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  1. 1. tv Adtec Digital US Sales: 615.256.6619 International Sales 904.394.0389 TM At Adtec Digital, we offer the most simple and ideal solutions for Internet Protocol Television. At the core of our IPTV IPTV Middleware Application Server w/iptvManage, solution is iptvManageTM, which is a browser-based control and Manage edjeGuide Middleware & edjePlayer PC Decoder TM TM management application. It runs on Adtec Digital's Middleware Application Server (MAS). Supporting IPTV and BBTV iptvManageTM simply make's your life easier by providing platforms, the Adtec Middleware customer and set top database management as well as package, Application Server (MAS) is the core of the interactive IPTV viewing experience. channel and VOD provisioning. Serving as the host for IPTV set top edjeGuideTM, our set top box middleware application boxes and computer browser based provides your customers with program guide information, parental decoders, the MAS enables the decoding controls, favorite lists and a simple and intuitive interface. device to provide user-friendly and easy The Adtec IPTV Solution provides not just to navigate program viewing and reliability, but flexibility, allowing you to TM extended programming information for remain competitive and in sync with the live, on demand and PVR media assets. industry advances. benefits • Consumer Off The Shelf (COTS) Hardware: Two models, differing in redundancy and perfor- • VOD: Take advantage of the optional Adtec edjeVOD software server running natively on the mance are offered to meet the demands of varying MAS, or interface with larger scalable VOD customer requirements. solutions from a variety of VOD vendors. • Open Standards OS and Application Tools: • Billing Interface: Using a public domain billing The use of a robust Linux OS and well known interface from Great lakes Data Systems, the MAS internet based development tools and databases can interface to your system. * Intergration Required makes the MAS easy to use, understand and deploy. • Caller ID: Display incoming calls or missed calls • Electronic Program Guide: Support for industry while watching TV. * Intergration Required leading Tribune Media Listing service as well as manual program guide building. • Emergency Alert: Interface with weather radios to provide EAS notifications to set tops or computer • IPTV Set Top Support: Support for industry decoders. * Intergration Required leading IPTV set top vendors such as Amino Communications. • Customizable Interfaces: Customize the look applications and feel of your decoding device interfaces. • Telco • PC, MAC, and Linux Computer Decoding: Cross • Internet platform support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, • Flexibility by Design: iptvManage TM allows you • Medical • Hospitality Safari and Opera browsers with the use of the open to control set top devices, Adtec decoder devices • Education source VLC plug-in decoder wrapped in Adtec’s and PC decoder accounts all from the same • Military edjePlayerTM DHTML interface. application. 05.2007 • Corporate (Enterprise)
  2. 2. considerations Availability When considering IPTV as a method of Digital Television features & specifications Middleware Applications Server (DTV) delivery, there are many factors to review. IPTV Technical Specs The MAS comes in a 1 RU chassis. must be primarily viewed as an enabling mechanism for Operating System Client Requirements: distribution of television and advanced services in residential, • SUSE Linux 10.2 The following items are recommended for enterprise, medical, educational, military, and other network remote configuration and use of the MAS. enabled applications. The average required bandwidth per Database viewing node is roughly 30 Mega bits per second (Mbs). This • mySQL 4.1.13 Processor: provides support for 1 MPEG 2 HD, 2 SD, T1 data speed, 1.5Ghz Pentium 4/AMD Athlon or 1Ghz PowerPC and many VoIP services concurrently. Is your network (2Ghz recommended) Application Server capable of this? If so, then use of the mature, established, • Apache Tomcat 5.5.17 and pervasive MPEG 2 is acceptable and actually preferred Memory: based on economics and maturity. If you cannot sustain this 512Mb DDR 333Mhz (1Gb DDR2 