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Take a peek at Dell's smart EPM global environment


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In a fast-moving business environment, finance leaders are successfully leveraging technology advancements to transform their finance organizations and generate value for the business.

Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications are an integrated, modular suite that supports a broad range of strategic and financial performance management tools that help business to unlock their potential.

Dell’s global financial environment contains over 10,000 users around the world and relies on a range of EPM tools such as Hyperion Planning, Essbase, Smart View, DRM, and ODI to meet its needs.

This session shows the complexity of this environment, describing all relationships between those tools, the techniques used to maintain such a large environment in sync, and meeting the most varied needs from the different business and laws around the world to create a complete and powerful business decision engine that takes Dell to the next level.

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Take a peek at Dell's smart EPM global environment

  1. 1. Take a peek at Dell's smart EPM global environment Ricardo Giampaoli Rodrigo Radtke
  2. 2. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM About the Speakers Giampaoli, Ricardo • Oracle Ace • Master in Business Administration and IT management • EPM training instructor • Essbase/Planning/OBIEE/ODI Certified Specialist • Blogger @ Radtke, Rodrigo • Oracle Ace • Graduated in Computer Engineering • Software Developer Sr. Advisor at Dell • ODI, Oracle and Java Certified • Blogger @
  3. 3. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM What we'll learn • Global EPM Architecture Overview • DRM Environment • Hyperion Planning Environment • Datamart Environment • HFM Environment
  4. 4. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Global EPM Architecture overview EBI/DDW Units HR DRM (Metadata) NovoraGlovia PIM GCC (Global Curr Conv) Source Systems TableauBO OBIEE Environment AP Dashboard JAT Report Environment SmartView WorkSpace EBI/DDW HR CorpTax DM Outbound Systems Assurenet Ariba Data Enrichment GWAC GISM EPM/VendorCentral Currency EMEA DFS CONWF APJ CONPNL AMER RUM WWOPS Planning Environment Pnl Mfg Capex WrkForce Pnl Weekly Plan Weekly Apollo StarPAris FDM Environment HFM Environment TaxLEAppFinCApp ODI Deltek Oracle DB Essbase Planning Essbase SpreadSheet WEB Technologies
  5. 5. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Global EPM Architecture Fun Facts • 10000+ users around the world • 24x7 operation • 10+ source systems • 18 billions+ inserts/month • 50 millions+ updates/month • 60 millions+ deletes/month • 14 thousand+ ODI sessions/month
  6. 6. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM DRM Environment • All metadata from all Planning/Essbase/HFM/Datamart application is stored in DRM • 24 direct downstream, some of then are HUBS that create 50+ indirect downstream • Entity/CC: 549.387 • Product: 59.278 • Local channel: 48.944 • Account: 8.431 • Abstraction layer extracts data and create views in an oracle database • Each stream has it own service account that has access to views containing what they need to consume
  7. 7. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM DRM Environment DRM Downstream Views App A App B App C App N DRM Exports PROD_HIER ACCT_HIER CHAN_HIER ProfileA ProfileB ProfileC ProfileN DRM Abstraction Layer App ODI Product Hierarchy Channel Hierarchy Account Hierarchy DRMMainApplication
  8. 8. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Environment • 6 Hyperion Planning applications • 2 ASO cubes to aggregate Pnl and WrkForce data • 1 BSO cube for central currency • Data synchronization is done by using Replicated Partitions AMER APJ EMEA WWOPS RUM DFS CONPNL CONWF Dimensions 14 14 14 14 15 13 14 14 Account 4192 4192 4192 4192 4273 1918 4186 89 Entity 21048 14113 15565 14638 1591 3144 64525 64525 Size* 14 Gb 10 GB 11 Gb 11 Gb 2 Gb 450 Mb 15 GB 15 Gb * Current Forecast Central Currency EMEA DFS CONWF APJ CONPNL AMER RUM WWOPS Planning Environment Pnl Mfg Capex WrkForce Pnl Weekly Plan Weekly
  9. 9. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Metadata Load • Creates a delta between what exists in DRM and what exists in Planning enabling: (Kscope 13 session) • Load only what’s new/changes thanks to our “Tieout” approach • Identify if a shared members needs to be moved or created • Move members • “Move” attribute members • Reorder sibling members • Deleted Shared Members • Creates UDA’s based in the DRM metadata: • Identify from where that metadata is coming from (Used in the replicated partition area definition) • Identify what Accounts, Entities and Products will be part of the replication
  10. 10. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Metadata Load • At Dell we need minimize the downtime during the maintenance process and guarantee the metadata accuracy • For this we have 2 planning environment in load balance • One environment we call “Primary” environment and it contains 3 servers • The other Environment we call “Meta” environment and it contains 1 server • This enable us to restart the Meta Planning service without impact the Primary applications
  11. 11. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Metadata Load • All maintenance is done in the meta servers (Primary servers continues on line) • The “Primary” application repository is copied over the “Meta” repository • After the maintenance, the administrator team checks if all metadata is ok (A quarter of data is loaded for this check) • After Metadata is validated the “Meta” application repository is “deployed” over the “Primary” application repository Meta ApplicationsPrimary Applications Copy To start Maintenance Maintenance processes Deploy back to Primary
