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  1. 1. All the power of a bank in your Smartphone.All the power of a bank in your Smartphone. 5189 VALID THRU MONTH/YEAR 1234 4567 1234 46571234 4567 1234 4657 MIGUEL MENCIA GIJONMIGUEL MENCIA GIJON .mx
  2. 2. TEAM/ EXPERIENCE BOARD AND VC’S Antonio Eram Miguel Mencía Saeed Amidi Rigoberto Cobos Joaquín Delgado Farzad Abolfath Rodrigo Cobos
  3. 3. Our Target (Millennials): 31.5 Million just in Mexico (26% of the population) Just between 2007 and 2012 in LATAM the number of people using mobile banking services grew from 110 Million to 236 Million. Size of the market in México: $30 BN USD Survey: 98% of Millennials prefer online banking services We are the first with Mobile banking services and the only ones that can offer financial services through mobile apps. Scalability and Tendency moving to mobile! THE MARKET OPPORTUNITY
  5. 5. Loans already granted. 5K+ Average Loan $100 USD Recovery Breakdown. 1.1 Default rate: 7% Number of loans request 60K+ Online Marketing (FB, Google) CPA: 12 USD Raised- 1.8 M USD Partners - Plug and Play tech Center, TvAzteca , Expansión, Trinitas MEET OUR METRICS
  6. 6. Our own Banking License Technology - Accesability, No branches No paper work Team Algorithm based on personal info and social networks Payment Gateway (Money transfer and Collection) 24/7 Service COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES
  7. 7. More than 10,000 loans. 2016 60,000 loans and 20,000 debit account.2017 BANK BUSINESS: For each $1M USD lent $100K USD revenue 5,000 debit accounts open. 5,000 debit accounts.
  8. 8. All the power of a bank in your Smartphone. JOIN TO We are looking for investment to scale our numbers and improve technology $$$$$