Monday's Company Presentation - 2014/2015


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Monday's Company Presentation - 2014/2015

  1. 1. Welcome 2014/2015 Presentation
  2. 2. We blend creativity and new technology through a clear project management with a simple goal DELIVER OUTSTANDING DIGITAL EXPERIENCES
  3. 3. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved INTRODUCING THE BEST DAY OF ALL – MONDAY We´re a team of designers, builders & thinkers who craft digital experiences. We love marketing and technology and believe in their power at the service of brands. We are passionate about creativity and we use it to engage with our client’s customers. We have in house a highly competent team of developers trained to create from scratch, program and install any web based application or platform, guided by efficient project managers. Our team has the know-how and the multidisciplinarity to deliver any project on time, on budget and with top quality.
  4. 4. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved DIGITAL STRATEGY People will get informed, talk and influence decisions about your products. Brands should cooperate and encourage all that talking. Provide complete information about your products and make it ubiquitous. Believe in your power and embrace the new reality. Pressure in the supply side and excess of competition and information have transferred the power from the brands to the consumer. The consumer is now proactive, autonomously getting information about brands and its products, and holds control of the entire process of purchasing, from analysis to the final decision. Plus, the consumer share his opinion with others. He´s faithful only to himself and to the satisfaction of his needs. He´s searching not only the goods, but mostly the entire experience those goods provide him. The old luxury was owning.The new luxury is feeling. Living. Experimenting. Thus, convert the possible consumer to a brand ambassador is crucial in any brand digital strategy. Capabilities Brand X-ray Insights and Planning Digital Oriented Strategies Social Media Strategy
  5. 5. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved PROJECT MANAGEMENT Our project management team has one single goal – to ensure our client’s satisfaction. To achieve this our projects are based on 3 factors – quality, delivery and fair pricing. Monday counts with 2 distinctive project management teams: A Marketing Project Team, that will ensure the connection between the Brand and the Consumer, and a Tech Project Management Team that will provide state of the art solutions. Capabilities Client Service Community Management
  6. 6. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved CREATIVITY To think digital design and user experience is to bear in mind that whatever parts are developed, the user will interact and socialize with them, from mobile platforms, social media apps or websites. Thus, we work with the aim of developing elegant and functional visual digital pieces, and above all create a good relationship between the user and the brand. Capabilities Visual design Interaction design Visual content production Mobile design Style guides User Interface Design Digital Branding Copywritting
  7. 7. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved DEVELOPMENT To ensure high quality and on-time/on-budget projects, our development team is involved in all the steps of a project, from the early brainstorming stages to the successful launch. With a strong technical background, and always aware of new technologies and innovations, our team aims to develop the best solution, with the most appropriate technical approach, to make sure the client´s requirements and deadlines are fulfilled. Therefore, agile methodologies and constant communication with business and project managers are in our DNA. Capabilities Software development Websites Web apps Mobile apps Social media integrated apps API integration Front-end & Back-end development
  8. 8. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved MEDIA PLANNING Delivering our message and engaging with consumers is critical. To provide a service of excellence in such a specific area of expertise, Monday has an equity partnership with Trillium Interactive. Our goal is to help our clients to increase conversion rates and get engaged with their target. We have a motivated and well trained team, working with the right media marketing tools to hit this goal. Using the latest online marketing trends and technologies as we believe that this is what must determine investment in digital marketing. Capabilities Media Planning Google AdWords Social Media Campaigns Mobile Marketing Lead Generation Email Marketing
  9. 9. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved REPORTING Digital projects provide the ability to constantly measure the performance of our work and implement corrective or boost actions. The relation in time with the client and a constant listening allows us to generate consumer insights frequently, that we’ll turn available to the brands. Measuring the ROI of a project provides a transparent relation between Monday and our clients. That is a key factor for trust and loyalty. Capabilities Google Analytics Social Media Insights & Report ROI Measurement SEO Optimisation
  11. 11. Social Media The complexity of a Social strategy today requires a multidisciplinary team to manage it, who is updated about the newest trends. Strategy, Planning, Community Management, Design and Copywriting. Mobile apps People are mobile! Mobile devices became the new platform for information, relation and conversion. We deploy iOS and Android applications, whether with native development or with the use of frameworks, for budget optimization and project acceleration. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved SERVICES PART.1 Digital Consulting Is your digital footprint correct? Is it generating brand equity? Is it generating sales? In today’s diversification of platforms it’s key factor for success a strong analysis of your digital strategy. Campaigns / Digital Advertising From the concept of your campaign to the implementation of your banner, monday is constantly gathering insights and trends of most innovative ways to engage with your customer. Digital Branding The development of a new brand has to take in consideration the paradigmas of the digital world. How does your new brand transform and move on a screen? Websites A website is a key marketing tool for any brand or company. It has to be available on any screen through responsive design, with a powerful CMS and SEO.
