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Keith haring


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Keith haring

  1. 1. Keith Haring New York City Street Artist 1958 - 1990
  2. 2. “I am obsessed with lines.” --Keith Haring
  3. 3. As a young boy in Pennsylvania, Keith loved watching Saturday morning cartoons.
  4. 4. He went to art school in New York City.
  5. 5. While at art school he realized he wanted to make art that everyone could see.
  6. 6. One day while riding the subway he saw a large piece of empty black paper.
  7. 7. “I was on the subway platform when I saw my first empty black panels. I knew I had to draw on them, so I ran up to buy chalk. I started drawing and it felt incredible!” --Keith Haring
  8. 8. He knew he had to work quickly.
  9. 9. He might get into trouble if the police saw him.
  10. 10. With just a few lines his drawing came to life.
  11. 11. Keith started to become famous. People riding the subway saw his art.
  12. 12. "The Radiant baby" became his symbol of hope for the future.
  13. 13. Keith also started showing his work in art galleries, where many people started to buy them.
  14. 14. His paintings and sculptures became very expensive.
  15. 15. He wanted everyone to be able to buy his art, so he opened a new store called the Pop Shop to sell his art on posters, buttons, T- shirts, and games.
  16. 16. Keith and Andy Warhol were good friends. Here are some paintings he made of Andy dressed like a famous cartoon. Do you know who it is?
  17. 17. Here is a painting Keith and Andy painted together.
  18. 18. Keith’s favorite things to draw were barking dogs,
  19. 19. Groups of people,
  20. 20. Pyramids, and flying saucers.
  21. 21. He also worked with children in schools to paint large murals with them. This one is in Philadelphia.
  22. 22. Keith Haring died at the age of 31.
  23. 23. His art has been used on CD covers.
  24. 24. His art is now seen in galleries and museums around the world.