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Growth river overview


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Published in: Business, Education
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Growth river overview

  1. 1. Growth  Rivers  ScopeWe  are  experts  in  planning  and  leading  highly  effective  meetings  in  which  the  toughest  leadership  and  business  performance  issues  are  resolved.    Our  competitive  advantage  is  the  Growth  River  Operating  System  (OS),  which  is  a  complete  management  operating  system  that  explicitly  ties  leadership  and  culture  development  to  higher  sustainable  levels  of  business  and  enterprise  performance.Just  like  "software"  runs  on  a  computer,  the  Growth  River  Operating  System  (OS)  is  "social  ware"that  runs  on  a  system-­‐of-­‐roles  to  improve  business  and  enterprise.Our  core  service  is: Planning  and  facilitating  strategic  alignment  meetings  for  senior  leaders  and their  teams.  This  includes  all  key  leadership  levels:  boards,  enterprise  teams,  business  teams and  function  teams.    Other  key  support  services  include: ·        Leadership  and  business  coaching. ·        Data  collection  and  performance  analysis.   ·        Webinars  and  training  materials.Typical  reasons  that  clients  hire  us  include: ·        Forming  new  leadership  teams. ·        Establishing  new  team  /  business  /  enterprise  /  function  leaders. ·        Merging  organizations  and  businesses. ·        Managing  very  rapid  business  growth. ·        Solving  business  underperformance. ·        Standardizing  leadership  and  management  practices  in  complex  enterprises. ·        Accelerating  strategic  decision-­‐making  and  innovation. ·        Resolving  the  toughest  people  issues  while  building  a  culture  of  trust. ·        Helping  implement  top-­‐down  and  bottom-­‐up  strategic  planning  ,  budgeting    and                    quarterly  performance  review  processes.We  have  a  lot  of  experience.    For  client  success  stories  and  testimonials,  please  go  to  our  website  at "Since  learning  the  Growth  River  process,  weve  improved  the  crispness  of  our  decision  making.   Now  we  run  into  the  storm,  rather  than  try  and  steer  away  from  it." —Randy  Jordan CEO,  HOPEworldwide ©  2011  Growth  River,  LLC.  All  Rights  Reserved. Page.  1
  2. 2. Service  DescriptionsStrategic  Alignment  MeetingsGrowth  River  designs  and  delivers  strategic  alignment  meetings  for  teams  at  all  key  leadershiplevels  including:  boards,  enterprise  teams,  business  teams  and  function  teams.    These  meetingscome  in  four  basic  types  and  each  has  a  different  basic  agenda: 1.          Team  Alignment  –  when  the  primary  constraint  is  leaderships  ways-­‐of-­‐thinking  &  acting. 2.          System-­‐of-­‐Roles  –  when  the  primary  constraint  is  an  incomplete  system-­‐of-­‐roles. 3.          System-­‐of-­‐Strategies  –  when  the  primary  constraint  is  an  incomplete  system-­‐of-­‐strategies. 4.          Performance  Review  –  when  the  primary  constraint  is  attracting  and  deploying  resources.During  all  alignment  meetings,  primary  constraints  are  identified  and  the  organizations  development  stage  is  assessed.  Teams,  organizations  and  businesses  are  able  to  grow  at  maximum  speed  once  they  evolve  to  the  stage  at  which  highly  effective  performance  review  meetings  are  normal.  The  other  types  of  meetings  (1-­‐3)  are  how  you  get  to  that  stage.Leadership  &  Business  CoachingDuring  strategic  alignment  meetings,  participants  are  given  feedback,  asked  to  play  newroles  and  required  to  formulate  strategies  /  recommendations.  Sometimes  they  need  coaching.Because  our  coaches  are  experts  in  the  Growth  River  OS,  they  can  provide  both  leadership  and  business  coaching  at  the  same  time.    Furthermore,  this  coaching  is  done  in  the  context  of  overall  team,  business  and  organizational  development,  which  makes  it  especially  effective.Training  and  OS  User  LicensesFor  a  nominal  annual  fee,  the  Growth  River  OS  is  offered  as  licensed  open-­‐source  intellectualproperty.    Growth  River  OS  User  licenses  include: Access  to  online  Webinars. Access  to  training  videos. Up  to  four  electronic  Growth  River  OS  Guide  and  Mind  map  updates  per  year. A  subscription  to  the  Growth  River  Strategies  Newsletter.Administration  &  MaterialsThe  Growth  River  back  office  provides  key  services  that  are  required  to  make  engagements  successful. ©  2011  Growth  River,  LLC.  All  Rights  Reserved. Page.  2
