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Adult Webcam Chat Software


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The building of adult webcam site not just a question of selected framework. Any video streaming media server (kurento, red5, wowza etc) doesn't allow to build webcam site from the box. You have to develop all the environment around video transmitting process.

Making such website you should take care about following things:

1. Security – all video content should be protected from third side access.
2. Deep integration with payment engine – obviously you want to earn money on such website, so you should support Pay Per View service for your customers and make integration with a payment gateway.
3. Common user interfaces – chat application, performer broadcaster application are not provided with a media server. Making useful applications would be an issue for any front-end developer.

I listed only the major issues of developing process.

The next step its promotion of the website:

1. Models – first of all, you should hire models who would broadcast on the website.
2. Clients – you should advertise your website to bring customers on the website.

The five listed issues could be resolved with the assistance of company. Our software is used on a lot of adult and not-adult webcam projects around the web.

Summarizing I have to say that building of a webcam site it's not generally a question of selected framework. For our system, we use a bundle from mediasoup and red5 media servers.

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