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Satisfied client reference2 v0.2


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Client Testimonial for Roderick Lambert, Professional Life & Business Coach. For more, go to or

Published in: Self Improvement
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Satisfied client reference2 v0.2

  1. 1. Client Testimoninal  Tomas Kristof, Consultant @ Bloom Partners GmbH  stoftomas
  2. 2. What led you to look for a coach and why was Roderick a good fit? During my college time, I developed a set of unsustainable behavioral traits. These traits have surfaced in a much stronger fashion once I started my first full-time employment. It quickly became very obvious that in order to experience any future professional and personal growth, I must learn to work with them. Roderick came recommended to me by my older brother, Lukas. In many conversations, between my brother and me, he had endorsed Rod’s coaching skills by describing his first-hand experience. This convinced me to book my first session.
  3. 3. How was your coaching experience with Roderick? Although all of our coaching-related conversations have been happening over a video- conferencing tool, it took us only two sessions to make me to fully trust the process.  This has been achieved by Rod’s competence to seamlessly and successfully work with my strong feelings and opinions during our sessions, and the ability to incorporate feedback during the sessions and also between them. There were moments when Rod helped me to reconnect with the reality by giving me a bit of his perspective; however, I never felt judged or criticized. This made me ultimately trust Rod on this journey. Overall, my experience with Rod has been wonderful, and it is improving with every session.
  4. 4. What did it bring you? Sessions with Rod brought me a time during which I am able to discuss my problems and challenges productively. This significantly decreased the amount of time I spent fruitlessly overthinking them by my own. But more importantly, we are approaching these topics in a more structured fashion and developing a practical toolbox as we go. Although we are still at the beginning, he already has a strong positive impact on the quality of my professional and private life
  5. 5. Become your best you! Best You - Roderick Lambert Executive & Life Coach, Mentor 605 235 640 www.zivotjezmena .cz www.Linkedin.c om/rodericklam bert