  3. 3. ApproachGrowth  River  Services  Are  Always  Tailored  To  Specific  Client  NeedsOur  proposal:  If  you  take  30  minutes  to  describe  your  business,  we  will  create  a  practicalplan  that  we  are  confident  will  transform  your  organization.    We  suggest  these  steps: I. Introduce  Growth  River Growth  River  describes  its  services  and  approach  at  a  high-­‐level. The  client  decides  whether  they  would  like  to  invest  the  time  with  Growth  River  to draft  a  preliminary  engagement  plan. This  meeting  can  be  virtual. II. Gather  Data  and  Understand  Client  Situation If  required,  Growth  River  signs  a  formal  non-­‐disclosure  agreement. The  client  describes  the  specific  challenges  and  opportunities  to  address. Growth  River  asks  questions  and  gathers  data. This  meeting  can  be  virtual. III. Draft  Solution  and  Plan Growth  River  drafts  a  proposal  agreement  and  reviews  it  with  the  client,  providing details  and  key  concepts. The  client  ensures  that  all  key  decision-­‐makers  are  appropriately  informed  and  involved. If  this  work  requires  a  face-­‐to-­‐face  meeting,  then  client  pays  travel  expenses. IV. Revise  Plan  and  Sign  Agreement Growth  River  drafts  a  final  agreement  incorporating  any  key  changes. The  client  signs  this  agreement  and  sends  two  copies  to  Growth  River. Growth  River  signs  both  copies  and  returns  one  to  the  client. Work  proceeds  as  agreed. ©  2011  Growth  River,  LLC.  All  Rights  Reserved. Page.  3
  4. 4. Growth  River  OS:  A  Practical  PhilosophySome  leaders  talk  about  general  principals  for  attracting  abundance.    At  Growth  River  we  apply  and  teach  a  practical  system  for  developing  better  leaders  and  growing  more  abundant  businesses,  everyday  –  it  is  called  the  Growth  River  Operating  System  (OS).The  common  sense  logic  behind  the  Growth  River  OS  can  be  summarized  as: when… the  right  leaders,   with  the  right  mindsets,   in  the  right  roles, advocate  the  right  strategies   and  work  interdependently  on  the  right  activities… ...then  higher  levels  of  sustainable  performance  become  inevitable.More  specifically,  we  have  proven  that  we  can  radically  increase  sustainable  leadership  and  business  performance  by: ü Providing  leaders  with  a  powerful  language  (the  OS). ü Defining  complete  systems-­‐of-­‐roles  and  strategies. ü Leveraging  naturally  occurring  conflict  among  roles  as  a  source  of  innovation. ü Orchestrating  breakthrough  experiences  –  an  experience  always  trumps  an  argument.Although  Growth  River  consultants  undergo  intense  training  in  applying  our  OS  with  leaders  in  complex  businesses,  we  also  offer  our  OS  as  licensed  open-­‐source  intellectual  property.  This  is  an  unusual  move  for  our  industry,  but  one  that  is  geared  towards  building  a  community  of  leaders  who  can  collaborate  and  support  each  other’s  development.  Updated  versions  of  the  OS  are  released  with  input  from  our  community  of  practitioners  about  every  90  days.In  fact,  our  OS  has  been  and  is  being  applied  successfully  in  many  different  cultures  and  industries  including: public,  private,  for-­‐profit,  not-­‐for-­‐profit,  start-­‐up,  complex  global,  professional,  family, manufacturing,  services  and  retail,  mergers,  divestitures  and  organic  growth.The  open  and  universal  nature  of  our  OS  supports  our  vision  –  we  are  working  to  change  the  context  of  business  towards  a  more  abundant  world.For  case  studies,  client  testimonials,  webinars  and  training  materials  on  the  Growth  River  OS,  please  visit  our  website ©  2011  Growth  River,  LLC.  All  Rights  Reserved. Page.  4