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Global	  Business	  Model	  (GBM)	  Canvas:	  	  How	  Fit	  is	  Your	  Business	  Model	  (Ecosystem)?	  Environment	  K...
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Global Business Model (GBM) Canvas: How Fit Is Your Business Model (Ecosystem)?


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Every business with customers has a tacit or an explicit business model. However, the concept of a business model is still not very well understood and applied especially in the startup world where business models have to be created, validated, and scaled under conditions of great uncertainty. Many business models are designed and created in a vacuum that ignores the environment and the importance of present/future environmental fitness. Business model fitness does not play a significant role in such designs.

This presentation introduces a visual fractal framework for systematically creating, validating, and scaling a business model for either environmental fitness ("Red Ocean" strategy) or environmental disruption ("Blue Ocean" strategy). The Global Business Model (GBM) Canvas integrates the tools of the Business Model Canvas, Business Model Environment, and Value Net. Unlike in many tools for business modeling and design, learning is an integral part of the GBM Canvas.

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Global Business Model (GBM) Canvas: How Fit Is Your Business Model (Ecosystem)?

  1. 1.                                                                                      Global  Business  Model  (GBM)  Canvas:  Fractal  Hierarchy  for  Determining  Business  Model  Fitness  Copyright  2013.  Dr.  Rod  King.  &  hDp://  &  hDp://  Environment  Business  Model  Canvas  World  (Universe)  Na6on  (Economy)  Industry  Business  (Locality)  Region  IE  ME  MEI  KTC  KEY:  “PESTLIED”  is  an  acronym  for  PoliScal;  Economic;  Social;  Technological;  Legal;  InternaSonal;  Environmental;  Demographic  Macro-­‐Economic  Influencers  (MEI):  Global  Economy  Industry  Ecosystem  (IE):  Supply  Market  Ecosystem  (ME):  Demand  Key  Trends  &  Complementors  (KTC):  PESTLIED  (-­‐/+)  
  2. 2. Global  Business  Model  (GBM)  Canvas:    How  Fit  is  Your  Business  Model  (Ecosystem)?  Environment  Key  Ac6vi6es  (KA)          Key  Partners  (KP)                        Key  Resources  (KR)          Value  Proposi6on  (VP)                      Customer  Segments  (CS)                      Pain:    Cost  Structure  (C$)        Delight:  Revenue  Streams  (R$)        Channels  (CH)          Customer  Rela6onships  (CR)        (-­‐)   (+)  Copyright  2013.  Dr.  Rod  King.  &  hDp://  &  hDp://  Topics  of  the  above  canvas  are  mainly  adapted  from  The  Business  Model  Canvas  &  Environment  (  Industry  Ecosystem  (IE):  Supply  Market  Ecosystem  (ME):  Demand  Key  Trends  &  Complementors  (KTC):  PESTLIED  (-­‐/+)  q  What  &  how  does  business  con6nuously  learn  (to  create  customers,  profit  or  shared  value)?  Macro-­‐Economic  Influencers  (MEI):  Global  Economy