Increasing Facebook Likes and Engagement


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Top 4 strategies to help increase your Facebook Likes and Engagement with your fans.

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Increasing Facebook Likes and Engagement

  1. 1. Increasing Facebook Likes and Engagement Presented by RODNEY FERRO Digital Consultant | 1300 131 932
  2. 2. About Me RODNEY FERRO 14+ years experience, working with small businesses, corporates and not-for-profits. After so many years being on the agency side, I have now moved to client side and look forward to assisting organisations in this challenging and forever-changing online landscape. WORKED WITH:
  3. 3. The Jelly Belly story…
  4. 4. Jelly Belly the story JELLY BELLY IS A WELL-KNOWN BRAND IN THE U.S. We know that Jelly Belly is a brand that is well-known, but you would be suprised that after our research, surveys and analytical studies we found that many consumers are aware of the flavoured jelly beans, but don’t know of Jelly Belly the brand... so here starts our challenge!  What is the challenge?  What is the digital strategy?  What is our social media strategy?  Gaining a snapshot overview  Setting up various channels  Let’s look at Facebook…
  5. 5. Website Integration
  6. 6. Website Integration HARNESS WEBSITE TRAFFIC Most of us these days already have websites that generate web traffic. Looking at the analytics and loyalty from many returning visitors you can harness the web traffic and convert them in FB likes, an easy way to do this is integrate FB within your website (on the popular pages).
  7. 7. Website Integration DIGITIAL STRATEGY and ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS Today I will be focusing on: forming a digital strategy, importance of planning, understanding your budget, building your team, sharing a few useful online marketing tools, trying to help better manage your time and most importantly looking at ways on increasing conversions.
  8. 8. Facebook Advertising
  9. 9. Facebook Advertising TARGETED FACEBOOK ADVERTISING There are a few variations in the types of Facebook Ads you can have as a business page. The popular ones are a promoted page, promoted post and sponsored stories.
  10. 10. Facebook Advertising SPONSORED STORIES With a limited advertising budget we ran a few test campaigns to see which promotion type would suit Jelly Belly the best with increasing likes, but at the same time more quality likes with engaged users.
  11. 11. Facebook Apps
  12. 12. Facebook Apps THERE ARE FREE APPS! Using some like Static HTML iframe app you can easily create what’s called a ‘FanGate’ page. This allows users to only access content if they LIKE your page.
  13. 13. Facebook Comps BASIC COMPETITIONS, USING CAMPAIGN MONITOR Using an email application like Campaign Monitor, some nice designs and the Facebook App you just installed, you can create a basic competition, increasing likes at the same time as building your email database.
  14. 14. Creating Engaging Content
  15. 15. Engaging Content CREATING ENGAGING CONTENT The most important rule is not to sell – if you don’t like it, your FB fans won’t like it. Give them something they want to view or hear about. Ask engaging questions, run small spot prize comps, promote related events. The most engaging posts usually contain an IMAGE with a BIG CAPTION.
  16. 16. Some handy online tools!
  17. 17. FREE and easy way to track social shares from your website or articles. AddThis code can be applied to any website which will allow your users to share your content on their preferred social network. With an AddThis registered account, you can get a report on the social sharing that has occurred throughout your site or selected articles. Best of all you can get started for FREE.
  18. 18. Email Marketing Software Easy editing tools Campaign Monitor has a nice clean admin interface to allow you to create your email marketing templates. With new features constantly added, Campaign Monitor makes sending out your email campaign easier. Features include: - Template building - Campaign sending - Split A/B testing - Social Sharing / Reporting - Auto Responders - Comprehensive Reporting (clean layout) - Live Worldview / Subscriber snapshot - Integration with your website
  19. 19. Organise your links Count popularity Share your links : FREE With restricting character limits, the last thing you need is a really long URL. Bitly allows you to shorten your URL and use the link supplied for your post (i.e Twitter). Some applications now do automatically shorten your URL. If you create an account with Bitly you can track stats, with the number of times your link was clicked etc.
  20. 20. Image Editing Software When making updates via social media we find an application like PicMonkey comes in really handy. You can quickly import your image, make edits using: premade templates, overlays, speech bubbles and export your image to use within minutes. No need to go to a graphic designer for those quick updates.
  21. 21. Video Editing Software & Screen Recording FREE: OpenSource Camtasia has a great video editing studio, which allows you to cut video, add new elements, transitions, change audio, add links, export in various formats and more… There is an OpenSource tool called CamStudio with limited functionality that allows screen recording only. A great way to edit training videos, client testimonials and/or product videos.
  22. 22. One of the largest search engines behind Google. As we know video content is now more valuable than ever. Optimising your video for YouTube will help your video be found in search and if the content of the video is contagious, it may just go VIRAL! YouTube Channel – allows you to stream video content through your website with no costs to your organisation (using the embed code)
  23. 23. Social Media Management FREE: Limited • Manage multiple social networks • Schedule messages and tweets • Track brand mentions • Analyse social media traffic • 6 million+ satisfied users TweetDeck – as of May 7th no longer supports Facebook. Social Media Management Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics Similar to HootSuite, Sprout Social allows you to manage all your social media accounts in the one place. • Engagement • Profile users • Schedule posts for future dates • Manage profiles as a team • Easy to understand reporting
  24. 24. Task Management FREE : Limited Asana has a FREE account which is actually quite generous allowing you to use all its features for up to 30 users. Create, Manage, Share tasks with your team. Instead of a task sitting in your inbox and losing track of replies, Asana allows you to group responses to one task, add attachments and send you email notifications of updates etc. Simple Project Management Wrike, similar to Asana, has some added features which allow you to really manage your tasks and projects in a quick, yet organised manner. • Create folders • Create user profiles • Create unlimited collaborators • Useful Gantt Chart • Set permissions for user access • Dashboard interface
  25. 25. Thank You Really appreciate your attention and your time. Presented by RODNEY FERRO Digital Consultant | 1300 131 932