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  • Examples of Relationship TypesLow-Level Collaborative InvolvementVendor Contracts such as KOL and Speaker Bureau individual agreementsOutsourcing Contracts such as consultants and other internal functions performed by outside organizationsMid-Level Collaborative InvolvementChannel Partners – CSOs and AgenciesResearch Collaborations – CROs and other development organizationsJVs – Both Commercial and Research focusedHigh-Level Collaborative Involvement Any M&A activity
  • Integrated Alliance Management Primer

    1. 1. Integrated Alliance Management Solution Timothy R. Roe AVP - Life Sciences Solutions and ConsultingFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -1-
    2. 2. Our Solution In Brief An Executive’s Dream Confidential Co.’s Integrated Alliance Management Solution (iAM) provides a 360° view of all contractual activities and obligations across the continuum of relationship types. iAM streamlines relationship management functions and significantly enhances an organization’s deal-making and deal-abiding effectiveness while removing “incompleteness” in agreements. iAM integrates critical strategic alliance components and templates to ensure stronger partner trust and to ensure your organization consistently maintains “Partner-of-Choice” status.February 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -2-
    3. 3. Alliance Management Vs.Integrated Alliance Management (iAM) by ConfidentialCo. Alliance Management encompasses and accomplishes much moreIntegratedfor a lower expenditure and with zero risk.The Confidential Co. Difference… – Integrated Alliance Management Application and Components • Integration Intelligence-PV: Alliance Framework and Consulting • Operations Intelligence-PV: Best Practices and Compliance • iPrOMPT: BPO On-Line Control, Dashboard, Mobile Drill-down Confidential Co. is a • Alliance-Type Templates and Customizations Supporting Member of ASAP • Contract and Project Management VIVA Platform • VIVA-Enabled Customer PortalsFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -3-
    4. 4. The Importance ofAn Integrated Alliance Management Application No two alliances are the same, nor are they easily managed. Top Ten Competencies of Confidential Co.’s Solution 1. Ensures internal alignment and readiness prior to partner engagement 2. Maintains a single, comprehensive view of the relationship 3. Maintains continuity of intentions, motivations and relationships 4. Facilitates decision-making and communication 5. Provides strongest ability to monitor milestones and metrics 6. Pre-empts issues, facilitates conflict resolution and manages escalation 7. Provides supportive arsenal relative to operational and financial negotiations 8. Aids in the management of governance structures and process 9. Is an important alliance life-cycle management tool 10. Helps to facilitate the most important aspect of any alliance – TRUSTFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -4-
    5. 5. Confidential Co. Has The In-house Expertise …Understands All Your Alliance Types • Global Collaborations and Acquisitions • Commercialized Products, Promotional Collaborations & JVs • Pipeline Products (CRO and Pharma/Biotech) • Scientific Exchange, Clinical Research, Development • Med Ed, KOL, Speaker’s Bureau • Other Business Critical Collaborations (Manufacturing, CMO) • General Business, Other (Legal, Financial, Outsourced Functions, Shared Services)Understands All Your Interdepartmental Relationships • Commercial Business Units • Clinical Research and Drug Development • LMRC • Financial • IT & Reporting, Scorecards and Dash-boardingFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -5-
    6. 6. Alliance Management ApplicationsNeed to Cover All Relationship Types… Few Do… Continuum of Relationship Types But Ours Does…February 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -6-
    7. 7. Maintaining Partner Trust(Verification System) Alliance Management Applications Must Facilitate the Maintenance of Partner TRUST • Inhibit missed obligations or milestones • Track inbound/outbound obligations • Provide data protection and business continuity • Provide accurate contract management • Ensure that staff turnover does not adversely impact relationships (governance, cross-training and transparency) • Ability to maintain records for 25 years or or more as required by contractual mandate, federal and/or statutory lawsFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -7-
    8. 8. Confidential Co.’S Integrated Alliance ManagementApproachRemoves Incompleteness “Incompleteness” in Alliance Agreements • Changes In Technology And Markets • Uncertainty In With Joint Projects Requirements • Difficulty In Measuring The Inputs And Outputs • The Need For Additional Investments Dedicated To The Joint Project • Integration Among Concurrent Projects • Difficulty In Protecting Intellectual Property Incomplete Contract Unforeseen External Events Unforeseen Internal Events Multiple New DecisionsFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -8-
