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  1. 1. TESTIMONY ON ROGER ARENDSE AS A COACH Please note this is done in my personal capacity as it is Chevron’s policy not to give references, unless in personal capacity and not using the company letterhead. I have had an opportunity of being coached by Roger Arendse as part of the Sunrise Coaching Program, which was facilitated by the Centre for Coaching based at the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB). The aim of the Sunrise program was to create a South African specific coaching program that could be personalized to the needs of individual employees focusing on developing leadership competencies. Whilst on the program, each one of us had access to a professionally qualified associate coach who worked with each employee for a period of 18 months. I selected Roger Arendse as my coach, from a number of qualified associate coaches, having gone through all their profiles. One of the major reasons for selecting him was the fact that his background was different, not the traditional corporate and I needed a fresh perspective. My period with Roger was for 18 months, the last being October 2013.I found him to be very passionate about his role as a coach, encouraging, accessible and yet firm, which struck a good balance. His approach of not imposing but taking one through the journey of discovery with practical take away projects worked very well with me. I am proud to say that I have seen a significant positive change in myself, personally and professionally, that also being verified by feedback reports from those that I work and interact with. I would definitely recommend Roger for another role as a coach. Regards Vuyo Njokweni Labour Relations Specialist Chevron South Africa (Pty) Ltd 021-5083710/4037406 0849631876