Glam camp london presentation given in london 24 june 2011


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Open Museums, QR Codes, QRpedia, Wikipedia Glam camp London presentation given in at the British Library 24 june 2011. Bamkin and Eden

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  • I'm told that GLAM is not a term in common use. It stands for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. The chart shows the state of British Museum articles in June 2010.There were 148 articles that ranged from “stubs” which may just say “The British Museum is in London” up to a “Good Article” which is an article that has grown to have good coverage of a subject and no major omissions. The highest quality article is called a Featured Article. More on them later.How to Get Help!The GLAM/Derby collaboration stems from common purpose to make information available for free.
  • n January 2010 Neil MacGregor revealed the results of four years of planning and his and the British Museum's collaboration with the BBC as he spoke for 15 minutes each weekday on the objects that define us as humans."[2] At about the time these were being broadcast in January 2010, the British Museum was being approached by Mike Peel and Liam Wyatt to investigate how Wikimedia UK could co-operate with the British Museum.Interesting there are images of Stanley and his child assistant Kalulu in the National Portrait Gallery but the copyright position is not made as clear. The Swimming Reindeer from Montastrucrock shelter came originally from France and the article written about specially by the GLAM/BM project achieved over 30,000 views on one day. The BBC use wikipedia to explain Jazz Bio sHis name is Barnet Burns and he is my only "notable" ancestorFour of these are Wikipedia taking info out of Museums ... One is information going in from Wikipedia...
  • Derby Museums agreed a partnership with Wikimedia UK in January.Since then they have changed their polict on Social media and on allowing photos and mobile phones in the museum
  • Why don’t museum cut and paste labels from Wikipedia?
  • Nick Moyes of Derby Museums said we could try QR codesWithin three days we had demonstrated them. Within four we had tested the idea worked!
  • We had to find out what they were, how to make them, how robust they were etc
  • 20 pence and a Blue Peters kit of sticky plastic, scissors and blue tack
  • Pictures show codes in use in the Geology section of Derby Museum
  • What it says on the tin ...
  • What it says on the tin ...
  • Glam camp london presentation given in london 24 june 2011