    9. 9. Arsenal Utilization Differentiates The Most SuccessfulCompanies From The Least Successful Companies With Success Rates Of >= 60% Report Using The Tools Available In The Confidential Co. Arsenal Best Practices Alliance Management Arsenal • Alliance Metrics Determination • Robust Alliance Database • Intranet / Information Sharing within Partnership - Partner Portal • Competency Framework For Alliance Managers • External & In-House Alliance Training • Cross-Culture Training Programs • Alliance Handbook Development • Joint Business Planning & Joint Evaluations • Alliance Management As Part Of The Management Development Program • Other Aligned Partner Programs Confidential Co. has IT and Consulting Expertise Across The Entire “Arsenal”Data Source: 2009 ASAP - The State of Alliance Management: The effect of alliance management tools and processes onalliance success. Some measures from the 2002 Report February 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential -9-
    10. 10. Component Integration Integration Intelligence-PV Alliance Framework and Consulting Operations Intelligence-PV Best Practices and Compliance Operations or PV Agreement Performance Formulas Integration Targets Goals KPIs Consulting for PV Strategic Tactical Alliance Settlement Dashboard Survey: Alliance Relationship Management Results Thresholds Operational Credits & SLA Penalties Partner Systems (BPO Vendors, Triggers CROs, Suppliers, Alliances) Alliance Management Governance System iPrOMPT Contract VIVA –Enable BPO On-Line Control Management Cloud Enablement System Customer Portals and Dashboard Alliance Mgmt Dashboar d Safety System Best Practices and (ARGUS) Stds. Negotiated Mobile Device with Industry and Contract and Project Alerts / Decision Info AuthoritiesManagement VIVA Platform Relation-Type Templates Integrated & Customizable February 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 10 -
    11. 11. Our Assessment Approach iTOPS and Business Outcomes Removes Your Risk CompletelyFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 11 -
    12. 12. Confidential Co.’s Journey To Business OutcomesFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 12 -
    13. 13. Alliance Management Enhancement RoadmapA Path To Business Outcomes Consulting – Assessment Execution – Building the Technology and Ops Components Improvement Transformation Initiatives Will Agreed Upon Initiatives Confidential Co. Lead To An Outcomes-based Metrics Post- Technology iTOPS Model. Assessment “To-Be” Solution & Business Layer (Trusted Partner = Shared Risk) -- Case Accepted Complete Member Record -- with Action Indicator Transformational -- Joint Management & Benefits Governance Model -- +1.5 -- Knowledge Management -- Business Framework -- Operations Business Outcomes Understanding Impact of Confidential -- +1.0 Simulate Process Co. -- Improvements Project Execution Enablers -- Framework -- Typical Enhanced “As-Is” Model IT Environment Member Baseline Reduce Workflow Productivity Gains -- Data Integration (MDM) Solution Design Inefficiencies -- +0.5 Technical Business Model -- Understanding -- -- -- 0 Average Productivity Gain --- -- Changing Reactive software Knowledge retention -- development activities Requirements dependent on people and -- -0.5 experience Impact of Inaction Less Clarity In Scope -- & Specification (Representative) -- Growing Members and Products -- Lack of “ground truth” without Complete Member Record -- – agreed upon current and Member Master Data state capabilities Multi site, multi-vendor collaboration -- challenges in design & INACTION -- -1.0 implementation of improvements Multiple Technologies, hosting Repeating environments, resources Downward Cycle PHASE PHASE PHASE 3 1 2 Phases: 1-Assessment, 2- Interim Enhancements, 3- Business Outcomes Model February 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 13 -
    14. 14. Confidential Co. Healthcare Consulting Approach 1. Discovery And Assessment Phase I 2. Assessment Workshops 3. Findings And Recommendations Phase II 4. Build And Install Improvements 5. Monitor And Report On Performance Phase III 6. Adapt Solutions Based On Lessons Learned*Approach is standard to each potential area of improvementFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 14 -
    15. 15. Pre & Post-Engagement Assessment Dimensions(10-Scale) Alliance Health Expectations < 1 Year February 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 15 -
    16. 16. The User Experience iAM Applications by Confidential Co. • VIVA Portals • iPrOMPT Dashboards and ScorecardsFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 16 -
    17. 17. Custom PortalsFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 17 -
    18. 18. Custom Dashboards and Scorecards Sample Reports Exported to Roambi for iPadFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 18 -
    19. 19. What would you like to see next? We look forward to showing you our alliance management solution and the integrated components in more detail. Thank you, Your Confidential Co. Solutions TeamFebruary 27, 2013 Proprietary and Confidential - 19 -