  12. 12. UX/UI User Experience is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the User Interface, (interaction between the customer and the digital product). Our creative team, along with the development department always looks for the best graphic solutions to ensure a pleasant digital experience. Event Digital Experiences An event is now longer a one moment happening. With Digital an event is a relation that starts before the big day and continues after its term. We craft digital experiences to engage with your clients at the venue, and connect them to the digital world through digital brand platforms. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved SERVICES PART.2 Software Development Our solutions are built and delivered using a wide variety of solutions, depending on the client/project needs: –Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, Flash,etc, – Backend: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft .NET, C# – Databases: SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, etc – Mobile: Objective C (iOS), Android, PhoneGap
  13. 13. CASE STUDIES
  14. 14. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved PROMOFANS Details Client: Sonae Sierra Year: 2011 Services: Software Development, Mobile app Description In terms of Software Development, we created PromoFans®, a promotion management platform in which Store Managers can manage their promotions, users and digital communication channels of PromoFans®. We also created different means of user access to the platform: Site (Web and Mobile), Mobile App (iPhone and Android), Facebook (profile and App) and Interactive platforms in the shopping centers. Sapo 2013 Award winner bronze Eficácia 2013 Awards silver More than 300.000 users
  15. 15. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved ACCOR APP Details Client: Accor / MGallery Year: 2013 Services: Mobile app, Website, UI/UX Description Accor is a French services group, considered the #1 hotel group in Europe. We developed the MGallery, an e-book for iOS, Android and Web, exclusively addressed to a domestic audience and that can be accessed offline. Our goal? To give access to interactive and dynamic content, allowing a remote connection to the corporate environment. More than a tool for e-learning, the MGallery focuses on the development and sharing of internal competencies, organizational culture, best practices and internal values. In addition we also developed a responsive website.
  16. 16. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved ULTRAVISION BRANDING Details Client: Ultravision Year: 2013 Services: Digital Branding Description Ultravision is a Kenyan company specialized in hardware, software and IT services on a world wide scale. Our challenge was to build the company’s brand, its identity and image, from scratch! Starting from the concept of a “Great Vision”, we developed the logo inspired in a raptor bird, which represents good vision; vigilant and accurate. The remaining pieces were consistent with this concept.
  17. 17. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved HOME LISBON HOSTEL Details Client: Home Lisbon Hostel Year: 2013 Services: Website Description One of the first of its kind in the Portuguese capital, Home Lisbon Hostel aims to be a “home away from home” for all travellers seeking homy, affordable and cozy accommodation. Obeying the business concept, we created a website that replicates the spirit of the place. Sapo 2013 Award winner Gold
  18. 18. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved CÁPSULAS Details Client: DeltaQ Year: 2013 Services: Facebook App, Games Description Do you remember the popular game “Bubbles”? We’ve developed a similar version, entirely devoted to Delta Q. The game was associated with a Facebook App allowing users to win valuable prizes such as Delta Q coffee machines
  19. 19. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved GIS BRANDING Details Client: Golden Investment & Services Year: 2013 Services: Digital Branding Description GIS Luxury and Sophistication is a Portuguese private company that offers investment and management solutions in real estate to investors from emerging markets seeking to invest in Portugal. Starting from scratch, it was necessary to define the entire identity system for the brand. The logo design was inspired by the lines of the Parthenon and noble materials with clean, sophisticated and minimalist lines. Brochures and other prints were produced, as well as KITs customer oriented.
