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Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation


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Guest lecture at the University Panamericana Mexico City Feb 28 2011

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Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship Technology Innovation Rodney TannerKnowledge Worker, Brand Planner, Entrepreneur 1)
  2. 2. What we will Cover• Study Background• Mexican Business Culture• Stages of Entrepreneurial Development• Technology – Opportunity – Entrepreneurialism• Ideas under review.• Evaluating the ideas 2)
  3. 3. Entrepreneurship in a Changing Environment• Changes in Markets – Outsourcing – Virtual organizations – Market fragmentation 3)
  4. 4. Competitive Advantages of Small Business• Allows a business to compete effectively• Personal relationship with customer• Ability to innovate• Flexibility 4)
  5. 5. New Markets• Green markets• Market place• Market space 5)
  6. 6. Study Material - In Summary• Last 15 years have seen big changes• Big companies do not offer labor permanence• Small companies are abundant• Outsourcing is growing• Startups are breaking records 6)
  7. 7. Entrepreneurship - Definition• Entrepreneurs “create needs”.• Business people “satisfy needs”. 7)
  8. 8. Stages of Entrepreneurial Development Factor-Driven Efficiency-Driven Innovation-Driven From subsistence Increased R&D, knowledge intensity, agriculture to extraction industrialization and expanding service of natural resources, and economies of scale. sector. Greater potential creating regional scale- Large firms dominate, for innovative intensive agglomerations. but supply chain niches entrepreneurial activity. open up for small and medium enterprises.Basic Requirements > Efficiency Enhancers > Entrepreneurship Conditions South Africa, Tunisia, Angola*, Ghana, Argentina, Brazil, Chile*, Israel, Slovenia, Australia, Japan, Uganda, Zambia Colombia, Costa Republic of Korea Egypt*, Iran*, Pakistan, Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Saudi Arabia*, West Peru, Trinidad and Tobago*, France, Germany, Greece, Bank and Gaza Uruguay* Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Jamaica*, Guatemala*, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Bolivia Croatia*, Hungary*, Latvia*, Sweden, Switzerland, Macedonia, Montenegro, United Kingdom, United States Source: GEM 2010, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, China, Taiwan* 8)
  9. 9. Mexican Business Culture• Monopolistic thinking – Power elites – Money, inequality of opportunity – Contacts and cronyism• Conservative – risk averse Satisfaction Social Equality Entrepreneurial Dem. Gov. Inst. Edu. Opportunity CultureUruguay 80% Above Ave. StrongLat. Am Ave 44% Low WeakMexico 17% Low WeakSource: GEM 2010, The Economist Nov. 2010 9)
  10. 10. Outsourcing – Beware!Market Research –Online Studies 2006 ($ CPI)USA/UK $12.0Mexico $ 5.0Indonesia $ 2.5India $ 1.0** Mexico = Ave. salary $mx2,800, 0% profit 10)
  11. 11. Google Trends - Mexico 11)
  12. 12. T.O.E. Basic ModelTechnology Opportunities EntrepreneurshipClever ways to do What? How to make money things Who? from little or How? nothingCreating ideas to: When? (Bootstrapping)• Do new things Where?• Do old things better Finding customers• Totally re-invent re- Where do we play? and keeping them? things How will we win?• Technology helps us Fulfilling needs do things better, Mission profitably faster and cheaper Vision (Marketing) • 80% of businesses fail in the first two years • So how do we avoid failure? 12)
  13. 13. Segmentación Demográfico - Valores y Actitudes SOCIAL COMPROMETIDO - 18% HyM-25-45, NSE: C típico con hijos 7-12 años TRADICIONAL - 11% HyM-51-60, NSE: Medio con hijos grandes PROACTIVIDAD EMPRENDEDOR 1O%PASIVIDAD SEGUIDOR - 18% M-31-40, NSE: Bajo H-41-50, NSE: Bajo con hijos pequeños EMPRENDEDOR - 7% con hijos grandes HyM 24-40, NSE: Alto con hijos adolescentes INDIVIDUALISTA - 9% ASPIRACIONAL BASICO -27% H-24-40, HyM-25-34, NSE: Medio NSE: Alto y Medio con hijos pequeños con hijos grandes Fuente INDIVIDUAL 56% 44% 13) (13)
  14. 14. Social Entrepreneurship“Doing well by doing good” good”Africa - India• Micro Credits• Sanitary protection• $1 eye glasses• $100 laptops 14)
  15. 15. Electric car chargingstations How it works • When customers buy an electric car, the car company provides them with our contact information. • We offer the complete installation of the charging station, including a special electric line from CFE and top of the line charging stations. • Our services include maintenance and, if requested, upgrades for an extra charge. 15)
  16. 16. Electric car chargingstations • We offer consumers the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, making it easier and affordable to own this type of car. • In order to see widespread EV adoption, the electrical grid must be modernized and charging stations must be accessible, quick and easy. • Our company offers this possibility, making it easier to own an electric car by providing the necessary infrastructure and offering the latest technology available, allowing faster charging at home and on the road. 16)
  17. 17. Finders Keepers • What it is? – System cameras and mapping software in real time, that takes the number of places available in a parking lot and its location as an indication to the user interface panels for easy searching. • How does it work ? – It is an electronic and computer system that tells you the location of places available at the time of entering the parking panels distributed in the different entrances to reduce the search time of a place. 17)
  18. 18. Finders Keepers • Service business to business. • Market approximate size –1,216 public parking lots. –160,966 parking slots. • Location –Metropolitan area of Mexico City • Income level –Parking companies that manage over 100 parking slots 18)
  19. 19. Finders Keepers • Product –It will reduce the queue time in the parking lots –The costumer will have more time available for shopping or doing any desired activity –Service Business to Business –Service that will • Promotion –System will be hired to parking companies such as Central Parking, Ranver… –Principally it will get known by promoting directly with the parking business 19)
  20. 20. Finders Keepers • Place – Service will be installed upon the needs of the costumer – Business’ facilities will be used • Price – Includes CCTV, Electric Panels, illumination for each slot, Centralized Programmed computer and Installation. • From 1-60 spaces – 1,500 per slot. • From 61-150 – 1,300 per slot • 151 and above – 1,000 per slot 20)
  21. 21. 1- Printing Kioskkiosk, self service printer to speed up the printing process in Universities(student will send me the image of a sketch he showed me today) 21)
  22. 22. EBA EBA is a software for grocery stores, in which the owner and the clerk will be able to: • Control the merchandise (when and what to stock). • Take care of cash flow (incomes and outcomes). • Know which products give more profits. 22)
  23. 23. ProClean • Systematization of ProClean administration and selling structure (Proclean is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of cleaning products. • The company counts with a little factory at Cuautitlan Izcalli. In this factory, different kinds of cleaning products are produced; Floor and clothes detergent, hand soap, etc.)- 23)
  24. 24. Concept Evaluation Concept Technology Opportunity Marketing OutlookElectricChargeFindersKeepersPrint KioskEBAProClean 24)
  25. 25. Many Thanks!And I am ready for your questions! twitter@rodneytanner 25)