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Where to Start ETL Developer Career


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Are you a young professional who just got out of college and unsure which career path to follow? Are you thinking about changing your career to something completely new and looking for options? Either way, this webinar is the right one for you. It’s the first in a series that the new ODTUG Career Track Community will bring you to show what Oracle careers look like and where/how to start with them.

During this webinar, we will talk about what an ETL developer career looks like, what the expectations are, challenges, rewards, and which steps are needed to be successful. We will discuss a wide range of topics, such as tools used on the job, certification paths, the importance of social media, user groups, and more. This webinar will be presented by Rodrigo Radtke de Souza, who has been working in the Oracle ETL world for quite some time now and has achieved great accomplishments as an ETL developer, such as Oracle ACE nomination, frequent Kscope speaker, ODTUG Leadership Program participant, and a successful career at Dell.

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Where to Start ETL Developer Career

  1. 1. Where to Start? ETL Developer Career Rodrigo Radtke
  2. 2. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM About the Speaker Radtke, Rodrigo • Oracle Ace • Graduated in Computer Engineering • Software Developer Sr. Advisor at Dell • ODI, Oracle and Java Certified • Blogger @ • ODTUG Leadership Program 2016 Class • Working with ETL for 9 years
  3. 3. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What we'll learn • What ETL means? • Is ETL dead? • What the job looks like - The good, The bad • ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Portfolio • The path to ETL Mastery • Education/Certification • Social Media • Community/User Groups
  4. 4. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What ETL means? (E)xtract, (T)ransform and (L)oad is the process responsible for pulling data out of source systems, transform it and placing it into a target system. Extract • the data from source systems (Oracle, SAP, ERP, other operational systems, text files, Excel, etc) Transform • cleaning (mapping NULL to 0, "Male" to "M“, "Female" to "F" etc.) • filtering (select only certain values to load) • joining together data from multiple sources (merge) • data validation (if the first 3 columns in a row are empty then reject the row from processing) Load • the data into a data warehouse, data repository for reporting applications, a different/new application, etc.
  5. 5. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What ETL means? Kimball Group • 34 Subsystems of ETL • Three subsystems focus on extracting data from source systems. • Five subsystems deal with value-added cleaning and conforming, including dimensional structures to monitor quality errors. • Thirteen subsystems deliver data as dimensional structures to the final BI layer, such as a subsystem to implement slowly changing dimension techniques. • Thirteen subsystems help manage the production ETL environment. Useful Links • resources/kimball-techniques/etl-architecture-34-subsystems/ • subsystems-with-oracle-data-integration
  6. 6. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What ETL means? Where is ETL used? Basically everywhere! • Reporting • Data warehouse/Business Intelligence • Data consolidation • Data replication • Data migration • Big Data/IOT • Cloud
  7. 7. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Is ETL dead? If there is data, there is ETL. And it is always changing/evolving… Disconnected Mainframes Separate Interconnected Systems Big Data/IOT explosion Manual ETL? Data Warehouse Data Lakes
  8. 8. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What the job looks like - The good, The bad What is expected from an ETL Developer • Understand data models (Relational, Dimensional) • Analyze business requirements • Develop and unit test mappings • Debug ETL executions • Development estimations • Performance tuning • Integration design Soft Skills • Analytical mindset • Good communication (specially for requirement gathering) • Easiness to work with multiple technologies • “Out of the box” thinking • Team player
  9. 9. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What the job looks like - The good, The bad Is it good to be an ETL Developer? Yes it is! • Diverse technologies • Contact with business/power users • You learn the systems you load • Easiness to shift to other job positions • Work with one of the most valuable assets of the companies: Data
  10. 10. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What the job looks like - The good, The bad The bad: “Plumber” syndrome • ETL developers are similar to plumbers but you need to learn that this is a good thing! • Your work may not show up as much as you would liked • Sometimes you will feel that you are only requested when the pipe is “broken” • Do not let it discourage you: there are no houses without pipes as there are no business analyses without ETL
  11. 11. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Oracle Data Integration Portfolio Other ETL Tools: • OWB • SAP Data Services • IBM Infosphere • Informatica • SSIS • CloverETL • Pentaho
  12. 12. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management (OEMM) • Metadata governance • Impact Analysis • Source Lineage
  13. 13. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) • Profiling, Audit and Dashboards • Parsing and Standardization • Match and Merge • Address Verification
  14. 14. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Oracle GoldenGate • Real-Time Data Integration • Query offloading • Data distribution • Heterogeneous support • Zero-down time operations • Disaster recovery and data protection
  15. 15. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Oracle Data Integrator • E-LT Architecture • Knowledge Modules and Mappings • Focus on “what” rather than “how” • Complete development and execution platform • Imbedded Data Quality process • Heterogeneous Support • Data Warehousing, BI, Big Data, SOA, Migration, Real Time Integration, etc…
  16. 16. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Oracle SQL Developer • Probably the most used tool in ETL development (more than ODI itself) • Free integrated development environment for databases • Run queries, create DB objects, run install scripts, create PL/SQL, data export, DB compare, manage DB sessions and so much more
  17. 17. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM ETL Tools - Oracle Data Integration Get start with ODI at Oracle site “Getting Started” Section • integrator/overview/index.html • T_ID,P24_PREV_PAGE:7952,24
  18. 18. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM The path to ETL Mastery • You need to know what your ETL tool is capable of • SQL is the key to performance and to understand what is going on • A computer language will give you the ability to modify/create new things • You will only be able to influence your business if you understand it • Theory behind any development is key to success ETL tool SQL Java/Jython/Groovy Business processes Study the theory of what you are working on
  19. 19. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Education/Certification Oracle training • Why get certified? • Study a new tool/technology • Get recognized by the industry Useful certifications for ETL development • Oracle Database SQL Expert – Exam: 1Z0-047 • Oracle Data Integrator 12c Implementation Essentials - Exam: 1Z0-448 • Java SE 8 Programmer – Exam: 1Z0-808
  20. 20. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Social Media Social Media: your endless source of information Forums • ent_and_integration/data_integrator Twitter • @OracleDI, @orclbiblogs, @oracleotn, @odtug LinkedIn Groups • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) • Oracle Data Integration • Data Migration/Integration & ETL Group Blogs • •
  21. 21. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Community/User Groups Benefits of joining an User Group • Networking • Getting Knowledge/Experience • Sharing Knowledge/Giving Back • Friendship • Business Opportunities • Passionate people Oracle User Groups • • ODTUG/Kscope changed my life • Kscope 13, 14, 15 and 16 presenter • Kscope 16 Reviewer • ODTUG webinars • OTN publications/2MTT/Podcasts • Oracle ACE Associate, ACE • ODTUG Leadership Program
  22. 22. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Community/User Groups Conferences: Kscope • The brightest minds working with Oracle Technology in one single place • More than 250 sessions • 40 hands-on lab sessions • More than 55 Oracle ACE Directors and ACEs in attendance • 1600 attendees • Attendees have access to recorded presentations post- conference ODTUG Kscope16 New Oracle Professional Scholarship • Kscope16 New Oracle Professional Tracks •
  23. 23. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Community/User Groups The Career Track is one of many communities that an ODTUG member can follow. It contains information, resources and presentations specifically geared towards people just starting their careers. In addition to the materials and access that will make you successful, the Career Track community will have exclusive networking events with the current (and future) leaders within the Oracle communities. Follow us on #orclCareer
  24. 24. @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Rodrigo Radtke de Souza – Dell @Rodrigo Radtke Thank you!