  20. 20. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved FLUGG Details Client: Internal Service Year: 2013 Services: Website, Mobile app Description Losing your luggage can be a very annoying experience. When you are on the go and you face a situation where your belongings are missing, you just want to retrieve them as quickly as possible. With Flugg, we offer you a very clever and effective solution to increase the possibilities of recovering your luggage and other objects you may lose wherever you are in the world.
  21. 21. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved INSTAGRAM M&M´S Details Client: M&M´S Year: 2014 Services: Social Media Strategy Description While managing M&M's Facebook page, Monday started in 2014 the creation, strategy, content development and management of the brand’s page on Instagram, the most emergent social media platform of the moment. It gives fans unique moments with M&M’s characters.
  22. 22. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved FLYING MUMMPI Details Client: Internal Project Year: 2014 Services: Mobile app, Game Description Your life will never be the same after Flying Mummpi! Mummpi is a cute little bird that needs your help to flap its wings and dodge the big balloons. Just tap to flap and enjoy tons of fun… guaranteed! Help Mummpi fly into freedom in an entertaining (and addictive!) game.
  23. 23. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved M&M´S BACK TO SCHOOL Details Client: M&M´S Year: 2013 Services: Facebook App, Social Media Strategy Description M&M’s decided to celebrate the Summer of 2013 through a Facebook App. On Monday Interactive Marketing we accepted the challenge and created a photo upload game quite different from usual. The major novelty lies in the mechanics of participation that integrates two different social networks (Facebook and Instagram), allowing for the first time the participation through mobile devices and with nothing more than a simple hashtag.
  24. 24. SNICKERS APP Details Client: Snickers Year: 2014 Services: Facebook, Social Media Strategy Description Facebook application that allows fans to mix photos and videos of youtube to create a new fun video communicating the idea of "you're not you when you're hungy" The objective was to catch the attention of facebook users and increase the number of fans of the brand page, generating shares and giving users fun moments related to the brand spirit. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved
  25. 25. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved BACK TO FOOTBALL Details Client: Snickers Year: 2014 Services: Facebook app, Social Media Strategy Description To relate fans directly with the promotion on the POS associated to the World Cup we created an application in order to promote fun moments and increase the number of fans. A multiplayer online game where user had to shoot the ball the maximum possible times and catch the falling Snickers to recover energy and win more points!
  26. 26. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved M&M´S CINEMA Details Client: M&M´S Year: 2014 Services: Website, facebook app, Social Media Description M&M's Cinema is a fun and interactive campaign were we capitalize on the long and successful relationship between M&M's and Cinema. Users could enjoy this campaign both online and offline. Online users were asked to answer a quiz about the Oscars Predictions and the 300 users with better results won a VIP Cinema ticket for a special session created by M&M's. Offline users were invited to exchange their empty packs of M&M's for any cinema tickets on Lusomundo cinema theatres.
  27. 27. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved REDBULL CAMPAIGN Details Client: Redbull Year: 2013 Services: Media Campaign Description Red Bull launched a worldwide campaign for its three new energy drink flavours – cranberry, lime and blueberry. We developed more than 10 interactive banner layouts in line with this international campaign to be shown in several digital media.
  28. 28. Copyright 2014 © All rights reserved ANGOLA PROJECTS Details Client: Various projects Year: n.d Services: Website Description The investment on digital projects in Angola is part of the strategic vision Monday shares. We believe this is a market with a strong potential for digital growth that enables to create value for Portuguese companies specialized in this area. With the consequent increase of technological investment in Angola in order to respond to the growing demand from Angolan society, Monday has developed and implemented in the past years successful projects that allowed to boost the relationships with this market and ensure the openess to new partnerships and synergies in the future.