  12. 12. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Metadata Load Start COPY PRIMARY TO META Copy Primary Planning App to Meta App YES Restart Planning Load Metadata from DRM Load Metadata to Meta Apps LOAD METADATA TO META APP LOAD METADATA FROMDRM YES NO YES End NO Load Validation, pre tieout and Record Rejection Handle Planning Extract for tieout table Tieout metadata User warnings and errors APPLICATION SELECTION NO REFRESH ESSBASE Refresh EssbaseYES NO Create Tieout Table
  13. 13. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Metadata Deploy Start APPLICATION SELECTION Copy Meta app to Primary app (Planning) Restart Planning End Backup Primary App (Planning) Refresh Essbase REFRESH ESSBASE Error YES NO Copy Dim tables from Meta Primary schema User warnings and errors
  14. 14. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM BSO to ASO Replicated Partitions • The data from the BSO cubes are replicated to the ASO Cubes • All application, but RUM, uses the same set of accounts • Each regional application has it own unique set of Entities • RUM is a special application that shares Entities across the regional applications and have just a subset of all accounts • RUM data has precedence over the regional applications • Due to tuple limitation and Shared entities between apps, we are forced to split the partition in two subareas • One subarea replicate all account (AMER and RUM) and just the unique entities for that application (AMER Entities) • The other subarea replicates only the unique account for that application (AMER) and just the entities that are common to both application (AMER and RUM) E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E8 E9 E10 AMER A1 APJ A2 EMEA A3 WWOPS A4 RUM* A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 RUM AREA
  15. 15. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Security • For the regional applications all security is granted by administrators • 3 security groups for grant • One for Channel and LOB • Other for Product Line • And other to define the data access (read or write) • RUM is a special application that contains entities from all regions • Security must be granted in such way that an user from a region can only see data from their cost centers • The parents aggregation should display only the sum of data from that user region • Cost center from different regions under the same parent • Cost center region is defined by an attribute dimension
  16. 16. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Security (RUM) • A Region dimension to split the data by the world regions and provide the right aggregation in parent levels • The security must be granted for all users or groups in the high level members • The users or groups names should have a relationship between it and the attribute member. • Use Planning application repository to dynamically build the Entity dimension security based in the geography attributes and the groups associated in the Entity Upper level members (Kscope 14) Groups
  17. 17. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Essbase Backups • All backups are automated by ODI • There’re 2 backups: • Daily backups • Backups the file system • Weekly backups • Export Data • Restructure • Space Recovery • The schedule respects the Application region to execute
  18. 18. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Data Load • Generic Component to handle all data load • Only a single component that loads data to Essbase. • All the possible maintenance will be done in just one point, not in multiple • Since it is modular, it can be added to any other inbound interface easily • Inbound table is partitioned by ODI Job • ODI constraints work great in this architecture • One constraint for each column • Validate it against the planning metadata repository in order to check if all data is correct before loading to Essbase • No more “Unknown Members” (Kscope 15 session)
  19. 19. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Data Load Sources Oracle Stage Area Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4 Table N Planning App 1 App 2 App N SQL Server Teradata Excel XML E$ Table E$ Inbound Generic Inbound Table Inbound Generic Generic Components Send Email Error Handling App 3 1 2 3 4 3
  20. 20. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Data Extract • Generic Component to handle all data Extract • Only a single component that extract data from Essbase • All the possible maintenance will be done in just one point, not in multiple • Since it is modular, it can be added to any other outbound interface easily • Outbound table is partitioned by ODI Job • Views are created on top of the outbound generic table to grant specific access for each consumer • Any special requirement is handled in the views (mapping or formulas)
  21. 21. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Hyperion Planning Data Extract Targets Oracle View Layer View 1 View 2 View 3 View 4 View N Planning App 1 App 2 App N SQL Server Teradata Outbound Table Outbound Generic Generic Components Send Email Error Handling App 3 12 3 4
  22. 22. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Datamart Environment ASOMetadata Source DRM Star PAris Apollo EBS Source GL PA AP Statutory OBIEE SmartView JAT AP Dashboard APStage Base Star Stage Base Star AP Dashboard FDM Datamarts BO Tableau External Vendor Notifications
  23. 23. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM HFM Environment • 2 HFM applications • FinCApp is used for consolidate and report external financial data for SEC reporting purposes • TaxEApp is used for Tax Reporting for CorpTax load • ODI to load HFM with custom KMs using Java API • RKM • IKM Metadata • IKM Data • IKM Data Consolidation • LKM Extract Data HFM Environment TaxLEAppFinCApp
  24. 24. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM HFM Environment Metadata DRM EBS GL HFM_ETL INBOUND_GENERIC HFM Database Datamart FDM Currency GCC FinCapp TaxLEapp HFM CorpTax Outbound SmartView Hyperion Reports Reports
  25. 25. @RZGiampaoli @RodrigoRadtke @DEVEPM Ricardo Giampaoli – TeraCorp Rodrigo Radtke de Souza - Dell Thank you!