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  1. 1. What way does your media product Use, develop or challenge forms and Conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. General requirements Real film openings • The film opening should last around two minutes however large blockbuster films last around five minutes • There should be some kind of sound track or sound to help the audience establish the setting and introduce the characters • It’s mandatory to have titles • There should be a variation of shot types My film opening • The Film opening was around 1:54 minutes • We had a Soundtrack, Non diegetic sound, Foleys and Dialogue • We had titles • We had a variation of shot types My Film opening meets the general requirements
  3. 3. Genre
  4. 4. The genre of Can You keep A secret is Horror. Horror is a film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audience's primal fears. Horror films often feature scenes that startle the viewer; the macabre and the supernatural are frequent themes. Thus they may overlap with the fantasy, supernatural and thriller genres We challenged this convention
  5. 5. Unlike normal horror films our film opening wasn’t scary! We still elicit negative fearful emotions from our viewers however, it's because they had an understanding of what was happening rather than them being left in the lurch and playing on their primal fears
  6. 6. Narrative
  7. 7. My film opening challenges the normal forms and convections Most teen horror film’s follow three story lines  The evil sprit or dark creature is focused on killing the teens as they have something they want or have past history.  An unprovoked attack drives two teenager’s madly in love with each other into fighting for their survival.  It’s the teenagers duty to save the world as only they can unlock the power to end the horror The blurb - Three teenage girls are under interrogation as they are questioned about a dark past. Georgia Oakley, Kadey Brash and Jasmin Denford are three regular teenage girls from the outskirts of Cherisgham however they find themselves in a pickle when questioned about their activities on 19/06/2012, in a attempt to cover up what really happened from the police they are forced to re-live the dreadful events of that day. tortured by past events they are forced to go back and re visit the scene of 19/06/2012. The story line of can you keep a secrete follows a more realistic route and experiments with the concept of real time , there are elements of past, present and future in the movie which is different to a lot of teen horror films as most things either happen in the past or real-time.
  8. 8. Setting
  9. 9. We used this convention as Our teen film was set in a forest otherwise known as the woods which is a common setting for a teenage horror film. Common setting for Teen horror film's House School Woods Abandoned place Different realm
  10. 10. Characters
  11. 11. The characters in most teenage horror film’s are white. In my film all of the characters are black which challenges the forms and conventions of regular teenage horror films. The characters were all black as we wanted to challenge the norms and expectations of normal horror film’s, it’s interesting to see what different social groups would do in this situation and how the audience reacts to them. The characters are all female which is important as in horror film's there is usually a mixture of people who play the leading roles having a mostly female cast is unusual. Characters in regular teen horror films The Characters in My Teen horror film
  12. 12. Titles
  13. 13. Order of titles: Production indent Distribution indent Distributor in title sequence production in title sequence Actor 1 Actor 2 Film title Actor 3 Actor 4 Actor 5 etc. Casting Costume Music supervisor Music by Edited by Production Designer Director of photography Executive Producers Written by Director The order of title • We used this convention as it wasn’t necessary to change the order of titles as we didn’t have multiple distribution or production companies and big name stars or a director that needed to be placed higher up. Pictures showing you the order we placed our titles in
  14. 14. To conclude I think our film opening follows the conventions of other teen film openings. Rather than developing or challenging those conventions,. The film opening didn’t challenge many conventions but there were slight differences, the reason for this is because most teen horror movies are developed on big production labels as warner bros, Columbia Pictures and New Line Cinemas. Which focus on American films Our film was based on the British scene so we were bound to have differences as the UK social scene, teenagers and environment are different to America. Conclusion