. 16. Picture Superiority EffectWe process information60,000x faster than textonly.
  17. 17. A mother. Her son. Her last goodbye.His best day.
  18. 18. Which of the twonext slides are moreeffective indescribing a head?
  19. 19. Slide #1The upper part of the body in humans,joined to the trunk by the neck, containingthe brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.the corresponding part of the body inother animals. the head considered asthe center of the intellect, as of thought,memory, understanding, or emotional.
  20. 20. Slide #2
  21. 21. 3. Simple words.Preach!
  22. 22. iPod is introduced
  23. 23. Steve Jobs could have introducedit like this:““Today we’re introducing a new,portable music player that weighs amere 6.5 ounces, is about the sizeof a sardine can, and boastsvoluminous capacity, long batterylife, and lightning-fast transferspeeds.”
  24. 24. He chose this one:“iPod. 1,000 songs. In your pocket.”.
  25. 25. 4. Answer thequestions.Preach!
  26. 26. Good presentationsWho > What > How> WhyGreat presentationsWhy > How> What
  27. 27. “The first thing you need todo when standing in front ofan audience is to makethem care about what youhave to say”Presentation Secrets
  28. 28. Answer three questions1. Why “Why should I care?”2. How “How will this changemy life?3. What “What action should Itake today?
  29. 29. A study of caring for yourteeth among teens.
  30. 30. Two styles1.Based on fear-bad results.2. Based on positive resultsof dental hygene- betterresults.
  31. 31. If you want to impressyour audience speak tothem about your success.If you want to impactthem, speak to them aboutyour failures.John Maxwell
  32. 32. ConclusionPreach!
  33. 33. Your job is to befaithful. God’s jobis to give success.Preach!