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Satisfied client reference js


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Testimonial of Jakub Švestka on his coaching journey with Roderick Lambert, certified Executive and Life Coach in Prague.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Satisfied client reference js

  1. 1. Client Testimonial  Jakub Švestka, Head of Communications at an international bank  Linkedin Profile
  2. 2. What led you to look for a coach and why was Roderick a good fit?  I remember it well; it was spring 2019, and I had just left my job in one of the largest banks in the Czech Republic. After 10 years spent in the area of corporate communications, I was considering my further long-term career plan. A friend of mine recommended to approach Roderick. How was your coaching experience with Roderick?  Since that moment, I have had four individual coaching sessions with Roderick. During these, he has been asking challenging, inspirational, and out-of-the-box questions to coach me in my personal development. With his support, I have found answers to what I was looking for. Moreover, my teenage son has been so impressed with my experience with Roderick that even he has become his satisfied client. What did it bring you?  In Roderick, I have found a professional coach fully focused on his client, well-experienced, empathetic, reliable and discrete. Roderick Lambert is a coach who brings added value.
  3. 3. Become your best you! Best You - Roderick Lambert Executive & Life Coach, Mentor 605 235 640 LinkedIn Profile