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Future of Education (E-Learning with Mobile Technology)


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Future of Education (E-Learning with Mobile Technology)

  1. 1. The Future of Education Today Social Media Mobile Technology eLearning ePublishing Cloud Computing MOOC Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd Rodney Toh 0193583043 © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  2. 2. Digital Publising Future The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  3. 3. © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  4. 4. Our Objectives... “ Online learning communities incorporate both the convenience of online interaction and the personal attention of face-to-face meetings. Using Social Media Tools to create peer-to-peer learning as well as instructor-student interface. © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  5. 5. Our Objectives... “ Delivers a powerful set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning. Students have the necessary learning tools at their finger tips. The lecturers spend more time on group dynamics and research. © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  6. 6. Our Objectives... “ A simple interface, dragand-drop features, and welldocumented resources along with ongoing usability improvements make it easy to learn and use. Creation of user-friendly tools to empower teachers to create learning materials easily. © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  7. 7. Our Objectives... “ Provides the most flexible toolset to support both blended learning and 100% online courses that is cost-effective. Suitable for institutions offering blending learning environment or 100% online courses. © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  8. 8. Our Objectives... “ Customisable in any way and tailored to individual needs. Allows plugins and integrate external applications to achieve specific functionalities - the possibilities are endless! Meet any end-user’s demand, modification for any age-group learners. Integrateable with other solutions (publishers, courses, resources). Collaborate with other resource providers instead of owning resources directly. © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  9. 9. UNIVERSAL EDUCATION DEPLOYMENT PLATFORM Utilising Powerful Technological Tools For The Classroom Interactive, eLearning Platform Online Chat, a face-to-face form interaction Engage Your Students Anywhere, Anytime Video Lectures/ Instructions replacing Lecture Halls UEDP is a online course creation and facilitation service that empowers individual teachers, college and university instructors and community educators to add a web–based component to their courses, or even host an entire course on the Internet. Imagine having your own interactive elearning platform, that allows you to post and update course material, interact with students, promote collaboration, as well as assess and improve performance – anytime, anywhere, 24/7. All the online teaching tools you need in one place! © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd epub, pdf, txt books
  10. 10. UEDP Comprehensive Resource Tools © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd Assignments — The assignment activity module enables a teacher to communicate tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback. Chat — The chat activity module enables participants to have textbased, real-time synchronous discussions. Choice — The choice activity module enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses. Forum — The forum activity module enables participants to have asynchronous discussions i.e. discussions that take place over an extended period of time. Lesson — The lesson activity module enables a teacher to deliver content and/or practice activities in interesting and flexible ways Book — The book module enables a teacher to create a multi-page resource in a book-like format, with chapters and subchapters Page — The page module enables a teacher to create a web page resource using the text editor. A page can display text, images, sound, video, web links and embedded code, such as Google maps File — The file module enables a teacher to provide a file as a course resource. Links — The file module enables a teacher to provide a file as a course resource. Etc
  11. 11. Incorporating Adobe Digital Editions for the ultimate e-Publishing Solution with a robust DRM technology • • • • • • • Or a cost-effective in-house solution © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd Highlighting Notes Taking Dictionary Bookmarking Reflow Text Print/Publishing Cost Savings Journals and Textbooks
  12. 12. Universal Education Deployment Platform (UEDP) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd Video Lectures Voice Instructions Lectures Notes Reading Materials Url links Online Quizs Online Exams Student’s Progress Forums Online Chats E-Publishing Mobile Applications Accreditation Reports Etc
  13. 13. Easily accessible and consistent across different web browsers and devices Laptops, tablets, smartphones © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  14. 14. From a few students to millions of users, UEDP can be scaled to support the needs of both small classes and large institutions...can be adapted for use across education, business, non-profit, government, and community contexts. 100 to 10 millions students © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd
  15. 15. The End © Kim & Kerrie Sdn Bhd