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Masterspot System


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The Masterspot system is the first range of products to be launched from the SmartLine collection. It is the evolution of LED, designed and manufactured in Europe by our technology partner Invisua, the Masterspot represents what lighting can be in the 21st Century. The Masterspot system is more than just a light fixture it is a lighting eco-system. Designed to meet the need of retail and commercial customers, Masterspot offers dynamic lighting for indoor applications.

This new innovative LED lighting technology solution from Invisua is characterised by unmatched performance and distinct product design. On top of that, installation is incredibly simple: just connect the fixtures to mains power and connect the invisua Lightport to your existing network. Use a tablet or laptop to set-up your lighting system and create amazing lighting scenes, which are perfect for Retail and Hospitality environments.

The System is built-up using three main components, The Masterspot, The Invisua Create & The Lightport.

It is as simple as ABC...

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Masterspot System

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