    1. 1. Hello Presentation and Abstract demonstration; QR codes, History multi-lingual exhibitions and Insight the Open Museum Research Install Findings Roger Bamkin and Terence Eden QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    2. 2. Hello Who are the creators of Qrpedia? Abstract • Roger Bamkin (Victuallers) History Insight • Chair of Wikimedia UK Research • Terence Eden (@Edent) Install • Phone expert and programmer of Findings QRpedia And see the acknowledgementsWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    3. 3. Hello Wikipedia’s Abstract British Museum project created History 100 Articles ... So what? Insight In 2010 Wikipedia and the British Museum collaborated and made 100 new articles. But, can Wikimedia change something? Research Derby Museums and Wikimedia UK have been working together since January. They FA 2 7 have organised a Wikipedia event and Install experimented with using QR codes for GA 2 6 labelling artefacts. As a result of the B 16 24 collaboration Bamkin and Eden have Findings C 20 54 designed which allow multi lingual access to exhibits. The Wright Start 59 112 challenge has created 450 multilingual wiki Stub 30 31 QRpedia articles in the last 8 weeks. This finishes in September. This has changed the way the List 1 3WrightUGC museum operates and creates a more open Total 148 255 @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers museum (june) (Nov)
    4. 4. Hello Getting GLAMs to “come out” ... Abstract 1. Handaxe 1. Kalulu 1 2> History 2. Reindeer 2. Sleep Reindeer This is different! 3. BBC point 3. Clovis Insight 4. BM Lovers 4. A.S. Reliquary This isn’t information coming out Research 5. Barnet Burns 5. Barnet Burns This is Wikipedia going in! Install 3 4 5 Findings QRpedia WrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    5. 5. Hello Derby Museum information coming out ... Abstract Whittaker 1. Whittaker 1 2 2. Matlockite History 3. Alkmunds bridge 4. White Watson Insight 5. Virgil’s tomb Research 3 4 5 Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC Policy change : @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers @#GLAMWIKI Wikipedia is not banned and photos are allowed
    6. 6. Hello Why do museums write labels? Abstract History Because ... Insight They like doing it, its “their job” Its very tricky... Research We could use QR Codes but they won’t lets us try Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    7. 7. Hello One museum said... Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings We will ... QRpedia ... And you can do itWrightUGC NOW! @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    8. 8. Hello QR Codes ... What are they? Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings We will ... QRpedia ... And you can do itWrightUGC NOW! @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    9. 9. Hello What is the payback period when it cost 20p? Abstract 1. Printing 1 2 2. Cutting History 3. Position Insight 4. First use 5. Display Research 3 4 5 Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia:@Victuallers Policy change Its easy ...
    10. 10. Hello Where it was demonstrated Abstract 1. White Watson 1 2 2. Orrery picture History 3. Allenton Hippo Insight 4. King of Rome 5. Advert Research 3 4 5 Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers Policy change : Wikipedia is now advertised as a source of information
    11. 11. Hello Amazon Book Review AbstractCut very this book from aI link atThe June TaborIm to many years later. am onathe Wikipedia I found emotional about this. conference Historylistening to someone talkKing of Wikipedia, andversion of the song immediately,Rome" made its article. I ordered it "The about sight onto my arrived, I Desert Island Discs somewayInsight And museums can usewas captivated. Hans when it personal it to give virtual accessto Research Iartwork is nosung for meof Raymondayears ago. they have a bit like to display. Hisas Saefkows even had it room that by Joan exhibitspresentation slide was...the was just like theonbirthday request at a concert. I got lostpage Briggs, but the whole thing Wikipedia in a InstallThe Kingback countryplayingin the wilds of theseblizzard ofhas been skiing in my head all video that Rome!And doI you know? All thatthis turned into aNorway would love to see time singing thisand years. once and found myself Id known Findingsloved themyselfit had never would propel theloudly piece of animation. until I found my way short to song, for hours It dawned on me that QRpediait wasand the the navigation/homing connectionhome.based on a true story.there where it song I think book right up I must be prettydull, lost on there any copiesIt @Victuallersbrick! later.was but theme at the time. of thisdawned one belongs. If @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia like a left, buy WrightUGC discovery hit me only
    12. 12. Hello Abstract Not Much To Learn History  Limited Information Insight  Mono-Lingual  Unchanging Research Install Lets Make it...  Learned Findings  Multi-Lingual  Evolving QRpediaWrightUGC
    13. 13. Hello A Quick Example Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    14. 14. Hello How It Works Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    15. 15. Hello How It Works Abstract History 1. QRWP detects the phones language and automatically sends the phone to the Insight  language specific &  mobile friendly Research Wikipedia article Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    16. 16. Hello Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    17. 17. Hello Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    18. 18. Hello羅塞塔石碑 Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    19. 19. Hello Dealing With Other Languages Abstract History  25% - 50% of visitors to UK museums are foreigners*  Not every museum is in the UK Insight  English is not the “most important” language on Wikipedia. Research  QR Code usage has risen by 1200% in a year in UK  42.5% of users on internet use Wikipedia Install Findings * and_figures.aspx QRpedia * @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    20. 20. Hello Dealing With Other Languages Abstract History  In France, the Mona Lisa is called “La Joconde” Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    21. 21. Hello Abstract History Insight Research Install La Joconde 1. Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    22. 22. Hello To Recap Abstract History  A QR code for every exhibit  Linked to Mobile Wikipedia Insight  Automatically detect the visitors language  Low capital cost Research  Low administration overhead Install Findings  Oh and The WRIGHT CHALLENGE QRpediaWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    23. 23. Hello In 15 days .... we had over 150 non English articles Abstract • 20 old Belarusian History • 20 Bashkir • 34 Catalan Insight • 9 Czech • 2 Yiddish • 24 Russian Research • 5 Portuguese • 17 Spanish Install • 5 Danish • 2 Korean • 4 Japanese Findings • 1 in Simple English, French, Turkish, Swedish, Persian, Greek QRpedia • And one in German....WrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    24. 24. Hello 150 NON ENGLISH ARTICLES – May 2011 And Chinese Abstract Japanese Latin History Yiddish etc Insight 2 5 23 24 Research Install 1 20 1 Findings 175 34 QRpedia 2 2 1WrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    25. 25. Hello A History of Crowd Sourcing Abstract  2001 Wikipedia started  2010 – British Museum Project gets 100 articles History  2011 – Wikimedia UK and Derby Museum deal Insight  March - Geek debate on “QR Codes in Museum”  March - Multi-lingual QR code Algorithm Research  April – Derby Museums host a backstage pass  May 1st – Wright Challenge started – 150 Install  June 24th c. 450 articles Findings  September 3rd – Prizes awarded  October – Tate Exhibition in Catalonia uses QRpedia QRpedia codes in SwedenWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    26. 26. Hello Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpedia About 45 different editors contributing in maybe 30 languages.WrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent450 articles@Victuallers in English. About #QRpedia to date & 100
    27. 27. Hello Acknowledgements • Nick Moyes: - Derby Museum curator who said “Yes” Abstract • Jonathon Wallis : Who agreed Wikipedia partnership History • Jimmy Wales :support to the partnership idea • Terence Eden: Co-founder of QRpedia codes Insight • Fæ:– programming and applause Research • Andrew Turvey and Mike Peal – Wikimedia UK • Matthew Cock and Witty Lama – Walked the walk Install • James Bamkin – supplied QR codes overnight Findings • Richard Mackney – tested it all and told the world QRpedia • Andrew Dalby–made the “Wright Challenge” work • T.Phillips – told the King of Rome storyWrightUGC @#GLAMWIKI @edent #QRpedia @Victuallers
    28. 28. Hello Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @edent #glamderby #qrwp
    29. 29. Hello Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @edent #glamderby #qrwp
    30. 30. Hello Abstract History Insight Research Install Findings QRpediaWrightUGC @edent #glamderby #qrwp