533Mhz Server Hardware recommended) bit rate per node, you should consider using MPEG 4 Part 10 • Supermicro 1RU chassis (AVC). It is certainly the encoding standard of the future and it will offer a 25% bandwidth savings on SD and nearly 50% Video Card: Processor 16Mb SDRAM w/ DirectX 8 support (64Mb DDR w/ savings on HD services. Assess your objectives and budget Base 1RU DirectX 9 support recommended) accordingly prior to deciding which standard best fits your • 1 - Intel Dual Core Xenon current and future requirements. Just as Analog and Digital (2.66-3.0 Ghz) Audio Card: TV coexist today, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 will interoperate on AC ‘97 w/ DirectX 8 support (PCI card 24-bit/96khz IPTV systems for the forseeable future. Advanced 1RU resolution w/ DirectX 9 support recommended) Another important consideration is your Set Top Box • 1 - Intel P4 vendor. In the same manner that you mix headend vendor (3.4Ghz) Operating Systems gear, Adtec believes using multiple set top box vendors is key. Select a vendor that falls within your budget while offering Memory PC: value and capabilities required today and tomorrow. Base 1RU Windows XP (SP2)/Windows 2000 (SP4) Conditional Access is essential, not an option. Be certain • 1-16 GB that both transport and affiliate rights are negotiated with the MAC: program providers. Having a network, headend, CA, and IP Advanced 1RU OSX Jaguar (OSX Tiger recommended) Set Top will do nothing without content. • 1-4Gb Linux: With all of this in mind, approach IPTV with the basic IO Interfaces Any distribution with support for 2.6 kernel and business fundamentals used when reviewing other capital • 2- GIGE compatible VLC software expenditures. Be patient and meter your expectations, have • USB 2.0 reasonable ninety-day, six-month, and one-year objectives. • RS232 terminal Browser: Now that IPTV has asserted itself as viable technology, it’s (requires appropriate plugin to work) time to consider how you can put that technology to work for Storage you. Base 1RU * Internet Explorer 6 SP1 & 7 • RAID Level 1 * Firefox 2.0 Options: • Max Capacity 500 GB DTA Series - Digital turn around routers VLC Plugin: edje 2000 - Real time streaming MPEG2 encoder Advanced 1RU VLC 8.5 (VLC 8.6a recommended) edje 2100 - Real time streaming MPEG2 encoder with Dolby Digital • RAID (AMCC) 5 edje 4000 - Real-time streaming MPEG 4 Part 10 (AVC) encoder • Max Capacity 1.0 TB w/ Hotspare * Specifications subject to change without written notice. displayMate - High definition digital signage player Power edje 4111 HD - High definition digital media player Base 1RU Soloist 4111 HD - High definition digital media server • single 350 watt • 120-240 VAC Supported Set Top Boxes Amino 110, 125, 130 Advanced 1RU • redundant/hotswap 700 watt • 120-240 VAC Supported VOD Servers RTSP compliant Streamer Servers Physical (Integration required) • 1 RU -17.5x20x1.75/ 1RUb 17.5x28x1.75 © 2007 Adtec Digital. iptvManage™, edjeGuide™, edjePlayer™ are trademarks of Adtec Digital. Other product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
  3. 3. tv Our IPTV Solutions Include TM - Middleware - MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 Part 10, more commonly known as AVC encoding - Video On Demand - Flexible and dependable digital turn around, ad insertion and conditional access integration. Optional ASI & SMPTE 310 Out Optional ASI Out 2 ATSC DTA 3250 or 4 ATSC QAM or 10 ASI QAM DTA 3304 4 DVB-T 2 ASI 4 DVB-S2 2 ASI 2 ASI 2 ASI 2 DVB-S DTA 3254 DTA 3050 DTA 3154 Digital Turn Around (ASI, ATSC, QAM, DVB-S, DVB-S2) Digital Turn Around (ASI, DVB-T) GigE VOD Options edje Encoders - edjeVOD - RTSP compliant server - MPEG 2 integration - AVC Subscription Management Server - Verimatrix (VCAS) Local Encoding Video on Demand Conditional Access TM IPTV Core & Access Network - mediaHub Ingest Station - adManage T&B Gateway Server MAS with iptvManage - DPI 1200 Ad Server - Customer and Decoder Database - Duet Ad Inserter - Package, Channel, VOD Provisioning - eyeMonitor Enterprise Management Application Middleware Application Server & Management Ad Insertion Adtec Decoders PC Decoder Set-Top-Box Residential Solutions Residential & Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Solutions