WHY the world stopped clicking...


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WHY the world stopped clicking...

  1. 1. Dean Donaldson 2nd November 2006 WHY the world stopped clicking… The rise of interaction metrics and the importance of pre-click activity
  2. 2. TIMELINE OF RICH MEDIA ADVERTSING Floating ads achieve over 5% CTR 100% 90% Broadband In-game video ads Penetration 80% ‘Pre-Roll’ ads before 70% online video content 60% Video now standard % of ads Mobile & IPTV 50% across all formats using video 40% First 2MB Cross Channel Advertising Video Ad 30% Eyeblaster Behavioural & Sequential ads launches the 20% ‘Floating Ad’ 10% Rise of the ‘Smart Ads’ 0% 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  3. 3. OVERALL: FORMAT COMPOSITION Standard Banner 45% Polite Banner Intrusive Advertising Floating Ad 40% Expandable Banner Other 35% User Initiated 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% H1 '04 H2 '04 H1 '05 H2 '05 H1 '06 www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  4. 4. CTR: OVERALL vs VIDEO ADS Dropped from 5% to less than 1% in 5 years 3.50% CTR 3.00% CTR (video) 2.50% 2.00% 1.50% 1.00% 0.50% 0.00% H1 '04 H2 '04 H1 '05 H2 '05 H1 '06 www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  5. 5. REASONS FOR CHANGE The online audience has matured  Change of user habits – More habitualised in the way they consume and engage with content – More resilient to be enticed to leave their comfort zones by clicking away – The threat of spyware and viruses and the trend towards pop-up blockers  Novelty value – Over use of intrusive advertising created saturation – Slow down on new formats as publishers standardise all inventory – Increased regulation of frequency capping and close buttons  Personalised experience – Users now more likely to choose how to receive relevant content – More inclined to be entertained in their chosen environment www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  6. 6. MEDIA FIRSTS standard industry question “What new format or latest trick can you recommend that will get me the best click-thru rates?” www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  7. 7. FROM PULL – “Traffic Drivers” Trying to pull the users to your website YAHOO! MSN WEBSITE AOL – Average CTR is below 0.3% ORANGE – Clicks are not pre-qualified www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  8. 8. TO PUSH – “Smart Ads” Pushing content to the user, exactly where they are YAHOO! MSN WEBSITE AOL – Average dwell time is ORANGE about one minute www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  9. 9. BRAND RESPONSE ADVERTISING For Users For Clients For Publishers … Enhanced Experience … Meaningful Metrics … Permanent Presence  Delivers content direct to the  Provides a fully measurable,  Negates need for user to leave user where they are immersive brand experience the publisher site  Offers choice to the 90%+ users  More interactions means better  Provides greater real-estate who don’t click-thru ROI analysis and file size for interactivity  Results prove interaction  Can be fully integrated with  Publishers benefit from overrides typical ad timeout client’s site back-end co-branding opportunities www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  10. 10. RESPONSE: SHADES OF GREY  Engagement Impression – Post Impression Activity (Sub-Conscious Acknowledgement) No Awareness (No Conscious Acknowledgment)  Click-Thru Interaction – Post-Click Activity (Conscious Acknowledgement) Pre-Click Activity / Post-Interaction (Active Involvement)  Call to Action – Required Response (Conscious Decision) – Information Request / Data Capture / Physical Purchase www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  11. 11. PRE-CLICK INTERACTIVITY TRACKING Get a full view of your campaign success  BEST PRACTICE: Track all elements in an ad Test Drive Main Click Brochure Request Rotate More Information www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  12. 12. www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  13. 13. JUSTIFY YOUR CAMPAIGN SUCCESS www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  14. 14. MUD SLINGING A. Don’t own a Honda but have seen the TV ads C. Recently downloaded a Honda brochure D. Has just had B. Already own a Honda and a test drive… actively looking to replace www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  15. 15. PLAN YOUR NEXT MOVE www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  16. 16.  KEY FACT: Data Capture regularly achieves higher uptake on Mail Portals  11% of initial respondents went on to give further details in subsequent screens  1% started process – same as clicked thru  Higher rates could have been achieved if the data request fields were higher www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  17. 17. CHALLENGING PERCEPTIONS The changing face of online advertising  Deliver content to the user without the need to leave the publisher’s site  Work with publisher’s in-page units to draw user’s eye from content to ad  Adopt more interactive functionality e.g. behavioural to complement video  Push the brand experience and expect shortened conversion cycles  Don’t trust click-thru as a way of justifying campaign success  Find metrics to measure campaign success from Branding to Response  Be prepared to justify a 0% CTR! www.eyeblaster.com [index]
  18. 18. THANK YOU your time is appreciated