OpenNebula Monitoring Data Visualization With oneInsight


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Introducing oneInsight at Centos Dojo Lyon, April 11th, 2014.
oneInsight is a visualization add-on that allows users to have at a glance, an insight on the load of managed hosts.
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OpenNebula Monitoring Data Visualization With oneInsight

  1. 1. OpenNebula Monitoring Data Visualization with oneInsight Rodrigue Chakode PhD, HPC/Cloud R&D Engineer DevOps, - RealOpInsight Labs @realopinsight
  2. 2. Background Virtualization, Virtual Machines (VM), Container Virtual Machines Managers: Xen, KVM, VirtualBox, VMware ESXi, LXC, Docker Virtual Infrastructures, IaaS: OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, CloudStack, Ganeti, Amazon EC2, Ikoula
  3. 3. What is OpenNebula Virtual infrastructure manager, and also IaaS toolkit Simplicity, Flexibility, Robustness, Powerfulness as key design principles Marketplace
  4. 4. Positioning Within the Ecosystem
  5. 5. History
  6. 6. OpenNebula Features Hypervisor agnostic (Xen, KVM, WMware) ... easy integration process for new driver Wide range of storage backends (FS, VMFS, LVM, CEPH, GlusterFS, MooseFS) ... various images transfer drivers (scp, qcow2, shared) CLI, GUI, and APIs (XML-RPC, OCA, EC2, OCCI)
  7. 7. More Features Virtual data centers (aka Zones) for Multitenancy * multiple instances of OpenNebula, * acting as fully isolated virtual infrastructures, * but managed from a central point Monitoring (Hosts, VMs) * Built-in collector: gathers information from the hypervisors * Ganglia add-on: gathers information from Ganglia All features:
  8. 8. OpenNebula & CentOS "A Perfect Match", Karanbir Singh a-perfect-match Official repository for CentOS * Official OpenNebula's demo stack based on CentOS * * Let's see a demo?
  9. 9. Built-in Monitoring Easy integration, works out-of-the-box Scalability problems due SSH polling * improved in 4.4 with a push model Limited visualization
  10. 10. Monitoring with Ganglia Scalable, ...thanks to the Ganglia architecture Complex integration, ... installing and configuring gmond on each host, ... and custom cron scripts to gather info about VMs Better visualization
  11. 11. oneInsight Load Visualization Load mapping regarding various metrics: ... CPU, Memory, storage, Running VMs, etc
  12. 12. oneInsight In a Nutshell Simple, accurate, and comprehensible load charting, ... eases your decisions regarding VM migrations and capacity upgrading if necessary, ... saves you a lot of time in comparing host loads Simple Integration: Lightweight HTML/Javascript stack Works out-of-the-box on any Linux distro, subject to have a: ... valid OpenNebula user account, ... curl command line interface, ... Bash interpreter, ... cron job scheduler, ... Web server like Apache and Nginx, even Python SimpleHTTPServer just works fine
  13. 13. Demo ?
  14. 14. Links managed-hosts/
  15. 15. THE END BY Rodrigue Chakode /