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Satisfied client reference 1


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Testimonial of Andrej Zverzhanovski on his coaching journey with Roderick Lambert, certified Executive and Life Coach in Prague.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Satisfied client reference 1

  1. 1. Client Testimoninal  Andrej Zverzhanovski,  COO, Manifesto Market  LinkedIn
  2. 2. What led you to look for a coach and why did you choose Roderick? For the first time in my 14-year career I felt completely stuck and to a certain extent lost. I felt a change was necessary but was clueless as to what that change might be, and in which form it should take place. I felt I needed to explore and learn about myself and my future but wasn't able to do so in a structured way. At that point I wasn't thinking about a coach or mentoring but as life has it, one summer day on a roof-top terrace I met Roderick who struck me as a smart, calm and positive person but most importantly a person who, in the most natural way, asked me the right questions from the start. That was how the way was opened to what would become a great collaboration. In the following days, I realized that having the right answers might not be the real problem after all, I just wasn't asking myself the right questions.
  3. 3. How was your coaching experience with Roderick? The coaching experience was quite unique and very pleasant. It was a blend between personal discovery and career objectives and goals. Roderick has the gift to make you feel comfortable and safe which I realized later on was crucial to be open minded and true to yourself. Only in this way can you ask yourself the right questions and come up with the right answers. As the sessions progressed, we used different business-oriented but also psychology techniques (which were super cool by the way) that truly helped create order and structure in the thinking and discovery process.
  4. 4. What did it bring you? I think most of us come to a point in our careers and lives when we experience chaos and don’t know where to start from and that's exactly what the first result of our coaching was. It gives you a starting point from which you can develop ideas, break your stigmas and start creating a roadmap for the future.  Roderick helped me realize what actually and truly made me happy, in work as well as in life, and that's the best starting point I think you can get. Concretely, our sessions gave me the confidence to try something new in my career, to challenge myself out of my comfort zone but all the while remaining true to my goals and my happiness. I also realized that work on yourself is essential and a never-ending construction site... in other words I will continue to work with Roderick and hopefully write many more of my experiences and achievements...
  5. 5. Become your best you! Best You - Roderick Lambert Executive & Life Coach, Mentor 605 235 640 www.zivotjezmena .cz www.Linkedin.c om/rodericklam bert