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We know better social media flyer


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We know better social media flyer

  1. 1. WE KNOW BETTER HOW TO ATTRACT THE COLONY Today brands can organically create ongoing buzz about their business through social media. Social Media consists of a subset of web, mobile, & electronic tools that help people share & discuss informa- tion, as well as connect with others. Maybe its a Twitter-specific promo or discount code, or maybe its highlighting tweets & FB comments from followers & fans on your website. Whatever the case maybe, making your customers the star of your social initiatives will be rewarded by online word-of-mouth love. We develop all engagement campaigns on a foundation of consumer-behavior data to help ensure that our e orts will indeed resonate. Knowing & engaging your target market with unique & relevant content across multiple platforms is the new standard in Digital. Questions? Call us! 214.838.3569 * SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING * COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT * INFLUENCER IDENTIFICATION * SEO AND SEARCH MARKETING * SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE * FACEBOOK APPLICATIONS * SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS * MOBILE APPLICATIONSAs a Digital Consultant, Im building an agency from the ground up. I understand the power of integration and look to be an industry force providing turnkey custom business solutions,interactive marketing campaigns, and branded digital experiences for our clients who seek to connect with the active engaged consumer of the digital age. In the future media age of RYAN YOUNG Digital Consultantdigital advertising, real-time, multichannel dialogues where brands interact with consumers directly are vital. Our methodology is proven; our behavior is adaptive. Were a performance-driven group of creative professionals who are focused on excellence with an integrated philosophy. We believe in our clients, and they deserve to believe in the character of their agency. Business Development & Solution in Online Media @ryoung214