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Vietnam Telecomp 2006 -


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Vietnam Telecomp 2006 -

  1. 1. The 12th International Exhibition in Vietnam on International Exhibition in Vietnam on Telecommunications and Information Technology Electronics Products 2008 26 – 29 November 2008 HIECC, HCMC, SR Vietnam COMIT Corporation Introduces Test & Measurement Equipment and Solutions for Passive Optical Networks at Vietnam Telecomp 2008 At the exhibition Vietnam Telecomp 2008, COMIT Corporation honorably introduces their test & measurement equipment and solutions for Passive Optical Networks (FTTx, FTTH, FTTP, FTTC, etc.) in order to support telecom operators in testing features and performance of devices according to standards of ITU–T, FCC, NEC, etc. and in evaluating the interoperability of OLT/ONT as well as quickly troubleshooting networks. The appearance and development of FTTx technology is to meet the users’ demand of a faster and cheaper access, of applications in e-banking, e-learning, tele-medicine, video security, network storage and most importantly the emerging IPTV service. In 2008, the amount of subscribers are 14 million in Japan, 3 million in Korea, 4 million in North America, 3 million in Europe (Source: Fujikura Ltd.). The number of FTTx subscribers in Asia and Oceania is forecasted to be 47 million in 2011 (Source: Fujikura Ltd.). The common benefit of FTTx technology and service is the faster internet access. Moreover, FTTx can also change the daily life of its users by: • Improving home and office security by video monitoring; • Delivering research and learning opportunities regardless of subject or location using e-learning; • Updating news clips; • Providing opportunities to work in the distributed environment using video conference; • Improving the efficiency of tele-workers by accessing network drive via “true broadband” connection; • Providing faster and more secure e-banking and e-trading; • Providing interactive entertainment (IPTV); • Providing cheaper tele-medicine, avoiding visits and stays in hospital in unnecessary cases; tele-diagnosis between doctors from different locations; increase of working productivity by saving time going for a check up. Another macro benefit of FTTx is its potential contribution to the GDP growth. Gartner Dataquest, an analyst firm, evaluated that the “true bandwidth” (FTTx) can increase United States’ GDP by USD 500 billion annually. In VietNam, besides FPT Telecom is providing FTTx service, Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT) is also promoting a plan to deploy FTTx nationwide. The first phase (2009) is to deploy networks and services in 12 big provinces/cities: Hanoi, HCMC, Danang, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hue, Can Tho, Vung Tau, etc. The second phase (2010) is to deploy FTTx in the rest 49 provinces and cities. VNPT is also almost finishing the selection of vendors of IPTV equipment and solution in 2008. IPTV service is predicted to be explosive and create great demands of broadband access, especially for FTTx. In order to support telecom operators with fast FTTx deployment, COMIT, through Vietnam Telecomp 2008,
  2. 2. The 12th International Exhibition in Vietnam on International Exhibition in Vietnam on Telecommunications and Information Technology Electronics Products 2008 26 – 29 November 2008 HIECC, HCMC, SR Vietnam introduce a profound range of products for testing and measuring FTTx networks and services. JDSU MTS-6000 helps engineers troubleshoot faults like optical fiber break, optical signal attenuation, etc. Fujikura Splicemate helps engineers splice optical fiber faster with its capability of splicing 4 fibers at the same time. JDSU HST-3000 helps evaluate and troubleshoot faults of Ethernet transport (a type of transport which is popularly used in FTTx) as well as turn up and troubleshoot services (voice, data and video) faults in FTTx networks. As FTTx network develops, COMIT’s test equipment will help manufacturers ensure their products meeting Vietnam and international standards. COMIT’s test equipment will also help operators improve their quality of service by ensuring the performance and stability of FTTx networks. With a wide range of products, COMIT is now the leading provider of telecommunication test & measurement equipment in Vietnam with more than 50% market share since 2003. About the products JDSU MTS-6000 is the one of highest precision optical test equipment in the world, with measurements of OTDR, VFL, LTS, PMD, CD, Ethernet, IPTV, etc. It has small size and rugged design. JDSU HST–3000 is next-generation broadband test equipment providing comprehensive measurements from voice/VoIP, copper quality, modem compatibility to services like xDSL, IP video and Ethernet. JDSU HST–3000 is equipped with user-customized and automatic test scripts ensuring that all technicians can follow standard testing procedures, eliminating mistakes due to wrong test configuration and procedures. Anite Nemo Outdoor is the measurement equipment to analyze mobile networks’ quality of service, troubleshoot mobile networks’ faults. Anite Nemo Outdoor is the drive test tool for GSM/CDMA networks, analyzing mobile receiving and transmitting power and testing the voice quality. Bird SA–6000 EX is the testing solution for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting antennas and feeder cables from low band VHF through microwave. Fujikura FSM-60S is considered to be the fastest optical fiber splicer in the world today. This is also an optical fiber splicer with the lowest splice loss: 0.01 dB (multi-mode fiber) and 0.02 dB (single-mode fiber), with the dual- direction operation system and the calibration free arc discharge system. Particularly, it is the only optical fiber splicer in the market that supports Vietnamese. About COMIT Corporation COMIT was founded in 2003 based on strengths of Acterna Representative Office in Vietnam (Acterna Vietnam) – the office was opened in Vietnam in 1999. COMIT proceeds Acterna Vietnam in providing solutions and services
  3. 3. The 12th International Exhibition in Vietnam on International Exhibition in Vietnam on Telecommunications and Information Technology Electronics Products 2008 26 – 29 November 2008 HIECC, HCMC, SR Vietnam of the world’s largest communication test and measurement equipment manufacturer to Vietnam customers. Besides that, COMIT is also expanding its business by allying with world’s top manufacturers like Fujikura (Japan), Willtek (Germany), Anite (Finland), IXIA and Bird (US), etc. in order to provide Vietnam customers with complete solutions. With the spirit “Responsibility and Devotion” which has been highly appreciated by our customers, COMIT more and more affirms its leading position in the telecommunication test and measurement in Vietnam with over 50% market share since 2003. Nowadays, COMIT is a telecommunication technology group including COMIT Corporation -focusing on telecommunication test & measurement equipment and solutions, COMIT Telecom Services Corporation – focusing on mobile network optimization and professional test & measurement services like certifying telecommunication infrastructure, testing quality of service for mobile and fixed networks, commissioning optical and microwave transport networks, etc. and COMIT Mobile Co., Ltd. - focusing on mobile value-added solutions and services. Contact Information Ms. Lê Thùy Dương Marketing Executive COMIT Corporation Tel: +84 4 772 1816; Fax: +84 4 772 1817 Email: Kindly be invited to visit our booth 3D27 at Vietnam Telecomp 2008 from 26 – 29 November, 2008. - END - For press enquiry, please contact: (Ms. Bui Thi Duyen Ms. Kathy Wong Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) Marketing Communications Department PR Center For VNPT (IPC) Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd Mobile: (84) 903435302 Tel: (852) 2516 3372 Tel: (84) 4 9438026/9436027 (ext 101) Fax: (852) 2516 5024 Email: Email: