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Principles For Teaching Listening


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Published in: Education

Principles For Teaching Listening

  1. 1. Rodrigo Márquez
  2. 2. - What is it? -Is it important? Listening Speaking Reading WritingCommunication
  3. 3. Focus on specific details Focus on the big picture For Listening: For Listening: -Pronunciation -Setting -Intonation -Topic -Stress -Mood -Specific words -Main idea
  4. 4. Brainstorm ideasMake mental mapsDiscuss about the topicGames
  5. 5. Students need a purpose for listeningA motivating text is related to the student’s interests and needsStudents prefer authentic texts
  6. 6. Teach your students HOW to listen-Look for key words-Look for nonverbal cues-Predict the speaker’s purpose by the context of discourse-Associate information with one’s background knowledge-Guess meaning from context-Seeking clarification-Listening for the general gist
  7. 7. Team up!What activities wouldyou do with a videolike this one?
  8. 8. Good sense of humour intelligence