DZynSource Mold Engineering Software Presentation 2


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DZynSource Mold Engineering SOftware

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DZynSource Mold Engineering Software Presentation 2

  1. 1. Mold Engineering SoftwareDesktop Engineering Tools for MoldDesigners, Engineers, Moldmakers, Processors, etc.
  2. 2.  Build better molds the first time Optimize mold cooling Plan for thermal expansion and contraction Specify chillers, cylinders, valves, and pumps Size mold plates appropriately Specify correct components and fasteners Troubleshoot molds and molding processes Over-design is expensive Under-design can be disastrous
  3. 3. These calculationsare commonlyused whenworking withheaters and hotrunner systems.Calculate thewattage of a spareheater by enteringthe measuredresistance in ohms,and using theknown voltage inthe bottomcalculation.
  4. 4. Molds are heat exchangers, andthe medium is usually water. Youcan calculate your pressure losses,Reynolds Number and flow ratesto ensure turbulent flow for water,laminar flow for hydraulics.Hydraulic and pneumatic cylindercalculations, for force flow rateS.C.F.M. are done in seconds. Thismakes it easier to size cylinders,valves and pumps.
  5. 5. Don’t spend your timedoing repetitivecalculations. We dothese all of the time, sowhy not automateroutine tasks?The feeder line sizecalculator works forwater manifolds too.Enter the size line thatyou need to feed, andenter the number ofwaterlines, andinstantly get therequired size for themain feeding waterline.
  6. 6. The equivalent diameter of an The equivalent diameter of an annularirregular shaped passage is not channel is much smaller than mostthe same as a diameter of people think it is. Drilled holes in coresequal area. It is much smaller are traditionally undersized in thedue to the increased periphery. moldmaking community.
  7. 7. You can calculatethe forward force,the return force,and number ofgallons perminute ofhydraulic fluidneeded, all whiletalking to yourcustomer on thephone.
  8. 8. Calculate the correct piston boresize for your application. Calculate the forward force Calculate the return force Calculate the SCFM of air required for operation. Get the answers as fast as you can type.
  9. 9. You cancalculate thepressure lossesin your mold, orhoses.You can alsocalculate the factthat there is verylittle pressurelost throughsmall fittings, inmany cases.
  10. 10. Make sure that your cooling is maximized by achieving a flow rate that indicates a ReynoldsNumber over 4000.Make sure that your hydraulic lines don’t exceed a Reynolds Number of 2000.See how anti-freeze hampers your mold cooling by increasing the coolant viscosity! You can sometimes increase cooling, in marginal situations, by warming the water temperature. When the Reynolds Number is near 4000, and you can’t increase the flow rate, increasing the water temperature can sometimes change the flow from transitional to turbulent due to the decreased viscosity.
  11. 11. Here’s a list ofquestions thatyou can use as achecklist whenchecking hotrunnerdrawings. Thelist is based onexperience .The checklist isin a limitedword processor,so you can addyour own itemsto the list.
  12. 12. DZynSource Mold EngineeringSoftware is not just fordesigners. There is a section forpeople involved in machining aswell.
  13. 13. When cutting with a ballend mill, there will alwaysbe ridges and valleys leftfrom the radius on thebottom of the cutter. Theheight of these ridgesincreases with the amountthat you “step over” yourcutter.Calculate the expectedroughness before you cut.
  14. 14. Calculate the amountof chip load per tooth,or the feed rate formachining. Enteryour known data toget your requiredinformation.
  15. 15. When cutting with aball end mild, or a flatbottom end mill with acorner radius, theeffective cutterdiameter isdetermined by thediameter of the cutterat the point on thecutter radius wherethe full depth of cutintersects that radius.
  16. 16. You can openup to 4materialpropertieswindows tocompare theproperties of36 differentmold makingmetals.
  17. 17. Quickly estimatethe weight ofeither steel oraluminumrectangular platesand blocks.
  18. 18. DZynSource MoldEngineering Software isnot just for designers andtoolmakers. The coolingand molding calculationsmake this software avaluable tool for molders,molding managers, andproduction planners too.
  19. 19. Quickly calculates: the pounds of materialto be processed per hourThe BTU’s per hour tobe removedThe gallons per minuteof water required toremove the heatAnd the chiller capacity,in tons.
  20. 20. Calculates therequiredcolorant interms of let-down ratio, orpercentage.Choosepounds orkilograms.
  21. 21. This allows you to calculate the pause time for the molding machine to wait for the molded part to fall from the highest cavity to the bottom of the mold.
  22. 22. When you don’tneed the heatcontent, waterrequirements, orchiller capacity,you can justcalculate theamount ofmaterial to beprocessed perhour.
  23. 23. Calculate steelsizes, knowingplastic size andshrink rate, orcalculate plasticsize, knowingsteel size andshrink rate.Includes a tableof typical shrinkrates for somecommon plasticmaterials.
  24. 24. Calculate the Amount of Material to be Processed PerHour is found here, as well as in the molding calculationssection.
  25. 25. Calculateyourproductioncapacityquickly andeasily!
  26. 26. Sometimes you knowyour production runin hours, and want toconvert it to a largerunit of time. Doneand done.
  27. 27. Calculate runnersizes based on partwall thickness.Calculate the size ofa feeder runnerbased on the sizeand number ofbranch runners itwill be feeding.
  28. 28. The strength of materials section issort of the heart of the DZynSourceMold Engineering Software, and thereason that I originally startedwriting this code.There are many options from thisselection set, and many more choiceswithin each section.
  29. 29. You can calculatethe bending, ordeflection, ofplates, cores, ormany other moldcomponents.For slightlytapered parts, usethe averagediameter of thepart.
  30. 30. The Moment ofInertia and SectionModulus areautomatically sentto the proper textboxes.
  31. 31. 2 differentloadingscenarios,2 differentsupportscenarios.Good forcalculating thedistortion fromgating on acore, or thecollapse of acap or closure,among otherthings.
