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  1. 1. Bring it to Life
  2. 2. Preach!Why is thisImportant?
  3. 3. Illustrations have thepower to lift what appearsto be an abstract idea to a position of interest and practical application
  4. 4. Preach! Greatest Example
  5. 5. Preach! How?
  6. 6. Eye of a Hunter• Recognize good illustrations when you see them• Discipline yourself• Become an observer
  7. 7. Pencil of a Gunfighter• Write it down!
  8. 8. Preach!Where do you findgood ilustrations?
  9. 9. • Bible: First and most important• Books: Gain depth and knowledge• Magazines: Keep up with the times• Newspapers: Ancient but useful• Others: Bumper stickers and quotes• Stories: Last but not least