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California Hiking Trails by Rod Shegem


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Rod Shegem provides insight into a variety of hiking trails and notes some of their special features (including some waterfalls!) spread throughout California.

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California Hiking Trails by Rod Shegem

  1. 1.   H I K I N G T R A I L S R O D S H E G E M C A L I F O R N I A
  2. 2. C a l i f o r n i a c o n t a i n s a m e d l e y o f g o r g e o u s l a n d s c a p e s f o r n a t u r e l o v e r s t o i n d u l g e . C a l i f o r n i a c o n t a i n s a m e d l e y o f g o r g e o u s l a n d s c a p e s f o r n a t u r e l o v e r s t o i n d u l g e . C a l i f o r n i a h a s s o m e o f t h e b e s t p e a k s a n d d e s e r t c a n y o n s f o r h i k i n g . T h e r e a r e h u n d r e d s o f t r a i l s y o u c a n h i t t o e x p e r i e n c e b r e a t h t a k i n g v i e w s i f y o u ’ r e a i m i n g t o g e t a w a y f r o m t h e u r b a n s p r a w l .
  3. 3. BLACK STAR CANYON TRAIL – LIMESTONE CANYON REGIONAL PARK, SILVERADO Black Star Canyon is a lesser known hiking trail, yet it is anything but boring. Not only is the canyon an important archaeological site, it held one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Santa Ana Mountains. The out and back trail is a little over six and a half miles and leads to Black Star Canyon Falls. The best time to hike is just after a heavy rain, when the water flow is high.
  4. 4. EL MORO CANYON LOOP TRAIL – CRYSTAL COVE STATE PARK, LAGUNA BEACH The El Moro Canyon Loop is 5 mile loop that takes you through the canyon and up to Moro ridge. This trail provides  some of the best views of the coastline in the park. Once finished hiking, enjoy some time on the beach! Want to make it an overnight trip? There are four campsites available for your choosing.
  5. 5. MORRO BAY Morro Bay is another spot perfect for sea kayaking beginners, as it is protected from the ocean by a 3-mile sandpit. While some dunes reach 85 feet, the volcanic peak of Morro Rock reaches an astounding 578 feet. Also known for more than 100 different bird species, be sure to keep an eye out for nesting peregrine falcons or brown pelicans flying above.
  6. 6. ESCONDIDO FALLS TRAIL – ESCONDIDO CANYON PARK, MALIBU One of the easier trails on this list, Escondido Falls Trail is a little over three and a half miles out and back. Perfect for all skill levels, this is a trail for the family. You’ll experience scenic views and a waterfall. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can continue hiking behind the first waterfall to experience another. This is another trail that is best explored after a heavy rail when the water flow is strong.
  7. 7. Sturtevant Falls Trail is one of the popular trails to escape the city life of Los Angeles. This three mile out and back trail is referred to as an “enchanted portion” of the San Gabriel Mountains, and it does not disappoint. A leisurely hike will lead you to a fifty foot waterfall and swimming hole, and you can take one of the many trails branching off to extend your hike.   STURTEVANT FALLS TRAIL – ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST, SIERRA MADRE
  8. 8. PARADISE FALLS TRAIL – WILDWOOD REGIONAL PARK, THOUSAND OAKS You won’t believe that this trail is located amidst suburban sprawl. Paradise Falls Trail is a moderate loop trail a little less than three miles long. You’ll start the trail looking down upon Indian Creek, which will lead you to a steep drop off into an area of volcanic rock, featuring a stunning 70-foot waterfall.
  9. 9. T H A N K S F O R W A T C H I N G W W W . R O D S H E G E M . O R G