  32. 32. The answers for this section appear in a separate dialog box.
  33. 33. I have seen ejectorpins buckle due toinjection pressurewhen gating waspositioned directlyover the pin. Thislong column testwill tell you if theproportions of yourpin put it at risk ofbuckling. Of course,it is not restricted tojust ejector pins.
  34. 34. This feature will tell you what the critical load is to avoid long column buckling for your pin or post.Here again, the modulus of elasticity can be chosen from a list, or enteredmanually. The moment of inertia is transferred from the worksheet shownearlier.
  35. 35. This calculationbecomes morecritical for facemounted cavities.Since there is noplate to containcavity expansion,you must ensurethat the wallthickness of thecavity is thickenough so that theexpansion will beless than theexpected shrinkageof the wall stock ofyour molded part.
  36. 36. When you press the “Enter Modulus of Elasticity” command button, you are presented with a table of materials to choose from. The appropriate number will be transferred to the text box, when you click on your material. You can always enter your own data, if your material isn’t listed.The modulus of elasticity for steels is within 10% of30,000,000 p.s.i. regardless of the steel or its hardness.
  37. 37. Moment of inertia,section modulus, radiusof gyration, and area areall used in thecalculations of strength ofmaterials.Just enter your knowndimension for one of theten standard shapes toget the values you need.Most values are sent tothe appropriate textboxes automatically.
  38. 38. Have you everseen a mold with“A” side actionfail to keep theslides fully closedduring injection?You don’t have toexperience thisagain if you sizethe plate correctlythe first time.Both throughpocket and blindpocket options.
  39. 39. You can chooseto calculate theexpansion andthe final size.You can alsocalculate what tomake the initialsize in order fora part to grow tothe correct sizeafter a change intemperature.
  40. 40. You can calculate thesize for measuringthreads with the“three wiremeasurement”technique.You can calculate thelargest, smallest, andbest wire size to usebased on the threadsper inch, or the threadpitch.
  41. 41. You can select N.P.T. threads,or B.S.P.T threads. Once youclick on the thread size, you arepresented with the tap drill sizefor that thread. You will get 2answers, one for the drill size ifusing a pipe reamer too, or alarger size if no pipe reamerwill be used.
  42. 42. Using the image at the right to decide, choose the 3 options tocalculate the value that you need to know. You can calculate thechord, the radius, or the height of the segment, if you know theother two values.
  43. 43. Most calculatorsinclude a decimaldegree to degree,minute, second,calculator.We included one hereso that you haveanother source forwhen your calculatorbatteries lose theircharge.
  44. 44. Choose any twovalues that youknow, from thelist, and pressCalculate to get theother 3 values.The 90º corner isconstant.You can enter yourangle in decimalsdegrees ordegrees, minutes,seconds.
  45. 45. Using a roll, dowel pin, or gage pin to measure angles is very common in moldand tool making. There are two choices available to represent the orientation ofthe angle. Just enter the angle, the height to the theoretical sharp corner, and thepin or roll diameter, press calculate, and the height over the roll is calculated foryou. No more using charts and cheat sheets.
  46. 46. The tooling ball is oftenused for measuring thesize of cone shaped holes.You can calculate howmuch the ball sits aboveor below datum surfaceS.An answer with a minusvalue indicates that theball is below the surface.The tangent diameter isgiven so you can tell ifthe angle surface is largeenough for the ball to resttangent to the angle.
  47. 47. Of course, it’s still up toyou to put the vents inthe right spot. But thiscalculator tells you theminimum vent widthyou need to preventburning” of the plasticmaterial.It’s usually better to havemore vents, as long asthe structural integrity ofthe core and cavity arenot compromised.
  48. 48. At $149, this software is extremely inexpensive.At a $75 per hour shop rate, this software will pay for itself in 4weeks, assuming 30 minutes per week of savings.There will be times where each use will save you hours of time.Some calculations are complicated, and can take an hour or more, if not doneregularly.Instead of looking through notes and books for the appropriate formula orequation, all of your engineering calculations are automated in oneconvenient location.Have you ever seen an “A” side action mold flash due to an under-designedplate?Imagine the money saved if you avoid just one engineering mistake!
  49. 49. “ "Finally, a one-source location for the plastics mold design engineer to find just about everything from material properties to conversion tables to cooling requirement calculations, the list just goes on. If youre involved in the design of plastic injection molds, you need DZynSource on your Desktop. I highly recommend it." --Dieter Meyer, Custom Micro-Cadd Systems “Every mold making company should own a copy. Great idea, great implementation.” Jim Philippe / Tooling Engineer CORNING LIFE SCIENCES Very impressive and a must for anyone in the business from bench to processing” Robert Pozzo, Sr. Design Engineer at Applied Medical; CSWPI just purchased DZynSource tonight for use during estimation, design and analysis. Ihave my own Excel workbook with many of the formulas I use for calculating similarfunctions but I appreciate the way you have compiled them into an accessible packagewith a friendly menu system. I am sure this will be a handy resource for years to come. Derek Beattie, PolySurf Design Services
  50. 50. A while ago we switched from 32 bit to 64 bit computers.When we did this our beam analysis software would no longer run.So the main reason for buying your package was for the beam deflectioncalculations.We are finding more uses for it as we go along.This leader pin calculation has me intrigued because we never could get a goodnumber for this.So thanks!Marty Ricciotti, Chief EngineerRedoe Mold LTD“ I am impressed with your software; talk about practical and useful! Anyone in thebusiness can sure appreciate what you have done.”Brett Niggel, Designer, Studio One Eleven