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  1. 1. The Impact of IPTV on Public Networks Table of Contents I. INTRODUCTION A. Description 1. Broadcast, Multicast, Unicast transmission 2. Protocols: IP UDP RTP RTCP RTSP RSVP IGMP B. Generic IPTV Network C. Advantages of an IPTV D. Disadvantages of an IPTV  II. Market Conditions A. Competition for the Broadband Access market B. Increasing ARPU C. Triple Play D. New Services Opportunity 1. Community and residential services 2. Enterprise services 3. Small Business services III.POTENTIAL IMPACT OF IPTV A. Service Provider Revenue Models 1. Supplier of Content 2. Supplier of Access B. Importance of Content Providers C. Consumer Preference: Cable, Dish or IPTV. IV.IPTV TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS A. Local Distibution of Broadcast TV 1. Hybrid­Fiber Coax 2. RF overlay 3. Switched Video B. Premise Networks 1. Issues 2. Solutions:         Phoneline /  Coax /  Wireless / Powerline  C. Access bandwidth Requirements 1. Number of TV Channels 2. Compression Codecs 1. MPEG­2 2. H.264/MPEG­4 Part 10/AVC
  2. 2. 3. WM(/VC1 4. Codec Comparison © 2005 Dittberner Associates Inc.
  3. 3. D. Access Technology Choices 1. Copper Pair 1. DSL a. MAC b. Bonding  c. technical Issues 2. FTTN 3. FTTC 2. Fiber 3. Hybrid­Fiber Coax 4. satellite 5. Wireless 1. Fixed Wireless 2. Mobile Wireless 6. Impact of Access technology on IPTV Service Offerings E. Metro Networks 1. Traffic Patterns 1. Multicat Traffic 2. Unicast Traffic  2. Traffic Management 1. Video QOS Requirements 2. QOS Methods a. Diffserv b. IEEE 802.1p c. VLANs d. MPLS e. Protection Switching 3. Monitoring QOS 3. Impact of IPTV Bandwidth Demands 1. Multicast Traffic 2. Unicast Traffic 3. Effect of Shift to HDTV 4. Importance of Optical Network Evolutions F. Long Haul networks 1. Contribution Networks 2. Distribution Networks V.  IPTV BUSINESS ISSUES A. Network Infrastructure Investment B. Content Acquistion 1. Traditional Sources 2. New Sources C. Content Management 1. Digital Rights Management 2. Content Placement 3. Ad Insertion D. New Services © 2005 Dittberner Associates Inc.
  4. 4. 1. Consumer Services 2. Small Business Services © 2005 Dittberner Associates Inc.
  5. 5. E. Ancillary benefits 1. Churn reduction 2. Increased Revenue 3. Access to newest Services and Content VI.REGIONAL FORECASTS FOR IPTV PENETRATION ( 2005­2009) A. Market Considerations 1. Subscriber Profile 2. Competition 3. State of technology and Infrastructure 4. Government Policy B. Asia Pacific C. Central/South America D. Eastern Eirope E. North America F. Western Europe VII.TELECOM OPERATORS PLANS AND EXPERIENCES A. FAST WEB B. BELGACOMM C. PCCW D. YAHOO BB E. SBC F. VERIZON G. BELLSOUTH H. BT I. FRANCE TELECOM J. SASKTEL VIII.MAJOR VENDORS OF IPTV EQUIPMENT A. SYSTEM SOLUTIONS 1. ALCATEL/MICROSOFT 2. SIEMENS/MYRIO 3. HUAWEI, ET AL. 4. LUCENT/ORCA 5. UTSTARCOM B. MIDDLEWARE 1. MICROSOFT 2. MYRIO 3. MINERVA C. HEAD ENDS 1. BROADSTREAM 2. TANDBERG © 2005 Dittberner Associates Inc.
  6. 6. D. STBS 1. SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA 2. I3 3. MOTOROLA E. CONTENT MANAGEMENT 1. KASENNA 2.  OTHER F. PVRS 1. AKIMBO 2. OTHER IX.CONCLUSION The contents of this document are ©Copyright 2005 Dittberner Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in any form, without prior written approval of Dittberner Associates, Inc is prohibited by law. Requests for permission to copy or distribute must be sent to Dittberner Associates, Inc., 4641 Montgomery Avenue, Ste, 100, Bethesda, MD, 20814-3488, USA. The content of this document is provided for planning purposes only. In no event shall Dittberner Associates be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use of the document. Dittberner Associates reserves the right to revise the document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. © 2005 Dittberner Associates Inc.