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10 Steps for Collaboratively Developing Disruptive Innovation/Blue Ocean Strategies that Impr...
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The WISDOMSOURCING ROADMAP for Developing Disruptive Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategies


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The failure of many products and services in the market could be traced to inadequate product strategy and execution. Many products end up suffering from two types of customer experience problems: "Commoditization" on the one end and "Exclusivity" on the other hand. The strategy of Wisdomsourcing helps people to collaboratively and systemtically develop as well as execute strategies that overcome these problems. The Wissdomsourcing Roadmap provides a big picture view of the process for radically improving the customer experience of products especially by using Disruptive Innovation/Blue Ocean strategy. The ultimate goal of a Wisdomsourcing Strategy is to minimize customer pain and maximize customer delight.

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The WISDOMSOURCING ROADMAP for Developing Disruptive Innovation and Blue Ocean Strategies

  1. 1. THE WISDOMSOURCING ROADMAP  10 Steps for Collaboratively Developing Disruptive Innovation/Blue Ocean Strategies that Improve                              the Customer Experience of Tools (PRODUCTS, SERVICES, BUSINESSES, AND PLACES)  0. GIVEN TOOL, SITUATION, AND SCOPE  Describe the given tool/theme, objectives, existing situation, customer pain, delight, and scope as well as  desired results and opportunities of the project. Then, form Wisdomsourcing Team that is well diversified.    1. COLLECTION OF ALTERNATIVE TOOLS IN SECTOR  Collect names, locations, and areas of specialty (niches/categories) of existing sources that feature  process, activity, or theme of the given tool.    2. ORGANIZATION AND SHORTLISTING OF TOOLS  Classify each tool as a low‐end (commodity), mid‐range, high‐end (exclusive), or extraordinary  product/service.  Identify trends or patterns in evolution of the tool.    3. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS  Observe and describe elements or factors of customer pain as well as delight.   Allocate scores (weights) to the elements or factors of customer pain and delight.    4. ORGANIC WISDOMSOURCING  Complete the Organic Wisdomsourcing Questionnaire. Then, score each generated idea, strategy, or  tactic according to level of customer pain and delight.    5. SYSTEMATIC WISDOMSOURCING  Complete the Systematic Wisdomsourcing Questionnaire. Then, score each generated idea, strategy,  or tactic according to level of customer pain and delight.    6. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE SEGMENTATION, GOALS, AND ANALYSIS  Analyze and synthesize results of *Organic* Wisdomsourcing Questionnaire.    Analyze and synthesize results of *Systematic* Wisdomsourcing Questionnaire.    7. TRADE‐OFF STRATEGY PROFILE (CANVAS)  Prepare Trade‐off Strategy Profile (Canvas) for Disruptive Innovation/Blue Ocean strategy that  provides an uncontested customer experience.    8. VALUE CHAIN DASHBOARD AND BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION  Develop Value Chain Dashboard as well as business model for Disruptive Innovation/Blue Ocean  strategy.    9. PROTOTYPING/IMPLEMENTATION  Roadmap for Wisdomsourcing Strategy Projects.    Copyright 2009. Dr. Rod King